Party Time – Ep: 72

Party Time – Ep: 72

Lizzie: Okay, my dear darling sister Lydia has insisted on throwing her birthday party tonight and I’ll give her this, she doesn’t do things by halvsies. Her word. Stains in all colors, a small fire out back, that was luckily put out before it burned anything more than a small shrub, and someone keeps spiking volleyballs at the garden gnomes. What did a harmless garden gnome ever do to them? I ask you. I needed a break, so I came in here, into my sanctuary. [glass shatters]
Lydia (off-screen): Whoopsie! It’s okay, it’s my birthday! Lizzie: My name is Lizzie Bennet and this– NOT THE BATHROOM. “Party Time”
Written by Kate Rorick Lizzie: I could call my parents, but having them rush home from Uncle Phil’s will only result in a lot of yelling, and chances are Lydia would already be passed out for it. Better to wait until tomorrow, so they can witness the carnage and Lydia will be sober and hungover. Besides, my baby sister only turns 21 once. She should have some fun, right? Lydia (off-screen): Dance boys! Dance for the birthday girl. Lizzie: Although her definition of fun differs from mine. While I prefer peace and quiet and maybe a good book, Lydia needs to be surrounded by large crowds at all times. There are so many people out there and I don’t think I know any of them. And I have lived in this town my entire life. I think I need more friends. Not the bathroom! Mary: Oh my god, hide me. Lizzie: Mary! I totally forgot you were here. Internet, cousin Mary. Cousin Mary, internet. Mary: Yeah, we’ve met. Lizzie: Of course. I didn’t mean to hijack you into my videos the way Lydia does. Mary: No, it’s okay. I’d rather be hijacked by you right now than her. Lizzie: Don’t worry, once we get some cake into her, she’ll crash. Oddly for her, the sugar counteracts the alcohol and causes a blissful coma. Blissful for the rest of us. Mary: Okay, but do you know how many people are out there? Aren’t you getting worried that this thing’s getting out of control? Lizzie: Well, I’ve got 911 and an emergency cleanup crew on speed dial if necessary, and I can always impersonate my mother and scare off anyone who refuses to leave. Have you lived up to your name yet and found a sensible young man to marry? Mary: That was scary, please stop. Lizzie: I know. At least I already took care of the worst would-be party crasher. Mary: Was it that Darcy guy you always talk about? Lizzie: No. George Wickham. Mary: Oh! Yeah. He was kind of a douche. Lizzie: Douche is…an adequate term. Lydia (off-screen): No, no! Stop it! Only boys can enter the wet t-shirt contest. Mary: So! George isn’t coming? This kinda feels like his scene. Lizzie: No, he most certainly is not. I made sure of that. Mary: How? Lizzie: Would you like to help me with something? Mary: As long as it’s in this room. Lizzie: Hey, Lizzie. Mary: George, what are you doing here? Lizzie: Shopping for groceries, as you do. It is so awesome to see you, Peach. Mary: Oh my god, seriously? He went in for a hug? Lizzie: It was more like a grope-hug. A grug. Mary: Doesn’t he watch your videos? Lizzie: Apparently not since we stopped seeing each other, but read your next line. There’s a format to these things. Mary: Sorry. I thought you were leaving town? Again. Lizzie: I am soon, but I wouldn’t wanna miss the chance to see you. You were doing that, uh, intern thing, right? Learn anything? Mary: Actually, I learned a lot! There were some interesting people there too, like Darcy. Lizzie: Darcy. Just the mention of his name reminds me of how he hypothetically ruined my life. Mary: Perhaps, but he has some virtues. Lizzie: Virtues? Now you think Darcy has virtues? Mary: Do you think Darcy has virtues? Because it’s like, I don’t care, but I think it would be really interesting if you changed your mind about him that much– Lizzie: Mary, read. Mary: Sorry, right. Actually, Darcy’s not so bad. He has some more virtues than some I could mention. Lizzie: Well, sounds like I have some catching up to do. But you can get me all caught up tonight at your sister’s party. Mary: You’re not invited! Lizzie: Well no, but I know some of the volleyball guys– Mary: NO! YOU’RE NOT INVITED! YOU CAN’T COME TONIGHT! You said I interrupt you there, that was pretty good, right? Lizzie: That…that was great! Great job, Mary! Mary: Was that how it actually happened? ‘Cause you were kind of harsh. Lizzie: I wasn’t that harsh, but hopefully that is the last we will ever see of George Wickham. Lydia (off-screen): It’s candle time, bitches! Lizzie: Alright, now we really have to get out there. Mary: I suppose. Are you sure cake will help? Lizzie: Trust me, cake solves everything! Lydia (off-screen): Oh my god, fire! Lizzie! Fire extinguisher! Lizzie!

