61 thoughts on “Parker Turns Five! Sleepover Birthday Party SPECIAL w/ JoJo Siwa, Colleen Ballinger and.. Zendaya?

  1. I know i'm abit late in commenting on this video, but i've been binge watching your family, and I just love all of you <3 Perfect parenting, and genuinely sad i'm too old to have Parker as a friend. He knows how to live his best life and he's the loveliest little boy. You guys have done yourself proud in raising such amazing kids <3

  2. I am sick of this why can't Parker like what he likes without everyone thinking he's gay he's 5 there's no such thing as girl stuff or guy stuff he can play with whatever he wants leave the kid alone this is a family channel

  3. I feel Katherine was disrespectful cause she may be parkers friend but she dug parkers presents out before he could and she was very snatchy..

  4. I absolutly love parker because he is so grateful, kind and talented. And i got a question, is he trans? Or he just loves girl stuff?? (This is no offence, i just want to know, thankyou)

  5. God has a pencil ✏️
    Parker has a highlighter ?
    God drew the world ☁️
    And Parker made it brighter ☀️

    This video was amazing and it was heartwarming to see Parker so happy on his special day, he's such an inspiration to many little boys and honestly is such a pure human being. he doesn't care what other people think and I wish I had that in myself. happy 6 month late birthday Parker we love you

  6. This is the first video I’ve watched on this channel and I seriously love this video. Parker is the coolest kid and I love that he sang happy birthday to himself lol

  7. My mum sais that mrande is a IDIOT but colleen and mrande I APSERLUTLY LOVE U SOOOOOOOO MUCH IM A MERFANDER IM SUCH A BIG FAN I LOVE U XXXXXXX

  8. I have a feeling that Parker is really going to look up to Kory as he grows older and it’s going to be the cutest thing ever.

  9. I think it is AMAZING that parker is aloud to wear rainbow clothes, giant bows and sparkely shoes. Also its pretty awsome that he loves jojo siwa and gymnastics and other "girl" things and his parents let him do that?

  10. I was so confused was it Parker’s birthday or CATHERINES she needs to let Parker have his moment but don’t get me wrong I LOVE Parker he is so inspirational love u soo much ❤️❤️

  11. Omg parker is so cute he is talented and diffrent to other boys like he wants sparkle shoes and othor stuff but i bet his mom and dad and family are so proud of him he is a wee star and only 5 years old and he is having a happy life he is amazing gust saying and happy birthday parker❤

  12. Parker: katherine is not my cousin if your thinking about that.
    put’s hand on her shoulder
    Katherine sits there with popcorn.

  13. I always get ice cream cake for my birthday! It's the best! I've never had Neapolitan one before. Looked good! Yum!

  14. My son will be raised just like how Chris and Jessica have been raising their sons. To be free and be themselves. They are sooo living in their truth. Too many “regulations” on what a boy is supposed to do, dress and be like. Parker is my role model and I’m literally 22.

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