Overwatch 2019 Halloween Event – Start Date, Skins, & Content Predictions!

Overwatch 2019 Halloween Event – Start Date, Skins, & Content Predictions!

What’s up everybody, as the nights grow
longer and the trees begin to die, we draw close to what is many people’s favorite
Overwatch event, and that’s Halloween Terror 2019. So, as I do with all upcoming events, today
I’ll be discussing the start date for this year’s Halloween event, which heroes will
be getting skins and other cosmetic items, as well as what we have to look forward to
regarding event game modes and other limited time spooky holiday stuff! This is Master Ian Gamer, and let’s get
into it! First up, let’s start with the start date. While the recent Summer Games saw a bit of
a schedule shift this year, we fortunately don’t have to worry about that same sort
of thing for the 2019 Halloween Terror event. Given that it’s based around a real world
holiday, Blizzard can’t really offset it without invalidating the whole theme. Therefore, the dates from previous years are
going to be pretty sure fire indicators of when we can expect the event to run in 2019. Historically, the Halloween Terror event has
always begun on the second Tuesday of October and run until the very end of the month, sometimes
even being extended by a day or two in order to conclude on November 1st. This scheduling makes sense, as it really
wouldn’t be much of a Halloween event if it ended before Halloween. So, moving now to 2019, what will the event’s
schedule look like? Given how the dates line up this time, it
seems most likely for the event to start on Thursday, October 10th, as that will allow
the event to run the usual three weeks with maybe one extra day tacked on to carry it
out past the 31st. While Halloween Terror specifically has never
started on on Thursday before, we have seen other events start on this day of the week,
so it seems like a pretty safe bet for this to be the case. As for the official teasers leading up to
the event starting, this is where it actually becomes a bit harder to pin down. Overwatch used to have a fairly predictable
format for event teasers, but recently they’ve begun to mix things up quite a bit. For example, the 2019 Anniversary event only
started getting teasers at the last minute, and the 2019 Summer Games event had no official
social media teasers whatsoever prior to the event hitting live servers. In both cases, most of the skin teasers for
these events were actually shown on social media after the event started. So coming back to Halloween Terror 2019, it’s
a bit up in the air as to whether it’ll follow closer to the 2019 Anniversary event,
Summer Games, or maybe it’ll even switch back to the old format of teasing a week ahead
of time. I personally suspect that it won’t be the
latter, so if Blizzard does end up teasing the event prior to it launching, I expect
it to only be within a few days prior before the event starting, likely being sometime
earlier that same week. These may or may not end up revealing any
of the new skins ahead of time, but speaking of which, now let’s switch over to taking
a look at who might be getting new Legendary skins this time around! As many of you know, I use a chart to keep
track of every hero’s skins and when they got them. However, with Overwatch now being more than
three years old, the chart in its entirety has become a bit overbearing to look at, which
is why I’ve made a simplified version for use in event prediction videos. It only shows the individual skins and events
for as far back as every hero’s most recent Legendary, which in this case was the 2018
Anniversary event. All other skins are compiled into this column
which only tracks the number prior to that event. The far right columns still track the total
skins per hero, as well as time since last Legendary. Looking at the heroes specifically however,
there are two in particular which stand out as needing new skins the most, and those of
course are Orisa and Ana. Neither hero has had a new Legendary in over
a year at this point, with each only having gotten a single Epic skin in the time since
then. Orisa’s being from this past Lunar New Year
event, and Ana’s from the Bastet challenge, which I don’t have listed here since it’s
not a returning skin like those from events. On top of having gone this long without getting
a skin, they both have an overall low number of total skins, despite how long they’ve
been on the hero roster. Now, just because these heroes are so far
behind everybody else, sadly doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be getting something this time
around. From a statistical standpoint, they are the
most likely, but it really all comes down to what ideas the Overwatch devs have for
hero skins and what events they best fit into. We’ll hopefully get something new for these
two this time around, but we just as easily could end up waiting even longer. Beyond Orisa and Ana though, the next tier
of likely skin candidates include Doomfist, Sombra, and Symmetra. These three have relatively low total skin
numbers in addition to having gone significant lengths of time without getting something
new. After them would come Reinhardt, Junkrat,
Widowmaker, Lucio, and Mercy, for similar reasons. Lucio and Mercy did get their All Star skins
fairly recently, but since those aren’t from loot boxes and won’t be returning,
they don’t get counted in the same way. Keep in mind, the heroes I’ve selected here
only statistically have the best odds of getting a skin. There is nothing guaranteed for any of them
