O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree

Hi guys! Welcome back to StarrSoaps channel! How are you today? I’m doing good! If you didn’t know who I am, my name is CrystalStarr
and I’m the Queen Soaper here at StarrSoaps! Welcome to my channel and my soap journey! Today I’m gonna be making a first in a series
that’s right. I’m gonna be getting ready for Christmas and
us soap makers usually have to do this a little bit in advance! Because soap can take 4 – 6 weeks before it
cures and we can use it! So I’m gonna get started by doing a soap project
that was inspired by the little group over on Facebook called Kiwi Soapmakers. Hi guys! Giggle! So they run a challenge every single month
with different soapy projects and this months one was confetti soap! So I decided to go ahead and make some soaps,
grate them up and have a go at making a Christmas confetti soap! So come along with me and I’ll show you how
to make it! Squee! OK so first things first we’re going to start
by making the coloured soap that we’re going to grate for the confetti Christmas soap! So I’m gonna add my cooled lye water to my
cooled oils like I have done many times before and then stick blend it and bring it to a
light trace. And you’ll know it’s at a light trace when
it goes from looking clear to opaque. So when the oils are clear and then you add
the lye water and it still looks clear and then you stick blend it until it looks creamy,
or opaque. So now I’m adding my fragrance and essential
oil blend. I’m using a bunch of different scents that
to me smells like pine trees which smells like Christmas! So last year when I wen’t ahead to make my
Christmas soaps I purchased a fragrance called mistletoe and I used it for my Christmas soaps. What I noticed is that to me personally the
mistletoe fragrance smelled very much like you guessed it pine trees. So this year I decided to make my own special
custom Christmas blend. There’s a fragrance called bush walk, there’s
an essential oil called cedarwood essential oil and another fragrance that I just added
a teeny tiny touch of that’s called wild musk. And together they smell to me, earthy and
green and beautiful! So I’m going to portion the soap out now in
to two jugs with two different colours. I don’t have a very good red at the moment
so I’m going to be using a blend for the red but I do have a beautiful green, this is the
last of my beautiful green I’ve used up for this soap project. This is such a gorgeous shade of green it’s
kind of emerald green! It’s sparkly, very sparkly! So I don’t know if you know this but some
mica’s can be very glittery and sparkly and other’s not so much. So I’m adding in the mica in to the supposedly
red jug now which turns out a lot more pink as you can see! Giggle! I’m using a mica that is called red mica but
every time I’ve used it it’s come out pink so I know that’s the case. And I’m also adding this special soap colourant
that you disperse in to water and it is more of like a blood red colour. So my final soap ends up with quite a pink
tone and I think in the future I would probably add a little bit of my brick red oxide. My brick red when I mix it up almost looks
brown it’s very very dark but a tiny touch of that might have been just exactly what
I needed here. I did add a little bit of black mica in to
this blend believe it or not! You can’t really tell by looking at it now,
it’s so bright and so pink! But I didn’t really end up with the red that
I was going for. I think I might need to go and repurchase
my bordeaux mica, I really miss that one and I used it all up. Groan. Giggle. So now that I’ve got the soap mixed up the
scent is mixed in and the colour has been thoroughly dispersed, I’m gonna go ahead and
pour it in to this individual cavity mold. And this mold makes lovely rectangle bars,
so it’s perfect for making soap in, but for this I’m not going to be keeping them as rectangles. So as I’m doing this my plan was going to
be to make soapy dough and then use that soapy dough and mold some different toppers. But Kiwi Soapmakers group over on Facebook
was running a competition for the month of September where you had to do a confetti soap
so I decided that with this soap I would grate it up. And use it like a confetti soap instead. So what I’m doing now is I’m loosening the
soap up out of the mold. This is 24 hours later, it was a jump cut! Haha! And this little bit of soap, I’m just showing
you how easy it is to just mold it and make soap dough! So anybody that has you thinking that you
need some really complex recipe that’s not the case! You just need to make sure you’re wearing
gloves because this soap my still be able to burn you a little bit or irritate your
skin so make sure you’re wearing gloves. Take your soap out of the mold and squish
it and play with it, you’ll get this wonderful dough consistency. Go ahead and make your toppers right away
this type of soap dough will not keep (stay squishy) because it does not have any other
additives in it. It’s just soap, so you’ll need to make your
little balls or your little flowers or whatever right now while its squishy then leave it
to set and you will have rock hard, beautiful intricate personalized toppers for your soap. And I think it’s the best way to do it! So it does actually require a bit of pre thought
and pre planning but that’s cool! So we’ve got those green soaps out and they
look really good, I’ve wiped my hands to get all of the green off my gloves and now I’m
gonna go ahead and do the same with the red. *Music* So now these little bits of soap dough are ready. I have a bit more red than I do green. I was going to make little holly berries and
little leaves out of these but my fondant cutter didn’t arrive in time and I didn’t
