21 thoughts on “Plymouth Rock Among Town Landmarks Vandalized Ahead Of 400th Anniversary Celebration

  1. Taking in bets on who it was, $20 buy in. Have your pick; a colored folk, an illegal or a Democrat. Taking in bets fellas.

  2. People who don't understand the significance of Plymouth Rock, 'tag' it out of ignorance. Not for a second do I think they are shiting on the founders of North America. Ignorance … pure ignorance.

  3. I hate that rock it make me very angry and have ptsd experiences as a white transgender non binary communist liberal drag queen

  4. It's just a rock.
    The ships didn't make it to land,little boats did.The boats didn't land on the rock,they landed on the shore.
    It's just a rock,with no life to it.

  5. Mind you, whoever did this believes they hold the moral high ground. A Democrat, 'progressive',liberal. They HATE you white Christian heterosexual male,your spouse, offspring, culture, and country.

  6. Chased by the Clan
    50 Times Around the Sun
    DREALITY Motion Pics

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