Portrait of a Santa Claus: SANTA CLAUS CHRISTMAS MOVIE

Portrait of a Santa Claus: SANTA CLAUS CHRISTMAS MOVIE

(Christmas music) – The magic of Christmas, to me, is given life to the belief, the magic that it brings to someone else. Uh, Christ’s birth, I, I,
I get chills every time I see a parent smile
and how they’re lookin’ at their child and, them havin’ fun. Um, so the season for
me, eh, is heartfelt. Oh, oh wow, look at that. (whistles) – Et, et, et, et, et – Turn the – In or out of suit, I’m pretty much the same person. But when I’m portreying the big guy, it’s even more so because, you, you just love to see how people’s faces light up. You just, uh, the heart that comes into the picture when, um, you have someone like you or a photographer or something like that, they’re takin’ a picture. Now, you’re, you’re on somebody’s wall, for however long, with their child, maybe even with them, if they’re, they’re part of the picture. Because, they want to see, Santa. And I am more than happy, to help you out with that. (laughing) Santa Clause is a, uh, is a story that derives from Saint Nicholas, and from the old world. You know, Nicholas was born way back in the fourth century, I believe, uh, yeah, fourth century. And, um, that’s how, that’s how it all deriv, derived from. So, you’re, you’re lookin’ at him as, uh, a gift giving person, a hearty person, someone
that cared about people, children, and it didn’t matter what, and I, I, I like that, I like the how, that boils and exudes from me. So, I, I put my best foot forward whenever, whenever I put the suite on. And I try to keep that same mentality and same attitude when I take it off. Twenties and Thirties when they were trying to, ra, uh, rain in the Santa look and whatnot, Max Factor got together with folks and Coca Cola got in on
the, on the whole deal. There, there’s, um, picture behind you, the Coca Cola Santa, where red was gonna be, you know, the main color, and how the, how the buttons came down the front, with the belt and, you know, fur. And, um, they wanted to standardize the Santa look. So that, um, when you see this, this look, hey there’s Santa. Well, over the years now, especially, uh, in the last ten years, I would say, there’ve been some different looks with, uh, old world type of things, ’cause you, we have there are Santas that were over in Europe and, you know, Middle East, and Far East, and, you know, they have
a different look to them. So, it’s not always just the bright red and, the fur, and stuff like that. You’ll have folks with long coats, um, which are, which
are really good looks, uh, um, uh, Netflix came out with the Christmas Chronicles last year with Kurt Russel, that was, I like that movie, that was, that was really neat. I liked how he did it, you know, “Can you give me a ho, ho, ho,?” “I don’t do ho, ho, ho’s.” (laughing) I thought that was funny. And ho, ho, ho is not ho, ho, ho, it’s how the Santa laughs, you know. So, somewhere, that, that, mystification of ho, ho, ho, um, I hope is being demystified, uh, that’s how the Santa laughs, That’s ho, ho, ho, ho, you know, it’s not (flatly) ho, ho, ho, you know, being more boxish, you know, uh, it’s, it just doesn’t sound right. – [Interviewer] It’s a
way to spell a laugh. – Yeah, I guess you’re right, but some people just take
it literal, you know. Hey, do a ho, ho, ho. Uh, I laugh, I don’t ho, ho, ho. (laughing) So, yeah, it’s a, it’s
how, it’s how you laugh. (Christmas music) – Oh, look at that. “I love you Santa”. I love you too. No name? That’s okay. We know who it is. (chuckles) Oh, Lucas, I remember Lucas, wanted monster trucks and
arctic explorers, nice. – Back in 2008 I was,
um, in tenth Marines. My unit was lookin’ for a, for somebody to be a Santa. And at first I told ’em, no, I’m not gonna do that. Um, but they convinced this one young, younger Marine, cause, uh, they were really hurtin’ for it, and the senior leadership
were lookin’ for it. And I said nope, but when they sent him out, to find a Santa, I’m like, okay, I’ll do it for ya. And, uh, it’s because you asked, okay. And I had fun, I had a lot of fun, and I had to, well back then I was probably one ninety five, you know. So, I to really pad-up
for the suit they gave me. I mean this thing was like a tent, um, even, even for me for that size, it was, it was large, so, um, we were lookin’ for a bunch of pillows so that I could stuff in, or, um, uh, some kind of under garment to help keep everything in, so it would look natural. And, uh , I had a lot, I had a blast, had a lot of fun. And, it’s personality driven, so you got to really let your personality come out and, if you have one, but you got, you have to have your personality come out, but you have to have a love of children. Um, you, if you don’t, then you’re, you’re gonna
