93 thoughts on “Obamas Celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Mrs. Michelle Obama is a gorgeous women, wonderful mother and humanitarian. Mr. and Mrs. Obama are so in love, I wish them 25+ more adultery free years with no disrespect to each other. May they both continue to be Blessed by God through Christ by honoring their vows and each other. ????????

  2. I miss President Obama, when there was sanity, structure, and integrity in the White House. The circus act what we have now, it's a shame to be an American

  3. Yes who gives a darn what they are celebrating who actually cares who gives a shit. They've both ruined our country and he's married to a he she.. there has been get rid of them don't bring them on anymore they're nothing but smut from the sewer they are part of the swamp

  4. Who gives a shit! I mean REALLY!!! we want their asses under the prison for what they did!!!!! I know our president is working on it.. :). Go Pres Go!!!

  5. So you'd rather make news of this and not the shooting or the hurricane in Puerto Rico this is not important information that the public needs to know about

  6. To all the creeps who keep saying "Michelle is a man", I have several questions:

    Why are you obsessed with a penis? (It's 2017. You good old fashioned, Conservative, Christian men can come out of the closet.)

    Have you personally looked up Michelle's skirt to verify that? (Perverts.)

    Does it bother you that Michelle Obama has more balls than all the men in the entire Trump administration put together? That she took the high road rather than stoop down to the level of people like all of you who have the intellect of an amoeba?

  7. To all the trolls calling the Obamas names, shame on you. If Donald & Melania Trump had a quarter of the brains the Obamas have this country will not be in the mess it is now. Trump only know how to be a cyber bully and his wife can't even speak English. Why are all of you so obsessed? Go find something. constructive to do.

    mike couldn't remember the DATE let alone year ! lol
    hope they had plenty of fried chicken and greens Mac n cheese a real southern dish.
    maybe kfc cratered it for em, foc……lol

  9. why are all the conservative tards always trashing Obama in Obama videos even tho he's no longer the president? is this what u all do with your lives? no wonder why u all don't have jobs

  10. QUICK! someone find that link where DONALD TALKS ABOUT HIS DAUGHTERS T— to smack the race trolls with! It'll tag "WHAT IF the Black pres said that"?

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