PREDICTION: Scott Morrison Is Ousted as Liberal Party Leader Before 2022

PREDICTION: Scott Morrison Is Ousted as Liberal Party Leader Before 2022

“The modern conservative is engaged in one
of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification
for selfishness.” ~ John Kenneth Galbraith It’s hard to shake our addiction to crystal
ball gazing, but predictions are fickle, fraught with risk, yet we love them. So I’m ready
to make my first prediction for 2020 regarding Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s
leadership. I know, it’s a long time till the next federal election (it has to be held
on or before 3 September 2022). Recent polling indicates that the Liberal National Coalition
are comfortably ahead, but you should keep in mind that these polls were taken prior
to the recent spate of political missteps. Of course, there was the Hawaii trip, where
the PM took an unannounced holiday before Christmas 2019. As he was flying to Hawaii,
much of Australia was burning amid terrible bushfires. For days, Mr Morrison’s office
refused to comment on his whereabouts or return. The PM explained his absence by telling a
radio host, “I don’t hold a hose, mate”, which didn’t go down too well. To be fair
to Mr Morrison, his presence in Australia wasn’t really going to change anything,
however, in politics, perception is everything. By him being intentionally outside of Australia
during this critical time, people took it as a sign that he just didn’t care. When he finally came to his senses and returned
to Australia, he (or his advisers) decided to make an unannounced visit to a bushfire-ravaged
town. He was heckled by the locals, treated as an outcast, and effectively run out of
town. But a couple of days ago, another misstep.
Mr Morrison authorised the release of a 50-second Liberal Party video on social media advertising
his Government’s response to the current bushfire crisis. The release was universally panned.
Former ABC broadcaster Barrie Cassidy tweeted, “That is absolutely obscene. They are advertising
their responses to the fires – promoting themselves – at the height of the crisis.
Their reputation is paramount apparently.” Advertising expert, Todd Sampson, tweeted, “Advertising! There is something not right
about running political advertising during a devastating national crisis. It’s like
being ‘sold to’ at a funeral. PR Crisis 101: say less and do more. (BTW, the bouncy
elevator music is too juxtaposing and really annoying.)” ScoMo’s social media post came with a link
to a Liberal Party web page with a prominently displayed donate button at the top, which
turns out wasn’t for donations to bushfire relief, but to the Liberal Party of Australia. Luckily,
they came to their senses and removed that quick smart. Even former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd entered
the fray commenting on Mr Morrison’s ability to lead. He tweeted, “For God’s sake! On a day we have catastrophic
fire conditions, in the midst of a genuine national crisis, Morrison, the marketing guy,
does what? He releases a Liberal Party ad! He is no longer fit to hold the high office
of prime minister.” Strong words. So anyway, onto my prediction. I predict that
before the federal election in 2022, Scott Morrison’s leadership will become untenable,
and if the Liberal Party of Australia want any chance of winning, they will have no other
option but to have yet another leadership spill. Leadership changes have become a common
occurrence over the last decade in Australia, and I don’t think the 2020s are going to
be any different. Scott Morrison has lost too much reputation. This is not to say that
the Coalition can’t win, it’s just that I don’t think they can win with ScoMo as
leader. Thanks for watching.

20 thoughts on “PREDICTION: Scott Morrison Is Ousted as Liberal Party Leader Before 2022

  1. ego hungry Dutton is already doing the numbers …. i give it a couple of months at the very most and a backstabbing spill will be on again

  2. I think it's time the Liberal Party chose the empty chair for their leader. It nearly toppled Abbott for leadership once, and nearly toppled him again for the seat of Warringah.

    It would provide stable leadership and would easily maintain all the policies the Liberal Party took to the election.

  3. Leadership and Morrison is an oxymoron. SlowMo hates making decisions. Better to form a committee. He hasn't a clue about crisis management. More focused on planning his next overseas trip.Apparently he has travelled more any other PM at this stage. I hope he does get the chop but I can't see it happening unfortunately. Think it's rich Kevin Dudd giving SlowMo advice though.

  4. my prediction is he will stay in and be elected again. sadly this country has a poor memory and we voted for a futile climate change plan so we could get the tax savings shorten would have taken from our homes. what good is tax savings when your house is burned down?

  5. Once we, the people, finance, through donations, and put out these fires ourselves, then we can get onto ousting this apparent leader! Not far away… the sooner the better..

  6. I give 3 months max- either once the fires are under control, or at the next RBA rate cut.

    Either way, Morrison is going down harder than Monica Lewinski in the Oval Office

  7. The real problem is how crap the Labor party has become. They are so broken they make Scomo look good. How bad is that?!!!

  8. Scooters not going anywhere. He’s the liberal parties only chance. He’ll bullshit his way through three years.. screw the country even further than what it is now.. take as much as he can get and divide it amongst his rich mates and we will end up a basket case.. in all aspects.. but hey.. that’s what everyone voted for..

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