Mickey Mouse got a boo-boo

Mickey Мики Pick. Pick Mickey up. Вдигни. Вдигни Мики. Here. Тук. Mickey, you go. Мики, отиди. Here. Тук. Stay there. Стой тук. Give Mickey a kissie. Дай целувчица на Мики. He fell down. Той падна. He fell down. Той падна. Give him a kissie on the cheek. Дай му целувчица по бузата. It got boo-boo. […]

How to give the best Birthday Party 😎 | New funny video | Shubham kumar vines

Happy birthday Bro Its your b’day, whats the plan? *Akward silence* *” he never gives any party, he might not give today also.. but lets see”* Bro… WHERE IS PARTY, buddy ?? Tell all of our friends not to have tommorow food *” he nevers gives any party. But today.. i guess it a miracle […]