People’s Party Gatineau Media Scrum – Behind the Scenes

People’s Party Gatineau Media Scrum – Behind the Scenes

Hello everyone Robert Vaughan of Just
Right Media here on August 18th Bob Metz and I were part of the media scrum
following the People’s Party of Canada’s Veterans policy announcement in Gatineau
Quebec Marshall McLuhan was wrong the medium is not the message the media is
the message and we present this video so our viewers can get a behind-the-scenes
look at how journalists through both their questions they ask and the
questions they don’t ask attempt to shape the narrative surrounding this new
party not one journalist you’ll find except for yours truly asked a
question about the new platform plank although Maxine was joined by the
writers of the policy veterans all instead the media asked questions
focusing on issues they thought will be controversial divisive and cast the
People’s Party in a negative light Islamism immigration polling and the
like apologies to my French countrymen but this is the English part of the
scrum only my French is good enough however to tell you that there were no
questions in French dealing with the new policy instead the French language
journalist questions parroted those of their English colleagues let’s have a listen Hello, we’re ready to roll really happy today with the results of our weekend conference first confidence
with PPC with over 500 people candidates and executives from across the country great success and they are
ready for the election Benjamin Dichter, Andy Brooke, Maxime Bernier, Kelly Lorencz and Louis Léger so I’m with the expert that did our policy for the veterans and I’m very proud of that so
they are with me if you have any question after that you can ask them so
they would be very pleased to answer your questions that being said it’s a big day
for us it was a big day a big conference nice today a dream came true a dream
came true because 11 months ago we created that party and some of you I
must admit some of you are saying that you know it’s only a one-man show and
now you know that it is not a one-man show it’s a real grassroots movement
from all across the country we had people from BC from Atlantic Canada that
decided to create that party with us and I’m very proud of that it’s a huge
family and now we know what we have to do we have to campaign and to be out
there the only challenge that we have people
don’t know our policies and we need to be there we need to do be that at debates also because like I said it won’t be a real debate if we’re not
there all the other political parties they share the same views on immigration on
balancing the budget in two years I can go on and on you have said in my speech
and it’s facts it is fact it is the facts ask them the question of these issues
about the cartel for the Supply Management they’re the same all these
subject are the same so you won’t have a debate if we’re not there and I hope
that Mr. Johnston will listen to us and to Canadians not only Canadians who
believe in the PPC but also our opponents if you look what happened last
week our opponents said we don’t like Bernier maybe we don’t like his policy but he must be there and they were right
we must be there we must be there that would be a real debate with us and
Canadians are ready for that Canadians are ready and they are looking for it so
today we are starting our election and for us I started that 11 months ago but now we
have our candidates we’ll have a full slate like I just said I want to thank
Johanne and the head office of the Party so and our candidates all across the
country and we are doing politics differently and I can say that a politician said a couple of years ago just watch me I gonna say just watch us just
watch us because that would be a huge a huge surprise for some of you and
October the 21st I can believe you I can tell you that I believe that Mr. Bernier
a similar question in English what is political Islam and what’s it have to do with the election in October look what happened right now with the Conservative Party of Canada look what happened with Andrew Scheer he’s the one who want he went to see extremist Islam people in their meeting and he is pandering to
them he wants to have their votes that’s not me who playing that card that’s him that’s him and it’s a fact and he has Islamist in his party that are
running for him who do your research you’ll find you’ll find whose the Islamist who’s running for the Conservatives in 2019
first of all and look at it you look at it you’ll find that person and I can
tell you that you’ll find that person if why wouldn’t you say that person’s name go to the report why won’t you say that name go go and see the report from the experts from the former
RCMP and our Canadian Forces you’ll see it and it’s important to have that discussion
in Canada we are a party that is open for everybody everybody who share
our Canadian values and I’m very proud of that and that’s why we have
people from different faiths Muslim Christian with us that believe in our party so that can be a threat yes that can be
a threat and we have to have that discussion in Canada right now. What are Canadian values? Canadian values equality between man and woman respect of our institutions the
separation between the state and religion that’s important in our country the Western civilization values that’s
our values and we want people who are coming here to share our values
and we are proud of that and they did it in the past they did it in the past we’re against mass immigration
but we are for immigration we just want fewer immigrants but what
mostly more economic immigrants and that’s important as you may know only 26
percent of the immigrants this year this year our economy commitments 74 percent
of them are not economic immigrants so we need to we need to have more for our economy for the
prosperity of our country and our ratio will be from 26 percent to 50
percent so we need to have this discussion about immigration you know look what happened in other Western civilizations Western countries in France in Europe in Belgium they have huge challenges to integrate their immigrants
I don’t want that in this country so that’s fine to have this debate and we want
to have this debate we’re very different than the other political parties they
don’t want that debate we want that debate we want the debate about supply