wanna sit there cutting out the little leaf shapes by hand, so in the end I changed my
mind and I decided to just grate the whole lot up for confetti soap! Now I’ve never made a confetti soap before.. Um oh I’m just showing you here that the top
of the soap is moist. That’s because one of the colourants that
went in to that blend was mixed with water. And later on with that red soap it definitely
ashed a lot more than the green soap and I think that’s a really interesting point. In the future if you can, I know I’m going
to if I can, I’ll just use mica that I blend in to oil and I probably will leave that other
colourant for bath bombs. It’s like a lake dye is what that other colourant
is like. Not my oxide mind you, I don’t think I would
use my oxide in a bath bomb. So that’s something that I really recommend
you do your research on. Make sure you know what your colourants are
for and use them wisely (accordingly) and use them for their correct purpose. So now I’m mixing up some more soap and this
soap is gonna be scented with the same scent blend as we did the colours, and it’s only
gonna be white. Because this is going to be the glue the holds
all of our soap confetti together! For our groovey final Christmas confetti soap
design. *Music* To start off here I’m just pouring a little bit of my white soap in to the very bottom
of my molds. And my plan was to add my little sprinkly
shavings here as you can see, and they are really pretty I love how they came out, a
little tiny bit at a time then cover them with a bit more soap then add a little bit
more and carry on in that way but I found that this was very time consuming and rather
tedious and I got kind of frustrated and I went ahead and changed up my plan. But I wish I hadn’t. I know that it’s hard to be patient but I
wish I had been patient with this! Because the final soap showed me that that
very bottom layer that you see me making right now it really did turn out the best. So in the future I would make sure I do it
this way, I would not be so fussed about using up all of my soap shavings. With this I was like omigosh I have to use
them all, I have to use them all, in the future I wouldn’t be so bothered with that. I’d be like hey if there’s some left over
so be it! So that’s a little tip for you as well – you
don’t, even though you set yourself a plan, you don’t have to follow it religiously you’re
allowed to change things up at the last minute! And I really wish that I had of just kind
of stuck with this original design along the bottom instead of changing my mind. So there you go, 20/20 hindsight. Giggle. *Music* What I’ve done now is I’ve taken all of my shavings and all of my wet soap and I’ve mixed
them together and it’s made this almost like doughy consistency here. Like I could probably take this out with my
hands and mold it in to a shape right now, so that’s kind of interesting as well. That final soap, if I did mold it in to a
shape, would have a texture. You know what I mean? Because it’s all the little shavings. But I still think that would of been fun. instead what I do is I go ahead and plop,
plop, plop it all in to the mold and I try to mix it in with the wet soap. My goal here was to use all my shavings which
like I say I don’t think I would try to do that in the future I had a lot of soap shavings
here! But my other goal was to try to separate the
green and the red I didn’t want them all mixed together. And also like I just said before when I look
at that final design, they looked OK mixed together on the bottom! I should’ve left it that way so there ya go! But anyway, I get all the green in, I give
it a bit of a mix and a bit of a bang down to try to make sure there’s no air pockets
and then I come back through with the red and load all of that in as well. And it really does look quite funky at this
stage I’m actually kinda happy with it! But it’s not sort of flowy enough, if that
makes sense to you. It’s all glooped and plopped in there like
we have to do if our soap seizes on us and it’s just not the lovely delicate design that
I’ve sort of come to know and to love with my soap projects. Y’know when I get a beautiful hanger swirl
or something like that, so I come back with the wet soap here and I quickly realize that
I do not have enough wet soap to cover everything up completely. And I feel it’s pretty important to have it
all covered up. So I do my best to share out what’s left in
the jug over the two molds and sort of poke it in and mix it around as much as I can. And then I’m gonna go back and I’m gonna make
more soap, I’m just gonna mix up another jug full of soap so that I can top them up. And here is that jug of soap and I’m just
giving it a mix here to mix the fragrance and essential oil through. I’ve used the same amount of titanium dioxide,
the same amount of fragrance and it’s all going to just go along the very top of those
soap loaves to cover them up. Now like I say I wish that I had sort of left
back some of the shavings and been a little bit more patient with this whole soap. Because what ends up happening is that section
of soap that I’m pouring in right now it takes a little bit longer to saponify and the section
underneath has the soap gratings which of course had already saponified. And then were grated up, so they’re firmer
already and my final soap when I try to cut it gives me a little bit of trouble guys.. So that is kind of annoying! And it leads to why I end up doing a-whole-nother
thing which I don’t wanna give it away! Stay tuned! Haha! So right now I’m coming back with the same
colour of micas. First that pinky red and then now the green
and I’m using a pipette to drop little tiny dollops, little tiny dots, all over the soap. Now the dots look really funky on their own! You could just leave it like this. But I’ve done this so that I can come back
