Planning my 18th Birthday Party!! | Summer Vlog #12

Planning my 18th Birthday Party!! | Summer Vlog #12

Good morning guys. I’ve somehow managed to alter the settings on this camera. So now there’s a grid on the screen. That’s cool I don’t help here as I’ll have to have a look but yeah, good morning Today is Monday and it is the day after summer in the city, so obviously for you guys when this goes up It’s been a little while, but I woke up this morning. I’m still tired, but I had a really nice sleep. So that was great Somehow right my hair. I should like look better now than it has all weekend Which is really annoying and that’s also annoying because I couldn’t afford to wash it when I got in last night So this is like four they all turn out probably too much information. That’s probably gross. Yeah, I woke up this morning I watched some other people’s blogs of the weekend because I’m like reliving it I wanna let it go, and I’m about to edit mines now the plan today was to meet Tom But then Tom’s been called into work, so I think I’m going to go meet on his lunch hour But he’s at works day now, so I’m probably just going to end up doing like other things I’m going to go into town for his lunch hour half has been attempted to get my acrylic nails taken off But then I partly bothered because I know that’s like money and time and I can’t get order to sit there like I’m going to Get it done at some point this week, but as colorful as to go today, so yeah I need to tidy up my room make my bed I want to have a bit everclear out because this weekend is when you realise how much makeup I have I took with me that I didn’t need so I’m just going to have a bit of a clear-out I think it’s definitely got quite a lot of different giveaway so
keep an eye on my socials over this week because I probably might do a giveaway not with like use stuff obviously I’d have a Lot of a nose and stuff so yeah, that is the plan if you haven’t watch me summer in the city vlogs And you’re like what you’re talking about They’re not my sermon city votes went up over the weekend be sure to go watch those for the sale probably the best blogs that Will probably be happening over the entire summers probably the best weekend so yeah, I don’t know where else. I’ll be vlogging today Hopefully, I’ll be alright. We’ll see what we get – okay. I’ve just finished editing my blog I’ve uploaded it cajal it for six and now I’m actually going up to meet Tom on his lunch hour, so going to drive even though I don’t like parking in town because if you live in beverly 18th Birthday Party Beauty Spectrum Or if you’ve ever been to beverley you might know it’s really tight It’s like all on a one-way system And then full the car park is used to pay which I know you have to pay most leases But like there should be like three options, so my next trying time tesco Contessa goes free and I don’t even mind It’s literally just I don’t have any change so like I can’t pay so yeah, I’m going to try and parking tesco But it’s really tight that carpark and I’m rubbish at parking the only bonus is have a small car Now start back in the car just been to meet Thomas very very thomas I never call in someone from weather very very very briefly whilst he was on his lunch break I’d already eaten so I just started had a coffee with him, and it was really nice to see him although We’re both so tired. He’s been camping for like four or five days. No for three or four days four days I think with his football friends, so it’s a love camping trip and obviously I’ve been at summer in the City So we’re both really tired, so we weren’t like most conversational ball. Just kind of sat there like But anyway, any strikes home now bad thing about this car is it doesn’t have any air conditioning? And it’s very very hot in here and as you can see I’m wearing this long-sleeved top. Yeah, very slightly right now I bought a while in fact I’ve actually got a mount to this camera I might try and put on the dashboard just because it’s quite a short drive, so let’s have a look right Okay, somehow managed to get you on the sun But I don’t think you’ll be able to like see me because of where it is Don’t maybe you can maybe you can’t probably not very safe from what my mom sees I’ve done this year and that going to like Me for up she was like moly You’re not driving your car with your camera, and I’m not going to talk just going to drive It will be like what the heck is on her window screen Molnon Side Road right now of quality Basically I’m into school carpark think it the one-way access, so I really worked on your driving lessons Really really really wish that I was teaching how to drive in a car park rather than about here before Just to come on how to get our private summer Don’t run a circle here Anyway, yeah, that’s a lot. That’s why I’m not going to ever use that mount that was two pounds on prime Uh probably what but I start to run screen, which is great come on Why won’t it come off okay? Anyway? Yeah, anyway wider so anyway look tyson? I’m about to go in I need to like summary Martin do some emails And then I’m actually going back out to look at a venue for my 18th birthday party So like a possible place that I could have my 18 Let’s like make a reservation to one we wanted to look round also may. I’m probably know I’m going to have it here We just want to look round. It was actually the place. We went to in my blog view of the week, so yeah anyway beauty spectrum exposed Let’s go. No. I have just been tidying up like the underneath of my bed here And I found so much stuff ready to do a giveaway like I’m not going to show you all And do two giveaways because there’s a lot of stuff here like like a lot of stuff right now I’m really undecided I can’t decide if it’s worth doing to like one Twitter one on Instagram, but then I don’t know where I’d divide it So I’m just having a thing having a bit of a clearer I really want to do I’ve got a couple of their way as well this together where and then a giveaway with a brand and Then I also want to go back to school giveaway, but obviously that’ll be in september So I kind of want to do like a giveaway a week until I go back to school But I just don’t know whether I want to split this into two or not I think I probably will just because there’s loads here, so I’ll have to work out where I’m going to divide it, but yeah That’s I’ve been doing for like the last half hour because I’ve got so much stuff in my room like basically if you’ve ever wondered What it inside of my room or side of the actual bits is my room, but you can’t see on camera It’s basically just crammed with stuff like just things not even like relevant things that have got things shoved everywhere Which is actually really annoyed in sales if I clear out a couple of the like baskets that are underneath my bed Then I’ll be able to find some stuff for a giveaway, but like even down here like there’s some more stuff here This is just skincare stuff, and I’m trying at the moment. I absolutely love it I think there’s about three items in the bathroom at the moment, so it’s all by cyber med I think it’s how you read it, but they sent me absolutely tons of that stuff. I’m so grateful forever It’s just like overnight of room to keep things, but yeah, I’m really