Opaque Green C9 Christmas Light Bulbs

Opaque Green C9 Christmas Light Bulbs

1000Bulbs.com introduces the C9, Opaque Green
Christmas light set. This 25 pack of 7 watt, C9 replacement Christmas
light bulbs are for use indoors or out. They have an intermediate base and an average life
of 3,000 hours. The classic look of these bulbs makes them
the perfect choice, adding a nostalgic feel for home decor and Christmas decorating. 1000Bulbs.com replacement bulbs are of the
highest quality available. From seasonal decor to wedding lighting and restaurant accents,
our wide variety of quality replacement bulbs
will help you capture the perfect mood for any occasion. These replacement bulbs come in a variety
of shapes and colors. For instance, use C7 and C9 incandescent replacement bulbs to keep
your existing light strings shining bright, or use C7 and C9 LED bulbs to retrofit your
light strings for increased life and energy savings.
Intermediate base G16 globe bulbs are great for marquee lighting, bar lighting, and patio
lights, to name a few. G40 mini globes are ideal for use with candelabra base patio light
stringers. This 40mm bulb is also a unique variation on traditional C7 lights and can
be used in the same stringers. For Christmas lights, trees, and all your
holiday decorating needs, visit 1000Bulbs.com!

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