100 thoughts on “Party Time – Ep: 72

  1. I was wondering why some people are commenting like they hadn't seen Mary before. I just realized this is the first time Mary is actually in one of Lizzie's videos. People who don't watch Lydia's videos don't get to see her.

  2. "We've been acquainted." "….right." Cuz Lizzie has not been watching Lydia's videos so she wouldn't know that….. AHHHHHHHHHH :'(

  3. Why didn't they make Mary a full fledged sister. These videos would've been 100x better if they hadn't cut her from the sisterhood!

  4. One of my few complaints about this series is this is Mary's final apperence and we don't get any closure on her subplot
    And she's a great character who is just sidelined

  5. Mary is so me omg when she was like do you really think you changed your mind because I'm not interested but.. Haha!

  6. Cousin Mary about George Wichkam:" He was kind of a douche!"Yea totally…Almost everyone has the right first impression about him but Lizzie!!!what can I say, Love is blind… lol

  7. "Do you think Darcy has virtues? Because it's like, I don't care, but I think it would be reeaaally interesting if you changed your mind about him." I love Mary…

  8. This episode makes me feel like Mary and Lizzie could've been best friends or at least in league with Charlotte and Jane. I mean, they're both bookworms, introverts, and intellectuals.

  9. I love how Mary is mouthing Lizzie's lines at 3:50 and playing up the whole 'complete novice at acting' bit. It's these little bits of characterization that make this great!

  10. Let's imagine Darcy's reaction when he sees Lizzie the girl he loves pretending to be Whickam the guy he hates more than anyone

  11. I'm wondering what was Darcy's reaction to this video… He has virtues, according to Lizzie, after all… 😀

  12. My name is Lizzie Bennet and this is—*door opens*—Not the bathroom!” Haha.

    I love Mary, she's totes adorbs and her acting was hilarious. And her style. Love.

  13. probably not so interesting fact: mary is kaley cuoco's (penny from the big bang theory) younger sister

  14. Omg when Mary does the whole "You're not invited you can't come tonight!!" I literally die! XD Idk why but the way she says it is hilarious!

  15. I always like to think that the way that Mary reads the script is the way her inner dialogue narrates fiction (e.g. when she's reading Looking for Alaska).

  16. "Do you think Darcy has virtues? 'Cause it's like, I don't care, but I think it would be really interesting if you changed your mind about him that much-" Oh, my God, even Mary ships them xD

  17. I think I've watched this episode out of all of them the most times. Briana's delivery is fantastic and hilarious 🙂

  18. I lovvvveeee MARY which is weird because book Mary was just there and didn't do anything but ughh i love this one.

  19. I love Mary! I can't stop laughing because of her costume theater stint here. 🙂
    And how she was getting ready to board the SS Dizzie!
    I wonder what Darcy thought of this when he saw it.

  20. why is everyone so bad at acting out Lizzie's things except her and Lydia???? I mean, Charlotte, Mary… I guess Fitz and Jane are good… but still I can't decide if I want to laugh at it or cringe. possibly both.

  21. The creepiness of Wickham calling girls 'Peach' suddenly reaches a whole new level when he (or Lizzie imitating him) goes in for the hug. That slightly pervy smirk he always had on his face always kind of stopped him for appearing hot to me.

  22. Decided to wait to watch Lydia's and Charlotte's stuff until after these, so this is my first time seeing Mary.

    Lydia offscreen is just as amusing.

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