just yet, but these ones are the most likely. Moving past who will be getting skins, let’s
look at how many skins will be included in the event. While in years past we typically got six Legendaries
added per event, in addition to some Epic skins, the 2019 Summer Games event set a new
standard of only four Legendaries with three Epics. While some people thought that may have just
be something of a fluke event, Jeff Kaplan has actually confirmed already that, at least
with regard to the 2019 Halloween Terror event, we should expect to see a similar amount of
new content as what was added with Summer Games. This means four new Legendaries, three new
Epics, and a small handful of emotes, highlight intros, voice lines, and victory poses. A lot of people may be disappointed by this
lack of new content, but to be fair, there’s already a ton of cosmetic items in each event
from the previous three years. If you’re a verteran player, then sure you
probably have most if not all of the stuff from past years, but for newer players, there’s
tons of stuff to get, so personally I’m ok with Blizzard toning back the amount of
cosmetics per event. If anything, it’ll ensure that they have
stuff to add every time the event rolls around for many years to come. The only cosmetic items which we are guaranteed
to get for this year’s event are new sprays for the three heroes who were added since
Halloween last year, being Ashe, Baptiste, and Sigma. These three will likely get new voice lines
as well, but given that Ashe didn’t get any for Summer Games, we’ll have to wait
and see what happens this time around. Another thing to note though is that like
the recent Summer Games event, the three Epic skins for this year’s Halloween event will
likely once again be locked behind a weekly win system. This means you’ll need to get nine wins
each of the three weeks in order to unlock each of the Epic skins, which I guess makes
things a bit more interesting for those of you who like tasks and challenges, but overall
won’t be anything huge in terms of mixing up the event. Beyond cosmetics, Jeff statement about expecting
a similar scale event to what we had with Summer Games suggests that their won’t be
any new or improved game modes this year beyond the return of Junkenstein’s Revenge. I personally don’t mind this, as Junkenstein’s
Revenge is my favorite event game mode, and I don’t think it really needs any changes
to still be fun, but it would be nice to get some kind of expansion on it or even a brand
new mode to accompany it. However, it sounds like that won’t be the
case, so if you like the old mode like I do, then you’ll be good to go, but otherwise
it’ll probably feel a bit lackluster when it comes to game modes this year. The last major thing to discuss for the upcoming
Halloween event is the maps. Halloween Terror is one of the events which
has historically gotten spooky themed reskins for existing maps each year. However, given what Jeff said about Halloween
Terror being similar to Summer Games, as there wasn’t a new Lucioball arena this year with
that event, we may be out of luck for a new Halloween map skin, too. It might not be the case though. Jeff may only have been referring to cosmetics
and game modes, so in favor of remaining optimistic, let’s assume that there will in fact be
a new map skin. Which map would it be, and how will it be
redesigned? Well for starters, it definitely won’t be
one of the three which already have a Halloween reskin. It also probably won’t be one which has
been reskinned for a different event, such as Winter Wonderland or Lunar New Year. Beyond this though, there really aren’t
any outstanding limitations. It might be an Arcade exclusive map, or one
of the standard rotation maps for Quickplay and Competitive. One particular map which might actually make
for a good event variant would be Dorado. Rather than reskinning it to fit with a Halloween
theme, they could alter it to reflect Mexico’s Day of the Dead, which is also celebrated
at the end of October. This would offer something a bit more culturally
different from the more classic Halloween style we’ve seen with the other Halloween
Terror maps. Plus, given that the map is already mid festival
celebration on the standard version, reskinning the map could be as simple as switching up
the decor to better fit the Day of the Dead holiday theme. They could even change the time of day, as
per usual on event map versions, by making it dusk instead of nighttime. Admittedly, I’m far from being particularly
knowledgeable about Mexican holidays and their corresponding celebrations, so I’m sure
others would have better ideas for how Dorado might be changed to satisfyingly fit a Day
of the Dead holiday theme. It’s just one of many map ideas which could
fit the overall Halloween Terror theme, so hopefully we’ll be getting a new map variant
this year, but as I said with Jeff’s statement and the recent Summer Games, we’re really
just going to have to wait and see. And with that, thank you all for watching! I will be doing a separate Halloween skin
ideas video where I delve into some cool and creepy possible skins, so be sure to stay
tuned for that and in the meantime, let me know what Halloween hero skins YOU want to
see this year by dropping a comment down below! Be sure to also leave a Like if you enjoyed
this video, and share it with a friend if you really liked it! Subscribe, follow me on Twitter, and hit up
the bell to never miss any of my future Overwatch content. This is Master Ian Gamer signing off, and
until next time, have a great day!

