Opening Christmas PRESENTS!!!!!

Opening Christmas PRESENTS!!!!!

(upbeat music) (children singing discordantly) (children yelling excitedly) Ooh! (yelling) (clapping) Karina’s getting so much presents! My mystery box! (squealing) What? The mystery box! Yes! (squealing) (people talking) (squealing) My mystery box is so big. And heavy. Ow. Mystery box! Give me the- What did you ask for? Oh, this is the mystery box. Wait, what is this? You asked for this, did you? Oh, no, it’s the cars you can control. (squealing) Look at the lightning bolt. Maybe you can– This is my dream! (overlapping conversations) I got a selfie stick! Yay! I got a selfie stick! Oh my gosh. A phone?
I got a phone! I got my own phone! (laughing) I got a phone! You got your iPhone? Let your aunt see it. So much fun throughout this. (overlapping conversations) What is this, Ron? It’s the tracks for that game. Ah. (squealing) What’s that? I don’t know what it is. What is it? I’m gonna go out, I’m gonna look handsome. Is it a phone? What is this? (Ronald gasping)
What is that? It’s part of Skylander game. Oh, you got a trap. Water, yay! I feel like it’s from the same game. (overlapping conversations) (Ronald yelling) Oh, my gosh. Wait, what is this actually? Wait. Wait, no. Now what’s this here? Oh, look at that. It’s some– I get another one! Three Karachi crystals. He’s a little pesky little pod. (Ronald shouting) Ronald! What do you think this is?
Wait is it- This is totally our Minecraft. Yeah.
Yeah. This is our Minecraft video game we’ve been asking for since last year. (loud, assorted conversations) We are destined. Yeah, we’ve been asking for this- Wait, is it, is it, is it? No. What is this? (assorted conversations) (gasping) The pink controller I’ve been asking for! (shouting) Yes! What’s up next? More Skylanders? I got the Kaos!
What? I got Kaos. You got Kaos?
Kaos! Is it ultra rare or just rare? It’s beautiful. (assorted conversations) I’m gonna scream at this. And what’s this? Imaginary mystery… Trask? (yelling) Another Master. These are Masters I haven’t heard of. Great, my Skylander in real life! She went to Justice. You guys! This is so amazing. I got clothes from Justice! Yes! (assorted conversations) I got a hoodie. Love Justice. That’s amazing. (assorted conversations) Taco Tuesday. Most amazing ever. (assorted conversations) (boy talking) Wait, what is this? Wait, Lego stuff! (assorted conversations) (Ronald screaming) See, it’s not Legos. (shakily sobbing) It’s all yours. (cheering) (bags and paper rustling) (child talking) Late Nights and Live Music. (assorted conversations) Glamor City. These are splattered paint. (paper rustling) (muffled talking) Wait, that for me? Yeah, no, both of us. (Rondald gasping) So cool. From Mama and Papa! Do you know what’s inside it, Eddie? And what is it? It’s not yours. Gaming (overlapping conversations) Open it. Oh, we need scissors to open this. Are these two of them? (assorted conversations) How many are there? There’s only one? There’s only one. Now I’m opening yours. Karina, it’s actually really obvious. (paper rustling loudly) I know what it is. Wow. Rainbow poop! Rainbow poop! (yelling) (laughing) How do you open this? That’s for Jason and for Jason– Probably my last present, so I don’t like– Okay! (overlapping conversations) (paper ripping) It’s! What is that? (paper tearing) (yelling together) (upbeat music)

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