sound and seem awkward. Um, so that’s how it started for me, and it was that one event, in 2008, and then, I didn’t pick it back up until 2013 when, um, my wife was going to Foxy Nails 2, next to Target, and, I would go with her, and the people that own it were a Vietnamese couple and they were about, they were about to have their first child. This was early in the year. I had just retired, so I, um, I was growin’ a beard, wasn’t very big. Um, but they asked me
if I ever been Santa? I said, “well I have once. Are you, what are you askin’ me?” “Well, would you be our Santa?” “Sure, I can, I can do that.” So, I asked my buddy, Joe Cortranch, who’s, uh, a Santa up in Minnesota. He’s like, I got a suite for ya, if this is what you wanna do, you can keep it, if not,
just send it on back. Well, I still have it, so. (laughs) (Christmas music) I got a buddy of mine, I was supposed to do an
event for him, on base, and, um, their unit decided to do somethin’ different. So he said, ” look, I’m, I , I still wanna have you as a Santa, but my mom is over at Premier, and I want you to visit my mom.” And I said, “okay, that sounds great.” So we called, we called them up and, the day we’re all
supposed to go over there, I did, I was in suit over there, the lady’s like, “well the lady you had
talked to is not here, and I don’t know what you need to do.” I’m like, hmm. And before I can finish, she said, “I have to ask you a question.” I said, “sure, what you got?” “We, we had a Santa scheduled and he canceled on us, and I’m in a bind.” I said, “okay, um, what are you askin’?” She said, “Well we need, we need a Santa for our holiday party.” I said, “okay, when is it?” So she told me, I was like, “easy day, I’ll take, uh,
some time off from work and I, I’ll be here for ya.” And then I told my, my buddy Willie, about it and he’s like, “Re? I, I’m there with
ya, I’ll dress as an elf.” (laughing) That was pretty funny. So, I said, I told that lady, I said, “okay, now that we have that set, I have one person I need to see here, and I, I went and seen Willie’s mom. And, and she had a roommate, so I got, I got a chance
to see them as well. So, you, when you see the joy on children’s faces,
that is such a blessing. But, even more so, when you see the joy on older folks faces that, you know, some of ’em, maybe uh losin’ some of their memory of Dementia, or somethin’ like that. One person in particular, I don’t remember the lady’s name, I was told before we went in the room that she just, because of her state, you know, it was just, she gets combative sometimes. I’m like, okay, easy day. I walk in, lit up like a Christmas tree. “Santa! Hey how you doin’? It’s been a long time since I’d seen ya.” And, uh, I left there and we had walked a couple halls, and I come back and one lady came up and said, “that’s the happiest that that lady has been in a long time, and is still happy.” I’m like, sometimes you just gotta, you gotta show that joy, you know. I feel for those workers, cause they, you know, deal with, deal with folks like
that on a daily basis. But, I love those parts, ’cause you love the smiles. (laughs) Place like that when you, when you run into folks like that, I actually have to bite my, bite the inside of my
lip every once in awhile, so I keep from, gettin’ over emotional, cause as soon as I leave the room, I’m takin’ my gloves off
and I’m wipin’ my face, cause it is, it’s emotional, but that’s what, that’s
what it’s all about. One little girl, oh, she was a pistol. I had, had, had my key on me that year and, um, she’s like, um, “so you break into houses?” “Bre, I just gave you a gift and your tellin’ me I break in, no I don’t break into houses, I’m allowed to, it’s, I’m givin’ you the gifts.” She goes, “Well, it’s kinda breaking and entering, isn’t it?” “I have a key.” “Oh, so it’s legal breaking and entering?” I said, “You want coal next year?” (laughing) She was, she, she was like ten, oh, it was hilarious. Oh, man, I, uh, the back and forth between her and I was just, eh, “Really, I have, you know I do send out coal as well?” That what she did, she walked, walked away. “Okay, I see how it is.” – [Director] Did y’all break bread in the form of a cookie? – She did hand me a cookie, so I , uh, she was off
the hook at that point. She made the nice list. (laughing) – [Director] That’s all it
takes, is just one cookie? – Yep, that’s it. And it was the right one too, chocolate chip. I was like. Any, any month really, um, well, the beard’s, the beard’s
permanent, you know. And, um, when I, I have a bunch of shirts, um, that, uh, have some, Santa, Santa themes on ’em. One of says, “H O and it has a three on top, so it’s H O, you know, ho cubed. I like that one, people are like, “I get it.” Or, um, one, one will say believe, I got a few of ’em. And I’ll get a lot of looks and, you know, the kids will be like, “Santa?” I go, “shh, do you believe?” Their like, “yeah.” I said, “well, have you been good?” “Yes I have.” “All right, all right, good. Mom, Dad, do you mind