through with my skewer and give it all a really glorious swirly top! I love doing this! It reminds me of those ebru painting videos
that you can on YouTube and Facebook and Instagram! And its like… I feel like Picasso, I feel like a real artist
when I get to come through and do this! The final design that I’m going for is something
reminiscent to like a peppermint swirl or something that you might see on the top of
peppermint slice at the bakery, do you know what I mean? So I love how this looks! And it will finally get flourished with a
topping of eco glitter as well! And I just use a plain white iridescent eco
glitter. I don’t go for any colours when it comes to
glitter because that way I can just use it on any soap project that I feel like I wanna
add glitter to. So I’ll go through and I’ll swirl these and
then I’ll glitter them up and then I’ll show you what they look like once they’re all cut
up! *Music* OK so here are the final soaps and as you saw it was so hard to push the cutter through
and some of the end bars just broke in half and it was actually kind of sad. I ended up getting Big B to come through that’s
why those hands looked different! Because I didn’t have the strength to push
down on it and he was like struggling and he couldn’t push it down as well and it was
like arghhh! Omigosh! So our final soap looks a bit janky! I ended up putting this little video in to
the group StarrSoaps Family over on Facebook. And asking for advice on what would you do? My idea was that I wanted to drizzle soap
over the top and try to fix them. Most people thought, when they looked at these
soap bars that the soap must have riced. And that’s the question I kept getting was
‘Oh my gosh did your soap rice?’ and I’m like ‘No it’s confetti soap, it just failed!’ Hahaha! So what I decide to do, instead of just scrap
the whole project and throw it all in the bin, is come back over with the same colours
again. So here’s that pinky red and then I’ll come
back through with the green, so I’m using red, white and green for Christmas! And I’m simply drizzling the soap over the
top and the idea is I want to kind of cover up the mistake! Hahaha! Of how the design came out, but I also don’t
wanna give up on these! And I’m actually really chuffed at how that
final result works out! The drizzle is gorgeous! It looks really festive! And it does sort of help to distract a little
bit from the crazy soap! Now of course the soap underneath works beautifully,
it lathers gorgeously, it’s the same delectable creamy StarrSoaps that we’re used to, it just
doesn’t look how I wanted it to. And y’know these are my babies! I wanna put my best foot forward. So that’s why I decided to do this, and it’s
a lot of fun! I know it makes a heck of a mess but sometimes
making a mess is fun! *Music* So with the red, the white and the green drizzled all over the top I decide to come back through
and recreate that peppermint swirl on the top. I really wanted the tops to look brilliant! And that was one of the things that was suggested
on the page, they were like ‘Please don’t put a drizzle over those tops they’re so pretty!’
and I’m like ‘Ah I know!’ So I try to recreate the tops here and I give
them all a swirl, then a sprinkling of glitter, and the final touch they each get is a little
soap star on the very top, that’s made out of my soapy dough. So I’ve got some pictures here now, we’ve
got the wet soap in the mold swirled with the beautiful mica swirl on the top. Which just looks so beautiful! And then I show you here some extra soap that
I made with my extras cause I ended up with extra soap. And here they are out of the mold, I’ve got
some skulls and some cute little Christmas soap cakes! Now here’s some pictures of the confetti soap
just sitting in the curing rack and I was scratching my head ‘what am I gonna do with
you? I’m just not happy with you’ Giggle. So I end up putting it all on to the curing
rack and move it over on to my work space and wipe everything, get it all ready and
clean so I can come back through and put this fantastic festive drizzle over the top! Which I love! And I’m so happy with how it turned out! So I hope that you enjoyed watching me make
this soap! It was a nightmare of a mission of an effort
but I’m happy that I did it!! And I love the final result!! This week I would like to highlight ms Kris
Menard Timpson and her beautiful mermaid soap that she made and shared in our group over
on Facebook called StarrSoaps Family. Now if you’d like to come and join the group
please do, I will approve you, your friendly admin! And share your pictures with us so we can
all inspire each other! And you just might get a chance of being highlighted
in an upcoming StarrSoaps video!! So guys I hope you loved this video! I loved making it! And if you’d like to, if you’re not already,
then please hit that subscribe button! Become a member of our StarrSoaps Family! And once you subscribe don’t forget to ring
that notification bell so you’ll be notified every time I upload a groovey new video just
like this one! Alright guys I’ll see you all next week! Bye and Merry Christmas! *Music*

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  1. omg i love them !!!! they came out beautiful !!!! <3 huggles from Louisiana !!

  2. I was really impressed with the drizzle and how you even decorated the top of that. Looked great.

  3. Cedar,mountain sage, pine,fir, spruce cinnamon,clove,nutmeg, all spice,spice n ginger r my favorite essential oils!!! I use them all year round I do clove n cinnamon incense all year round cinnamon is my favorite of all time!! N I also like black licorice n star anise w smell almost the same but there a lil different.

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