Our Favorite Christmas Treat! | 12 Days of Vlogmas {Day 5} | Brooklyn and Bailey

Our Favorite Christmas Treat! | 12 Days of Vlogmas {Day 5} | Brooklyn and Bailey

(bright pop music) – Hey guys, and welcome
to another day of Vlogmas! So, we are going to be making one of our favorite Christmas treats which is. – Muddy Buddies! – Muddy Buddies! Otherwise known as – [Together] puppy chow. – [Brooklyn] But, we’re not
feeding it to our puppy. – Yeah. This is Ash, I don’t know if you guys knew that we got a new puppy or not but this is Ash and yes we named him Ash and his middle name is Bear, so his full name is Ash Bear. – Ash Bear! Before we go on to
making the muddy buddies, don’t forget to ring
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that will make sure that you get the notifications for when we post a video and we know you guys wanna watch our videos, so please do that, and now let’s go onto making
the muddy buddies. – [Interviewer] What’s his name, Paisley? – Ash Bear McKnight. – [Interviewer] That’s his name? – Mmhmm. – [Interviewer] What’s your name? – Paisley Amani McKnight. – [Interviewer] Paisley Amani. – Jackson Sean McKnight – [Interviewer] You got it. – What’s my name? – Mindy. I don’t know your middle name. – What’s mine? – [Mindy] They’re busily at work. – [Paisley] Olivia! – [Mindy] Okay, what does it require? – It requires, I like to double it because I like lots of it, it’s nine cups of corn Chex Mix and nine
cups of rice Chex Mix and then you double up everything else. And, the recipe, fun fact, on the back of the boxes, so, if you need a resassurance in
what you’re putting in. (cheerful pop music) – So, next we’re putting
in, technically, if you’re not doubling it it’d be one cup, but since we’re doubling we’re doing two cups of chocolate chips, and I always like to add a little more because you can never have too many chocolate chips. Now that we have the chocolate chips in the bowl, I’m gonna add one cup of peanut butter, which, remember, that’s doubled, and then I’m going to add one fourth cup of butter margarine so, double, that would be one half
cup, so I’m going to put the margarine and the peanut butter, together with the chocolate chips and then melt it all in the microwave. (bouncy piano music) – That was close. – See if it’ll stay. Skills, skills. – I guess mom is not
satisfied with the idea of muddy buddies because
she just made, well. – It’s not my fault, I just
don’t love muddy buddies. I don’t know, I’m one of the weirdos. It’s the peanut butter
chocolate mix, I’m a purist. I just like chocolate. – Crazy. (bouncy piano music) And, now we microwave. (bell chimes) – [Bailey] What? Let me try. That definitely worked, I
think I just stepped on it. – [Brooklyn] Good job, good job Bailey. Nope, failed! – One more try. – [Brooklyn] K. – This is the best part
of the cookie right here. Now that our concoction is mixed we add one teaspoon of
vanilla and then we are good to go and we’ll
pour it on the Chex Mix. (timer ringing) – [Brooklyn] Mom’s cookies are done. – [Bailey] Mom, your cookies are done! (cheery pop music) – [Brooklyn] Now we mix! Yeah, oh, look-ey look-ey, lookin’ good. – Okay, so recipe calls
for one and a half cups of powdered sugar, which means we need about three
cups of powdered sugar, which is not nearly enough powdered sugar, so I usually add about a cup more because we like ours sugary. – [Mindy] What are you doing? – Putting the powdered sugar in the bag. – Got two of them. – Now we have to do the hardest part, getting this in there. – [Mindy] Some of you may be wondering why we have plastic sheeting up. Yes, that’s beautiful, isn’t it? This would be why. Yes, right after we moved in, our refrigerator leaked, and we now have hardwoods
being torn out and replaced as a result of the
leakage so unfortunately we are living on plywood that actually needs to come out too. – That’s totally good. Now you’ve got your bag of sugar, you don’t want it to spill, so the trick is to zip it up as tight as you can, hold the top and then shake. So that way if it does explode, you’ve got the majority
of it in your fingers. We had one explode one
time and it was disastrous. – Yeah, it got everywhere. – [Mindy] Shake, shake, shake! Shake, shake, shake! – What a beautiful masterpiece. Beautiful. – [Mindy] Yummy. – These muddy buddies are so good so definitely try this recipe at home. Also, comment below with what your favorite Christmas treat is, and don’t forget to ring that bell so that you can get our notifications, and subscribe to our channel right here. If you want to see more of our videos, click over here and if you want to see more of our DIY’s, click over here. See y’all next time! Bye! Woo.

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