if I give ’em a coin?” ‘Cause I’ll carry coins with me. And they’re like, “sure.” So, I’ll give ’em a coin, one side will have Rudolph, one side will have believe, yeah. I have coins that’ll have Rudolph and somethin’ else on the back, you know. So, I’ll hand ’em a coin. And then, I have, uh, a, uh, a business card, looks like a license. There’s a couple Santas that do that. So, I’ll, I’ll take it out and show ’em, so that they, that they know that, “wow! Hey that is, that’s his license.” (laughing) Oh, the, the faces light up like it’s, like it’s, like it’s great, like a rain, oh, man, I can’t believe it, it’s, um, but, yeah, I’ll have that a lot. And, my wife’ll keep an eye out for me, for children around me. I try not to notice children too much, when it comes to that, ’cause, um, um, a Santa friend, and mentor of mine, Jim Dire, told me, if you have to say to a child, that you are Santa, and you’re not really helpin’ yourself out, you know. You’re not really, if
they can come up to you and say, hey, you’re Santa. You know you’re doin’ somethin’, you’re exuding somethin’, that is tellin’ that child, no matter what you’re wearin’, that you’re a Santa. Now, I don’t wear red, um, with, Santa stuff on it, a lot. I, I wear some every once in a while, maybe that’s what they correlate it to, but I, I’ve had a lotta parents, had a lotta children come up to me, “are you Santa?” Parents will be like, “were you at the mall last year?” “No, I know the guy that was at the mall, but that wasn’t me.” Um, but yeah, that’s, so, during, during the off season, um, I’m just me, I try to be happy, jovial, and, uh, nice person to anybody and everybody that, uh, I come in contact with. (Christmas music) I’ve had, I’ve had a lot of interactions with the, uh, with kids and parents since 2013 doin’ this. And, um, there’s a lot of good stories I can, I can recall from it, it, ’cause the smiles, and , and , whatnot. But last year, I, I did somethin’ that, um, personified
Santa, and as far as, how he, how you would
think him doin’ things, you know, goin’ house to
house to, to give gifts, was in the Bear Trail area. And, uh, the one young lady, her name’s Selina that, kinda headed, headed this thing together. Got together thirteen families
from her neighborhood, and, um, I, set, I set aside two hours for this and, I actually got to go door to door, as Santa, and givin’ gifts to the kids. That was, that was so much fun, uh, ’cause it, I, I felt like I was, the character personified, because I was actually out there, goin’ house to house, you know, in that same neighborhood, like, you would see Santa dep,
depicted in the movies. Goin’ house to house to house, uh, that’s, that’s, and seeing the families, the faces on the kids when, you know, they open the door after they hear the doorbell ring, ’cause the parents knew I was comin’. So they’d make the chill, the children open the door, and they’re like, “aah, Santa!” (laughing) So, I was like, “How you doin’?” “Mom, Dad, it’s Santa!” “Well, open the door. Come on in.” You know, a lotta times they would just leave the door, the front door open
and I’m standin’ there, you know, with, uh, where the storm door or screen door is. “Were you gonna open the door for Santa?” “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.” Come back and open the door, you know, and you, you see, you see the face, the parent’s faces, as you’re interacting
with the, with the kids. Uh, they gotta, they got
a sparkle in their eyes. You know, it’s heart warming, you know, it’s, and some of the
stories you hear from, from the, from the parents and whatnot, may, may have been a rough year for ’em, or what, you know whatever. But, watchin’ them seein’ their kids, with San, interact with Santa, and, the happiness that they’re havin’, that, that all kinda melts away. Every Santa, it, it, if they’re worth their weight anyway, they’re in it for the smiles, they’re in it for the happiness. The, the money’ll come, because people will,
will like your service, they’ll say, “Well, hey,
how much do you charge?” Okay, well normally, you know, I, I won’t, I do have a set certain price, but, I always don’t say
that in the beginning, I’ll, I’ll take, uh, take inventory of what’s
goin’ on around me, before I say somethin’ like that, because it may be different for, you know, anybody, if uh, if they,
if it’s a family that’s, that’s strugglin’, I’m not gonna charge them anything. If it’s a established, uh, business that is lookin’ for Santa, yeah, uh, I’ve got a price for that. But that’s, you know, uh, I try to keep it within reason, especially in the Jacksonville area here, you know. There are guys in California
that make big bucks, because they can. And, um, but the time and effort that goes into being Santa, what you have to do, for your suit and your cleanliness, and, you know, all the accoutrements that go with the suit, the belt, the buttons, and all that stuff, it does take a heavy, heavy price though. I don’t, I don’t, I haven’t considered this a business, because for the past few years, if I , if I was to do that, I would be in, no pun intended, but I’d be in the red. (laughing) But again, I don’t care, um, it’s about the kids, you know, and ultimately it’s about the parents, because you wanna make sure that, the children are happy enough, that the parents are happy enough, that invite you, invite you back. And that’s, that’s what
