he looks like he’s going to sh*t his pants let’s send it he’s about to send it oh oh oh oh I’m too lit.. literally. I don’t know if you guys saw the vlog from two days ago. We put 1 million Christmas lights on my cool bus and now we have this giant Christmas tree. I’ve never seen a Christmas tree this big. and now It’s in my house, and now we are tasked with decorating o ho ho Christmas spirit ay o logang what’s popping look Plain and simple if you’re not part of the logang make sure to subscribe we’re the strongest family on YouTube fact No, one’s as cool as us smart as us sexy as us facts, and we’re mappers baby. Look at the shorts. Look at p bro yeaaaaaaaa who’s doin it the hottest merch in the game look my dad can’t get his hands off of it what are you doing He’s got old man strength he took me down when I was younger Mike dude be careful the hottest merch in the game is always worth fighting for Yea that’s a fact, lots of facts I sort of feel bad though? I told you guys women’s leggings were restocked and they are but they’re also selling out like they’re almost gone so if you’re a woman and you want leggings, go fast Also the favorite hoodies. It’s all on God Church status. Now, I do have this grappling hook and Evan is playing hockey outside There he is looking all cute and sh*t Sadly hook Here’s here’s what I did that I need your attention. We got a big Christmas tree inside. Did you see it? Have you seen it? Mike and I were wondering if you wanted to be the star yeah Those bucks, bro, I’m bein my roommate a star Okay real talk about get lights for this thing girls. We have lights Okay, okay. You’re right. It’s true. We have light footprint and we need more More than that yeah, but first there’s a couple things we have to take care of in the house guys No, house is still a mess, but thank God we have Lydia Other competitions merge I Love my dad cuz he protects me. Thanks dad one other person. I love you guys know him It’s the guy building the Maverick at the Russ Yo, I got you a Hanukkah present yes, so I’m not Jewish let’s start there you are by default okay? I’m Jewish first of all this is going to be I think one of your most like Special gifts anybody could ever give you definitely a lot of money. They don’t break this at all What is the most valuable thing that us humans? Cherish should be cherishing the most I know never much Lincoln buy oh, no it’s not what I’m talking about It’s valuable commodity humans have its time. Oh god People say he doesn’t know commands he listened to me. Just then I hope you cherish this and like it brings you lots of Amazing opportunities in your life and sex this definitely could get you hell yeah, bro live round No, it’s a glass it’s a piece of glass. I got me a piece of glass oh I actually don’t trust myself right now. Yeah 30 inch time Oh 200 millimeter single piece hand-blown parts of their glass three point three million four hundred nine thousand eighty Precision balls as if my two balls weren’t enough trouble how you about to give me three point four million solid stainless steel 30 grams fine silver or fine gold cold Cody You’ve got me a fancy ass hourglass Dude is the most fanciest one in a thirty minutes or a meeting for time? Don’t let anybody waste your time time is the most precious thing we have yo, oh my gosh Jeff. Oh my gosh. Yo This is everything is so smooth you guys see how small these balls are solid stainless steel coated in gold I say we flip it Over bro, let’s see how this blows Don’t waste my fucking time quick no sidebar how much do this boss do not break it anybody breaks Much He bought me at 20,000 our hourglass Hanukkah gift Special gift affiliation Jewish you know I’m affiliation Jewish and that’s a fact look like bad people watching every day Dude for 15 minutes on your vlog think about it. It’s so special with the low gang does It’s the more than average. This is the right like they think about hot damn right okay? You can learn some lessons from this man. You can’t get this anywhere. They probably limited it. Maybe a couple hundred in the world It’s a piece of art Literally and also a life lesson and a life, too. I love that I Want to get a time-lapse to make sure it’s 30 minutes how else are we gonna know you look how much cooler? It is up here. You can see the Sun to the tree You look down you see the Yeti the beautiful backyard like this is divine. I just got to put this somewhere though. I don’t lose $20,000 yeah, you’re not gonna put it up there on the top. I’m flipping it Seems legit quick cost me that GoPro Here now where fun might be in a pool might zipline down that way he’s working on it. He’s getting better Been here before nobody’s more festive than me no, but I really do love Christmas. It’s just that Santa guy I have a problem Looking at make your gifts and give them back break more things. We need this right. Yeah. Yeah, what about ornaments? Kind of funny with my new hourglass 3.4. Little balls falling down and balls are kind of the theme of the day We’re just gonna stock up bro. So crazy guys I’ve what those your boy has never experienced like a true, California Christmas My dad is here my friends are here looking, but nazir her so this is just like a big deal for me and my boss and my Fun are you proud of me totally who do you like more me or Jake yes for sure no question? When I was younger and he would beat the shit out of me, I could call the cops so now Beat your ass even harder Do I know he’s my boy cuz all my boys let me stab him Listen guys the row chair was fun. But it’s gotta go check this out. We got all the supplies We got a giant ass Christmas tree Rest in peace rope with that said yo, this is amazing. Thank you Come here show me that you love me for my bar solo getting those You just pretend like you love me for one second yo, we’re celebrating Christmas in California I know I’m so excited my new house is amazing. Let’s get decorated broke. Yeah, nothing screams Christmas like LED light bulbs It’s literally wet literally Hey made by cleve-bro stick to my gun go ahead stick your plug in my sock. Oh, let’s get a close-up of this cord set Why the girls didn’t talk to me Plug was too big no cuz I listen boys everyone listening. Are you listening we’re gonna pick the lights up in threat Oh, it’s funny because Frank is Jewish Back to the montage I pay for that I’m not even taking it I Was like damn we’ll have a nice Christmas my dad is in town, I know we’re singing dancing and everything was fun. Why? Take the ornaments out of the box the tree is so big Logan. It seemed the right thing to do This tree has gone to absolute, but I think there’s a way that we can Yeah, that’s right no trees complete this year without maverick merch either in it or under it Man we got these beautiful evergreen we Got the bells and whistles and balls We got the Holidays in description now I Do dumb stuff and by affiliation you’re Jewish that’s a callback I’m just doing my affiliation you also do dumb stuff a boy got sued. Oh, yeah I’ll go getting that at the bar for whatever reason you’re not a part of the low gang. Ah Subscribe join the strongest family on YouTube guys really we have the dopest tree in the game and no one does it like us That’s what Mavericks do top your merch Logan ball background Slash shop who’s doing it? No one? We’re working on it, we’re working on being adult slow gang, I love you all know it Oh

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  1. When Logan went to get the camera all I could think about was “no this man did not just leave evan on the tree”

  2. At 6:59 I love how you Logan were like dad are u proud of me and then your dad was like totally. So now you also know why the girls didn't talk to you in high school. Its okay Logan, THE LOGANG is here for you, our Boii


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