management the cartel we want that debate about balancing the budget in two years they
don’t want that debate so we’re ready without us it won’t be a real debate Benjamin can answer about that that the Liberals are infested with Islamists he will answer well this is the influence of political Islam and I gotta be honest firstly these lights are
killing me but secondly with all due respect I’m shocked to hear a journalist
ask what is political Islam you guys are all on Twitter you’re all
on in social media you’re aware of what’s going on in the world you see this
constantly and that’s why I said in my speech even to my friends on the Left
who are fans of Sam Harris, Bill Maher those sorts of people who are having
these conversations and saying we need to have this conversations on all sides of the political spectrum that’s what political Islam is and I can I
can recommend something to you that’s not a definition of political Islam I can
recommend to you Tom Quiggin’s book Submission The Danger of Political Islam
With a Warning to America that book has been sent to every single member of
parliament last year do you believe that the Liberal Party is invested with Islamists
I’m curious how do you know that the Liberal Party is infected I work with a
team of intelligence people we have a hundred podcasts already right this is
what we talk about we deal with intelligence issues and we focus on what
is Islamist political entryism in our society I would recommend perhaps
listening to The Quiggin Report Mr. Bernier do you share these beliefs first of all I think it’s important to
have this debate and have this question and I’m very pleased that Benjamin was at
our conference to speak about that and we are the only political party that
wants to be sure that people who are coming to our country share our Canadian
values and that’s important Mr. Bernier you said you hoped that Mr. Johnston would change his mind and invite your party and you to the leaders debate but how likely do you think
that will be when you don’t meet the official criteria as listed as he said I don’t agree with your as he said he said that but I don’t know if you have time to read my later back to him and
you know even for me I think he did an error in looking at his mandate his mandate is very clear there’s three conditions and one of them is to look at
the recent political context in line with polling and what he did he just
looked at the poll of today so and in his mandate they are saying a chance to elect
candidates the 21st of October not today taking into context the recent political
context and I think it’s as important look today what happened we
have 40,000 members all across the country people who believe in our values
and the way that we’re doing politics so we must be there it won’t be a real
debate if we’re not there and I hope he will change his mind
I hope so we’ll see what will happen in a couple of weeks from now Mr. Bernier you’re no longer a party of one as you said today do you believe it but you’re a new party right yeah so what is your goal come October 21st I mean do you hope to get
5% 10% to be in government I’m here to win If you don’t win in more than one riding will that be a failure for your party I’m here to win will it be a failure for you and your party if you don’t win in more than one riding the failure will be the most important for us it’s to be here and to speak to
Canadians and I hope that Canadians will look at our platform look at our
candidates we have great candidates all across the country and yes we can be in
government it’s if you look at the poll today there are 35 percent of Canadians that
are undecided couple of weeks before the general election 30 percent of the
population didn’t vote at the last federal election because they don’t
believe in traditional politician so if only half of them half of 30
percent that didn’t vote and they are coming for the next election I’ll start my election at 15 percent so answering your question yes I think
we can win and the worst-case scenario would be to have the balance of power so
you would do that with the Conservatives you would join a government with the Conservatives I’m not saying that if you don’t win a majority look look what happen in BC
three greens are controlling the government over there I think we if
we’re not winning and that’s the goal the worst case then I used to have the
balance of power and if we have the balance of power we will be honest with
our principal we won’t do any compromise with those principles and I said
to a lady in Calgary that asked me a question Mr. Bernier you know if you if
you’re not Prime Minister do you think that you will work with the Conservatives I look at her and I said never and she was very happy we won’t we’re a political party we create that and we
we can see the momentum right now and we’re there for the long term is your
go to replace Conservative Party you think that’s possible
we’ll see what Canadian will decide Mr. Bernier do you think it is a partisan
statement to say that climate change is real it is real I didn’t say that it’s not real what I’m saying it the main reason for that exchange it is not human
activity it is not the main reason but yes the climate is always changing
that’s a fact and that’s the normality the climate changing which leaders are
scared of your ideas the NDP look what they said oh if Bernier is there we
don’t want to see him he published a letter that he wrote to the commissioner
so I think they don’t want us they don’t want us because we have a different
point of view he’s supposed to work for the poor the NDP how come they are
they are for a cartel the dairy poultry and
eggs that Canadians are paying twice twice the price for these products $400
a Canadian family for that when you’re supposed to work for for the poor he’s
not working for the poor we are and you know they don’t want to abolish
corporate welfare why because they have huge support in GM and with their union
over there we have people that voted for the NDP in our party because of these two
files they want to be sure that we will work for the poor and we’re doing that
for every Canadians abolishing the cartel in supply management and abolishing
also the corporate welfare and you know business people are ok with that entrepreneurs they don’t want
to have a subsidies from the government they want to have lower taxes so when