100 thoughts on “Overwatch 2019 Halloween Event – Start Date, Skins, & Content Predictions!

  1. Let me know what skins YOU want in the 2019 Halloween Terror event by dropping a comment down below!

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  2. FINALLY! Someone is talking about the important things! Fuck "the meta". Fuck any League drama! Fuck nerfs buffs and balances! When am I getting my Hellsing skin for McCree! That's what OW is about! Aesthetics!

  3. I don’t care about the skins, all I care is that Sombra gets a new highlight intro. All the heroes except Ashe and Sigma, have more than 3 highlight intros but sombra

  4. So far the only heroes that don't have a Halloween Terror exclusive skin yet are Ashe, Baptiste, Brigitte, D.VA, Genji, Lucio, Orisa, Sigma, Tracer, and Winston. Every other hero at least has one, some two Halloween skins. Hopefully, some of these guys will get one this year 😂


  6. I want genji skin that’s all torn where you can see like parts of his skull on his face with green sort of smoke coming from certain parts

  7. jesus, blizzard is cutting down on skins, they're not making new event themed maps, the archives event is the only event which is still getting new gamemodes… do they WANT overwatch to die?

  8. Tommorrow is my b-day, so I will wish for awesome skins. :3
    I hope for some d.va skin and something I saw like Brigitte Diablo demon skin or something like that. :3 So I hope for it.

  9. I’m gonna spit out a bunch of skin ideas and let people discuss which hero would best fit the theme
    Alchemist (Moira, Ana, Symmetra?)
    Raven/crow (Widowmaker?)
    Wizard (Sigma?)
    Black Cat (I know D.Va has a black cat skin already, but I’d like to see a Halloween black cat)
    Poison Ivy? (Symmetra?)

  10. I really hope your skin predictions are wrong. Most of those characters already have Halloween Legendary skins. They need to focus on characters who haven’t gotten any yet.

  11. if orisa, d.va, ashe or Ana don’t get a legendary Halloween skin, im not buying ANYTHING this Halloween event. i got almost 6000 credits that ive piled up for this event ;-; blizzard better not let me down

  12. Maybe Sombra's demon hunter will release with this event and MAYBE (i doubt it) be classed as a halloween skin. Or the skin might just not come at all 😭😭

  13. Event started on a tuesday for 3 years in a row. And your prediction is.. a thursday? Yeah, makes sense i guess
    P. S.: that goes for every event. They ALWAYS start on a tuesday

  14. Sick! I'm going to the hippodrome(a theatre for non British people) and then getting treated to Halloween Terror on Overwatch! Let's go

  15. I want Red Riding Hood Ashe with Bob dressed as the Big Bad Wolf disguised as the grandma! That would be so cool and funny to see in my opinion. Also a Halloween Sigma skin would be awesome to see <3

  16. Sigma is going to get two Halloween skins actually. It's been leaked and confirmed that he'll have a Mega Man X Sigma skin and a Magneto skin.

  17. Halloween Terror Heroes With No Legendary + Ideas

    Ashe – Vampire + Ogre / Steampunk / Demon
    Baptiste – Hunter (based on Predator) / Mummy / Warlock
    Bastion – Cardboard / Alien / Bone
    Brigitte – Draugr / Swampthing / Cyborg
    D Va – Babba Yagga / Pumpkin / Monstrous

    Genji – Tengu
    / Ninja / Skeletal
    Hanzo – Kappa / Ronin / Oni

    Lucio – Phantom of the Opera / Voodoo / Wind Elemental

    Orisa – Headless Horseman / Draconic / Spider
    Reinhardt – Minotaur / Jotun / Admiral
    Sigma – Golem
    / Zombie / Flying Dutchman
    Tracer – Werewolf
    / Clockwork / Ghost
    Widowmaker – Succubus / Dames Blanches / Wasp Queen
    Winston – DR Jeckle Mr Hyde / Wendigo / Superhero

  18. I really want them to bring the jester sombra from the comic to the game just like they did with the white tuxedo doomfist

  19. I want sombras jester skin for halloween and a vampire epic skin for her that is like symmetras but its sombra so they can do a spin on it somehow to make it different for sombra and not the same. Then they should turn widow into an evil robot inspiration from arachnes grim weaver skin in smite😌👌

  20. I'm dying to buy the enchanted armor for pharah ^w^

    edit: I might be the only veteran player who's never able to get halloween skins EVER because of school n
    edit 2: Imagine if sigma got a halloween skin being like a ghost of some sort.

  21. Literally I'll be so annoyed if heros that got a halloween skin last year get one this year! I really hope they give Ashe a skin. The possibilities they could do with BOB are endless.

  22. I would like a new Ana Skin. Ill settle for a Creepy Babtiste. Orisa makes more sense then any. But we got to get ONE shinny GOLD healer skin. (Ana Zombie (She came back from the dead.) I can hope.

  23. hanzo needs a legendary helloween skin
    yeah yeah iknow he has en epic but so does pharah
    but pharah got a legendary last year
    so.. why not give hanzo one to..

  24. I think the most probable heroes who will get new skins will be Baptiste, Brigitte, Genji, D.Va, Tracer, Orisa and Winston. Not Sigma, since he's too recent.
    That being said, I will be beyond pissed off if Blizzard has no new Halloween game mode after all these years (like in the Summer Games event…) and we have to settle with just Junkenstein's revenge (+ the unlimited mode, yippee…), with the only new thing being weekly challenges for 3 epic skins.
    I fear it's what they'll do. And that would absolutely suck.

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