Obscure Christmas Songs | Hardly Working

Obscure Christmas Songs | Hardly Working

(gentle piano) – [Narrator] As the sun began to set, Grant was feeling lost. He still wasn’t sure of the
true meaning of Christmas. As old Jack Frost blew a
storm outside, he went to find his friends to see if they had an idea. – Do you think it’s smart that we both got him whiskey stones? – You can never have too
much ice you have to wash. Hey, Grant, you look
like you’re going through a pointless crisis. – I’m trying to figure out
the true meaning of Christmas. – Oh, I was right. – Hey, I heard you singing earlier. Were you preparing for the
Christmas song showcase tonight? – Oh I completely forgot
about the song showcase. – You do know that singing is
the true meaning of Christmas. – Really?
(gentle piano) – What should we sing tonight? – We could sing Deck the Halls,
Hark the Herald Angel Sing. – Yeah, I’m not familiar with those. – Really? They’re pretty well known songs. They’re as well known
as like Joy to the World or Jingle Bells or Jolly
Old Saint Nicholas. – Yeah, I haven’t heard of those either. – What songs have you heard? – Tons of songs, the
Elf Overture, the March of the Tiny Snowmen, Bouncer
the Hunchback Reindeer. – I don’t think I know any of those songs. – Yeah, same. – Really, those are my favorites. – Maybe it’s like Dominic
the Donkey, you know? It’s like one of those
songs you’ve either heard a million times as a kid or not at all. – That makes sense. Now I will say I am
particularly good at singing Away in a Manger. – Classic, everyone likes that song. – No, obviously we have to
include Winter Boogey Woogey. – How does that go again? ♪ It was a winter boogie woogie ♪ ♪ And the fireplace was hot ♪ ♪ I heard Santa scream ♪ ♪ Hi ho beeka bi bee bo bo. ♪ – The fuck, what? No, you heard Santa scream? – Yes, hi ho beeka bi bee bo bo. – Why wouldn’t he say, ho, ho, ho? – Maybe it’s like that
donkey song that you were talking about where like
either you’ve heard a bunch or not at all. – This is not like the donkey song. – Sounds like the donkey song. – Guys, guys, guys, why don’t we just do It Came Upon a Midnight Clear? – Yeah, okay, I can get behind that. – I’m not familiar with
that, it sounds like it might be nice but obviously,
it goes without saying that we have to include
Santa’s Reindeer Threat. – I don’t know that, I
don’t know what that is. ♪ I’m gonna kick you in the fanny ♪ ♪ If you reindeer do not go ♪ (whip cracks) ♪ Oh I’m gonna kick you in the fanny ♪ ♪ If your reindeer do not go ♪ (whip cracks) ♪ You stayed up late last night ♪ (whip cracks) ♪ And you don’t want to do your job ♪ (whip cracks) ♪ Oh I’m gonna kick you
in the fan, fan, fanny ♪ ♪ If you reindeer do not go. (raspberry) ♪ (crackling fire) – It’s weird how we don’t
know any of the same songs. Maybe because I’m Catholic so
I know the traditional ones. – I know religious songs too. You guys must’ve heard of Oh, Holy Night. – Yes, yes okay, there’s
one, there’s one we all know. – Okay, awesome. – Okay. (boys sing “Oh Holy Night”) ♪ It was a Swiss cheese night ♪ ♪ With those holy, rolly pollies ♪ ♪ Cheese is Christ is the king us all. ♪ Guys. – I have never heard your version. – I’ve never heard your version. – I’ve never heard your version. – Where did you grow up? Didn’t they play normal
Christmas songs on the radio. – These were the songs my
family listened to in Chicago. Look, I’m just as
confused as you guys are. – Name another song, there
must be one we have in common. – Alright, have you ever heard of Sad Sally’s Christmas Wish. – No, what is that song? ♪ Jesus, can you hear me? ♪ ♪ I am feeling quite down ♪ ♪ Mommy and Daddy, they
don’t love each other now ♪ ♪ This December’s gonna be gloomy ♪ ♪ It’s gonna be sad for me ♪ ♪ So if you’re still listening ♪ ♪ Please grant me this wish ♪ ♪ I want a balloon, I want a balloon ♪ – Katie that is an insane song. And the showcase is tonight.
– What? That’s a beautiful song. – If we show up there
and look like assholes in front of Raka, you are
going to have to answer for it. Now what is it going to be? ♪ Santa Rock, ♪ ♪ I said Santa Rock ♪ ♪ He’s the dude you
might see at the mall ♪ ♪ Bringing presents for all ♪ ♪ Bobby gets a bike and
Suzanne gets a doll ♪ ♪ And Mickey gets a basketball ♪ ♪ I said Santa rock ♪ ♪ I said Santa rock ♪ ♪ Again Santa rock ♪ ♪ Santa Rock ♪ – (laughs) Oh man, I used
to love singing that song growing up in Chicago.

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  1. As a person who's not familiar with all the christmas and american traditions, I'm seriously wondering what's going on in chicago.

  2. It's about
    Little Baby Jesus
    In the manger
    With his momma

    And sheep and gold and
    And myrrh and wise-men
    Joseph too and It's about
    Little Baby Jesus
    In the manger
    With his momma

    And sheep and gold and
    And myrrh and wise-men
    Joseph too etc…

  3. I loved Katie's singing. As well as how all the songs really sounded like they could have been classics that no one ever bothered to make sense of the lyrics yet

  4. How do i acses collegehumors secret site
    Have you herd the song Bjelle klang?

    edit: ps whats a social securety number? Is that an amerecan thing because im from norway

  5. wow, Katie can sing. Also, this was hilarious. I want them to do some college humor comedy singing collabs.

  6. Why does college humor make fun of Chicago for having weird stuff? As someone from Chicago, I don’t know wtf is going on. Never heard of Dominic the donkey though

  7. Tbh "ice you have to wash" makes it sound so much better, so its reusable ice thats such a good resource-using solution… itsl ike buying ice once, and it never melts, no more… use of water

  8. My personal favorite is I walked in on Santa fuckin my mom, but since santa not real maybe he is idk, well this time that santa was definitely my cousin.

  9. "If we show up there, and look like assholes, in front of Rehka …"

    That line kills me. They know they have to impress Rehka…

  10. At first I was worried CollegeHumor was going to forgot continuity and didn't adjust the fact that Ralph should know that song. But then I looked and realized that Katie wrote the script and she's fuckin awesome.

  11. Santa Rock

    Santa Rock

    He's the dude you might see at the mall

    Bringing presents for all

    Bobby gets a bike, and Susie gets a doll

    And Mikey gets a basketball

    (I said)

    Santa Rock

    Santa Rock

    Santa Rock

    … Santa Rock!

  12. I know a Christmas song that has something to do with a mother chopping her arm for a wolf but saying if the wolf hurts her child she will butcher the wolf and her family

  13. "I strangled my twin brother in the womb with his umbilical cord and then consumed his sweet, sweet flesh" is my favourite. It's very relatable to my experience.

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