living this brand I think I think I have a cleanser and moisturizer at the moment. I’m using buy them in the bathroom Yeah, there’s a couple more bits under my bed this not even salt in there like what is in here I don’t know and then obviously You can see some of the stuff here ah look at that the camera is shaking can’t work it out, okay? Yeah, that was just really sad anyway. I’m going to go and Yeah, also whilst doing that I discovered some things that I do actually want to keep but finally are your eyelashes I was actually looking for a good power Lash to do the day these look perfect, so I’m annoyed I didn’t find those sooner also found some pairs of earrings I didn’t know that. I had a mentor actually a gift these weren’t even sent out to me So just found that one different bed They’re really pretty it’s inspired me to um to get my second piece because they would look really nice like as a has a Satin and the Little ones at the bottom as like your second also ignore my nails They really need taking off the look gross So we’re now at the country park came in hazel, and this is where we were like cool about eight Or nine days ago now, and I really want to have my 18th birthday party here Which is what I was saying the last time I was here because I really want to have like a big party like loads of YouTubers, basically We’re not just YouTuber school runs, but youtube as well. Oh very service. I want it to be a nice venue fidget spinner So here have a look at their like coaching room and required in here. I like fishing I’ll triumphantly film There’s somebody tweeted me telling me I was in this month sharp magazine, so I thought I’m going to come and buy it surprise Oh my God that used to be 250 when I bought it back in 2009 Jesus five pounds, but yeah, I’ve just bought it anyway because this is the first time I’ve officially been in shalt mug They didn’t even tell me I was in it. I didn’t even know until somebody tweeted Maybe not oh my God you and sharp magazine. So nine tweeted shouting like can you send me a picture? And they were like yeah, they did, but I wanted to buy it anyway. That’s so exciting I was once very briefly in it before when I was like featured in an article about hannah so she tweeted no, she Sent some photos in trending videos Of like me and her and alice, but I’ve actually got a little it’s not even like anything exciting It’s just a picture of me, and they’re like smaller youtubers they recommend but I saw quite exciting so to read this magazine every lingle a month like I kid you not I must have about 200 copies of shout mag in a box under my bed as part of the stuff I was talking about earlier because I want to get rid of them and on the front of it when I was younger it used To be like cheryl cole and like Cher lloyd if you remember shirley and now it’s like Zoella listen of every single magazine But that wasn’t really a thing I was like oh, I’m not flying car hold on so yeah, I know I’m in it myself But is so so weird I’m thinking ball is eight year old but to be honest available a picture of minutes of your life is nice It’s one of me, and yeah I don’t know if it’s a little brief magazines lady recently in size of shoes than my other arm Yeah, they’re I’m guys on page number one page is a page not numbered tonight number ten page eleven they go going by Sharp mag And I’m on the bottom of page 11 you can go and have a look at of the Youtubers under 500k Oh, I also went to november so once I’m loose. I mean. I love the humans. She gone too far okay? beauty spectrum shout magazine No way, well, you know okay, so I’m not bad a class. You’re a little fun book I think it was when I was showing you the sharp Magazine I? Then put two tons for like an hour just to see him because I didn’t really see him at lunch time properly I’m going to pop you down actually there you go. See my beds. That’s such an awful high-intensity line It does it like an egg that I’ll have to do but yeah, so now I’m back home I’m going to go for a shower But as you saw we were looking at the venues for my 18th and basically testing ebay makeup What I want to do for my 18th birthday is like have all my friends from School and all my friends from YouTube invited To the same thing obviously the problem Is hiring someone big enough all that like I’m not saying to quality friends because actually I really do a toddler’s friends But I would want to invite like quite a few people just because it’s the mixing of like two groups And I don’t in the house obviously and so then it becomes like two sentences So I’ve been looking around places that play food is it today in Hazel is my favorite, but it’s very expensive So I’m not sure if we’re going to like hire there. Yeah, like what’s actually going to be happening, basically I just worn by a big party, but like properly like an improper venue Not a house party because house party just aren’t really my style like they’re not really my scene I don’t mind going to them I quite enjoy going to them But if I wanted to throw a party and have my 18th doing like exactly how I wanted it I wouldn’t have a house party because I don’t feel like then you’re enjoying yourself. Less like it’s your own home Everything’s like a worry because like what if something gets broken or something gets spilled like I just don’t really enjoy hosting parties I’m not really a like wild party kind of person And I feel like people going to an 18 would expect that though is they really want to do something that I’ve been thinking about What do you want to do and obviously I’m still in the process, but my birthday is in like two months So if I’m going to like run not rent somewhere like hire somewhere out for an evening I need to kind of like get it booked because it’s a Saturday night It’s going to get booked up, so yes, that was today I’m going to go and Hop in the shower now Probably talk to you afterwards because I used to be real funny about going on camera without makeup on but I’ve given in care in Turbulence you’ve seen me looking where I’m going to go wash my hair for the first time since I went to summer in the city Surprisingly, I don’t have all four, but it doesn’t look great also How much to ask and in Denise’s I’m looking at ourselves in the Viewfinder like wow my natural hair is dark now like end fit Very blonde underneath. I mean it is because it needs watering, but yeah anyway I’m going to go through shower, but thank you guys, so I just came to edit this vlog now, and I’m sucked dumpsters It’s the next morning, and it’s absolutely pouring down rain, but you project care about that So I forgot to end it basically I went for a shower and then I even remember what I did I think I just 200 emails, so absolutely Not ending it last night if you have enjoyed this vlog be sure to give it a huge thumbs up if you’re not already subscribed that as always means the world and is down below third piece of helpless to go and click that subscribe button because sometimes I look at the demographics and are a huge amount of you watching these blogs that aren’t subscribed, so Takes two seconds out of your day and would mean the world if you could do that But yeah, if you have into be sure to give it a big thumbs up And I will see you tomorrow with another Daily vlog. Bye

