Pelosi Admits Bernie Sanders Won’t Hurt The Party By Leading The Ticket

Yesterday while she was leaving a closed door
meeting in the House of Representatives, reporters went up to Nancy Pelosi and asked her if she
would be comfortable with Bernie Sanders being at the top of the Democratic ticket and there
was a good reason that reporters would want to ask this question. For the last week or so, we have seen lots
of attacks coming from the, I guess establishment side, saying that Bernie Sanders is categorically
going to destroy down ballot races if we put him on the top of the ticket. Now, bear in mind, there is absolutely no
data whatsoever to support this claim, but we have seen it from all kinds of blue check
marks on Twitter who described themselves as political consultants, MSNBC contributors,
yada, yada, yada. I advised this person, but oops, they lost. But trust me, I’m totally right about this
one. Anyway, so reporters went up to Pelosi and
said, hey, okay, obviously this is going around or are you concerned about this? Are you comfortable with Bernie Sanders being
at the top of the ticket? And Nancy Pelosi gave you a one word answer. Yes. Are you comfortable with Bernie Sanders being
at the top of the ticket? And Nancy Pelosi said, yes. So reporters then later in the day found Chuck
Schumer and they said, hey, Chuck, same question. You okay with this? And Chuck Schumer also said, yeah. In fact, Chuck actually went a little further
than just the one word response. He said, yeah, I’m comfortable with any of
these people. We’ve got great people running. I think all of them will beat Donald Trump. I haven’t supported anybody. I’m not going to until we know who the nominee
is, but I’m cool with all of them bye. Okay, so is that going to kinda calm the fears
of all these establishment types when you have the two leaders of the Democratic party,
the House and the Senate who come out and say, yeah, I’m fine with this guys, and they
should be fine with it. Because as I mentioned, there’s no data out
there that says that Bernie Sanders is going to hurt down ballot races. I mean, think about Hillary Clinton for a
second, okay. Hillary Clinton was the establishment choice. All the superdelegates already backed her
back in 2015, okay. So she had the establishment support that,
that’s not, you know, arguable it was there. They wanted her to be the nominee. So then 2016 rolls around, obviously Hillary
Clinton loses, but she wins the popular vote. So does that mean the Democrats swept and
took back the House and the Senate? No, they didn’t. And they actually could have taken back the
Senate because there were more Republicans up for reelection in 2016 then there were
Democrats. And you know how many of those Senate seats
the Democrats won with Hillary Clinton at the top of the ticket? Two, they won two. Certainly didn’t take the majority back. So Hillary Clinton didn’t really help out
there. You know how many house seats the Democrats
picked up in 2016 with Hillary Clinton at the top of the ticket? Six, just six. Six out of over 400 seats, folks, and Hillary
Clinton sitting at the top of that tip, ticket, even with the popular vote only picked up
six. So can we stop with that? Can we stop pretending like there’s some kind
of conventional wisdom that can accurately predict how the top of the ticket is going
to perform because there’s not folks. There is no more conventional wisdom about
anything. Even the polling data is not always accurate
as 2016 also proved to us. The leaders in the Democratic party right
now, at least the elected leaders who are actually serving constituents, they’re okay
with Bernie Sanders being at the top of the ticket. So I encourage all of those blue check marks
on Twitter who are still freaking out and making up these insane lies that Bernie is
somehow gonna hurt down ballot races, you need to get in line with your party because
they’re okay with Bernie being the front runner. So you should be too.

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