87 thoughts on “POLAR EXPRESS to visit SANTA!! The Family Rides a Christmas Train for a North Pole winter vacation!

  1. If you guys ever get to come to South Florida during the holiday season, you should ride the Brightline. They also do a Polar Express train ride every year for Christmas.

  2. Which train did you do, did you do it in Durango, Colorado? That is the main one and the train is one of the last coal powered trains.

  3. Man I wish we had stuff like that here in NY. I can't wait for Christmas, Niko is finally old enough to actually enjoy Christmas. Of course Adley understands Christmas

  4. Kiara really enjoyed watching this video! You guys are fantastic! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Kiara says "Hello Adley, I love you bestfriend! "??

  5. Hahahahahahahaha my elf did that to I have two elves today Thay made a slide and a swing with stuff out of the trash ? I have two siblings who are older than me one is 12 years old and one who doesn’t have an elf anymore is 14 years old and you are the best youtuber’s ever ????❤️??♥️❣️???????

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