83 thoughts on “Planning my 18th Birthday Party!! | Summer Vlog #12

  1. You look beautiful in the thumbnail and the 1st clip! Why don't you have 100k, wait why don't you have 1m!!!!❤️

  2. I didn't realise how expensive room hires are?! I was looking at doing a 21st but I am not sure now haha x

  3. Now you’ve passed your driving test have you picked up all the bad habits like not looking when moving off and stuff? I don’t anymore, don’t even indicate to come off a roundabout if I’m going straight ahead, only left or right haha

  4. My room is just filled with random things that's I've shoved everywhere. And I don't even know how to organise it ?

  5. Could you possibly do a YouTube giveaway as I and I know many other people don't have twitter or instagram but would still love to have a chance ??

  6. I turn 18 in February and my only plan is to listen go to Harry and get drunk. maybe invite some friends and go out on the daytime but tbh just wanna get drunk

  7. Hi. I'm Libby if your looking for somewhere big enough for your party. Fosse Hill jetski and caravan park in brandsburton is quite big and nice. Xxx. Love your videos by the way ❤️❤️

  8. If you want any light letters for your party saying your name or anything private message me on Instagram as my mum rent's them put to people xx

  9. Don't panic too much about booking early! For NCS I held a party for the elderly and booked a hall just over a week before the event. Love the hair btw ??

  10. For food for your party look at if pizzas from a pizza shop are cheaper than getting a full on caterer first, bc my 18th there was SO much food left over and we'd spend £50-70 on food? But more would eat pizza and chips and that and some pizza shops might do deals for you xx

  11. Buy some acetone nail polish remover, soak your nails in it and take your acrylics off yourself ?much cheaper option

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