If a Poop Bar was Added to Minecraft

*Intro* than tahn (squid) Heroes The best The Peaceful *Painful screaming* *More painful screaming* *DRAMATIC MUSIC playing in background* *Screaming* *Intense Music* *Fart Noise* *Wilhelm scream* *Wilhelm scream* woops I forgot about my poop I’m having pork chops tonight! *pig squeals* *laugh* (Laughs) (Small fart) (Farts, screams in pain) *scream* *laugh* *poop sounds* *poop sounds* […]

Disney Party! Nicky Hilton Rothschild Throws Daughter Lily-Grace a Minnie Mouse-Themed Birthday Bash

 Nicky Hilton Rothschild just gave her daughter Lily-Grace Victoria the happiest birthday party on earth  The little girl, who turned 2 on July 8, was feted with a picture-perfect Minnie Mouse-themed celebration Hilton Rothschild, who also shares 7-month-old daughter Theodora “Teddy” Marilyn with husband James Rothschild, showed off the precious party on Instagram  Both Minnie and Mickey made appearances […]

Its Our 1 Year Channelversary Thank you Celebration Video!! We have been on Youtube for 1 year today

Hi everyone its TeamBBB here, I’m Jayne – and I’m Greg – and it has been one whole year since I’ll first upload we started this channel as we’re big geeks and we really love toys – and as you can see by this lot here! we just really want to bring joy and fun […]