PJ Mask Birthday Party in Brazil

We are an American family of 7,
living working and loving Brazil. Welcome to the adventures of our Brazilian life. Alice, how old are you today? 6! 6. How dose it feel to be 6? Kind of big. Kind of big. Alice is an amazing girl. The things I love about Alice are that she is a
really good helper. If I ask her to help me clean the bathroom or the kitchen or
pick up she does a really good job so she’s a great helper. She’s also really
good at brushing her teeth. Smile. Those are some clean teeth she takes really
good care of her teeth. She brushes her teeth all the time and flosses and that’s really impressive. She really does a great job at it. Alice is just smiley and happy and full of energy all the time she’s always
so excited about life and to play and she reminds everyone to just have fun.
I have a question, and I run super fast. And she is a runner, she runs crazy fast. silly girl. Okay daddy. What do you love about Alice? Alice
loves to have lots of fun she’s always smiling, she’s always laughing, always
asking me to put on music so that she can have a dance party. She’s a fun
girl to be around. She’s definitely a very very happy girl. She plays with you? Yes and she kisses me. I like that Alice plays with me. She has fun with me. We play
together we swim in the pool together. I pick her up from school. And I really like her because she is funny and lots of energy. All right let’s get ready for an awesome birthday at Big Jump! Okay boys. What do you love about your
sister? I like how she is so cute and she runs so fast and how she laughs. I really like your laugh and she’s just super cute. I love Alice because she’s super cute. I love her and when she was growing up she was really funny. She’s just super cute and when she
laughs it’s just so funny that I even laugh with her. Alice, Did you have a good birthday? It was loud. What else did you like about it? Japa got the first piece. All right well know your a big 6 year old. Do I get to do whatever I want? No! All right we love you Alice.

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