we are doing that it’s the right policies for our country but they’re
afraid I will ask the question why you’re supporting the cartel in dairy and
milk why do you want Canadians to pay more for milk poultry and eggs why that’s a
question we’ll see the answer that would be a very interesting debate you said
you hope Mr. Johnston will change his mind but how do you expect him to because he erred in the interpretation of his mandate look at
the letter that he sent me couple of weeks a couple of days ago he sent he
said no to us just because on polling of today and if you read the mandate
it’s the reasonable chances to elect people the 21st of October
having taken into account the recent political context and he didn’t say anything
about that so he can change his mind and looking at his mandate and I think I
hope you will do it Mr. Bernier what happens to the People’s Party if zero MPs are elected we will be we will have a lot of MPs you can be sure that but what happens if there’s none you know I’m there to win so do you really expect me to answer that question just watch us Mr. Bernier Mr. Bernier if you’re not elected yourself will you remain with the People’s Party will this remain your endeavor I’ve just said that I’m there for the long run and will
elect candidates under the PPC banner starting by myself Mr. Bernier Justin
Trudeau has said that Canada has no money to give veterans at this time how
do you cost out your new veterans policy it is I thank you for the
question I’m very happy that our people wrote that policy first of all that
will be a cost but the cost won’t be on the first year we’ll be able to balance
the budget it’s a new insurance so it’s over a couple of years so we’ll look at
it with the budget Parliamentary Budget Official and we will come and same thing
for our tax reform also what is the cost of our tax reform we expect the cost of
our tax reform around forty to fifty billion dollars so we want to know the
real number and that’s why we are asking the Parliamentary Budget Official to look
at it and that would be the same thing with the veterans you said you don’t do any polling but Mr. Johnston has asked
you for a handful of ridings you think you can win would
you share with us the three ridings you think PPC may win we gonna win we gonna
win more than three ridings for sure so can you give me at least three that you think you’re gonna win so what we do i but i don’t do any polling you know the real poll the real survey would be the 21st of October so i would write a letter to a
Mr. Johnston and that would be public and like I’m telling you you know we didn’t
do any polling and I don’t expect to do any polling before the end of this week
do you see the United Nations a threat to Canada migration compact but it’s not binding okay I like that I was waiting for that it’s not binding so why sign an agreement if you don’t want to follow
that agreement yes it’s not binding you won’t have a civil servant from the UN
writing all our immigration law it would be civil servant in our country
that will write our new immigration law in line with that compact so why if it’s
not binding signing this agreement if you don’t believe in it
if you sign the agreement it’s because you believe in it and you want to change
your own immigration policy and you know it’s so important I said in my speech on
immigration we will be open for refugees but we want to help the real one the the
minority Christians that are in danger the minority Muslim that are in danger I
said that in my speech so let’s help the real refugees and that’s part of our
platform well just to take that further is there anything else is that the only
thing that bothers you about the United Nations is that the only issue you have
with them I think it’s an important one I think it is an important it is a
concrete one but the migration compact also makes it helps countries cooperate more
deportations and that’s something that in theory you would be in favour of right migration must be normal it is normal migrants migration it is normal in this world for us it is
not we must help these people to stay in their country that that’s the goal
I’m sure they want to stay in a safe and secure country that was that must be the
goal of all the countries in this in this planet to be sure that these people
can stay safely in their own country so that must be the goal not to to you know
we cannot save everybody in Canada we’re gonna help people and I know that Canadians are generous and that’s okay so that’s why I will help the real refugees not the one
who are crossing illegally the border in my own province in Quebec some people
would say that your policies are very similar to Donald Trump’s what do you
say to that are you Canada’s Donald Trump no I’m a politician from this country and
if you’re saying that why why are saying because your immigration
policie’s similar what you said about climate change is similar I mean there are similarities because you can win yeah I’m saying that because I believe in it I’m not doing
politics based on survey and what another politician is saying it’s based
on values and principle that’s why I’m ready to defend our platform with
passion and conviction and asking the question to the other leaders and myself
I’m authentic I’m not another politician and I think people appreciate that Mr. Bernier Mr. Dichter said in his speech that he would encourage everyone in the room to go and urge their friends and family to take the red pill what is that phrase the red pill mean to
you to you sir he didn’t even see my speech before I made it
you’ve never seen The Matrix the blue pill versus the red pill you know
exactly what it is you also know it’s been associated with the men’s rights activist movement and I want to know what Mr. Bernier here we go go excuse me about the red pill during my leadership campaign go and see my tweet I tweeted that about that during my leadership campaign three years ago so I don’t have anything to add about that
ok thank you very much folks so merci thank you

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  31. Stop calling the main stream media "journalists" They are just activists. OMG The red pill and all the dumb feminists can think is the men's rights movement, Bitch go back to school. My 12 yr old would think like that.

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