you’re lookin’ for, is to be, uh, to be invited back, yeah. – [Director] I mean that’s, really what Santa Clause is. – [Santa] Yep. – [Director] That’s
really the true meaning. – [Santa] Yep. – [Director] That’s, I mean that’s great. And then, um. – It’s a blast, man, it’s an awesome gig, I’m tellin’ ya. – [Director] What’s your favorite Christmas movie? – Ooh, man. – [Director] Of all time, famous Christmas, or favorite? – Ugh, you’re gonna get me on this one, um, technically I really don’t have a, you know, a go-to one, my wife will tell ya, um, ‘It’s a Wonderful Christmas’, uh, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. – [Director] Classic – Yeah, she likes that one, um. – [Director] That’s Mrs. Clause though, what abut Mr. Clause? – Yeah, uh, well I don’t, I don’t stray too far from Mrs. Clause. (laughing) So, I’m gonna go with ‘A Wonderful Life’. – [Director] And your
favorite Christmas song? – Oh, let’s see. ‘Silent Night’, that’s that, if I really had to, all the other ones, you know, that, that, they have nice, but ‘Silent Night’ does it for me. – [Director] Has meaning? – [Santa] Yeah. – [Director] Good meaning. Famous Christmas cookie,
I mean Santa Clause, your favorite Christmas
cookie, your favorite? (laughing) – Well, I got a couple, but my, the, the, the one I will
go with the most is, the, um, chocolate chip. I, I’ll do oatmeal raisin, ugh, that’s a close, I mean, we’re talkin’ neck and neck here. Chocolate chip edge, edges it out, ’cause it’s chocolate chip, but that oatmeal raisin, uh, yeah, I’m there, man. Can’t go wrong, either way. – [Director] So, does, does Mrs. Clause even have to bake for you? – Nope. – [Director] No, ’cause you just get ’em everywhere you go. – She does, but she don’t have to. (laughing) – [Director] She does? – Yep. – [Director] Is Santa real? – Yes. Santa is real because it’s in your heart. You have to believe. One of the reasons why I like, lik this belt buckle the most is, it says, uh, believe. You gotta have that spirit in your heart, and that love in your heart, to understand, to understand the belief, it’s the, Jesus is the
reason for the season. You have to believe, if you’re not going to believe, then, that’s a tough one, I, ’cause, I, I don’t really, I know, I know I encounter it, but I, it, it, I seem to do well, in the moment, of diverting it. Um, but you gotta have it in your heart, to believe. It’s all about, it’s
all about the spirit of Jesus Christ, and his birth, the joy of, um the season itself, and, you know, bein’ Santa kinda, lends, lends a little help to children everywhere, because, they know, they’re gonna get somethin’ for Christmas, so, um, it, that, that’s, that’s
what it does for me. I mean, you, belief, that’s I believe I’m Santa. Anybody that’s, wearin’ the suit, they, and you can tell when you’re, when you’re around those kind of brothers, that they believe they’re Santa. And, that helps a long way to helpin’ others believe, as well. And, that’s, that’s the
real meaning for me. I will seek knowledge to be well versed in the mysteries of
bringing Christmas cheer and goodwill to all people that I encounter in my
journeys and travels. I shall be dedicated to hearing the secret dreams of both
children, and adults. I understand that the true, and only, gift I can give as Santa, is myself. I acknowledge that some of the request I hear will be difficult and sad. I know in these difficulties, there lies and opportunity to bring spirit of warmth,
understanding, and compassion. I know the real reason for the season, and know that I am blessed, to be able to be a part of it. I realize, that I belong to a brotherhood, and will be supportive, honest, and show fellowship to my peers. I promise to use my powers
to create happiness, spread love, and make
fantasies come to life, in the true, and sincere tradition of the Santa Clause legend. I pledge myself to these principles, as a descendant of Saint Nicholas, the gift giver of Myra. (Christmas music) – [Director] Merry Christmas.

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  1. I love this Santa! I smiled so much through this that my cheeks were hurting and I loved it! Santa George has eloquently described the reason for the season and what the true Santa in all of us feels and believes. Excellent film. Merry Christmas!

  2. Love this! I knew there was a reason I would always try to be on my p's & q's when he would stop by the Div Sec office, because I was working with Santa and didn't even know it! โ˜บ๏ธ Santa George's the reason why I was able to change the minds of a few children who didn't believe, I tell them I know Santa. ๐Ÿฅฐ

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