Preston Schlueter Sings “The Way You Look Tonight” – Jazz Concert Showcase (10 Year Anniversary)

Preston Schlueter Sings “The Way You Look Tonight” – Jazz Concert Showcase (10 Year Anniversary)

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!
For those of our viewers who have wanted to hear me sing some jazz, today is your
lucky day. Today’s video ties into our 10-year anniversary celebration of the
Gentleman’s Gazette! You can find the previous video we filmed where we
answered your frequently asked questions here and stay tuned for another video
where we review our first videos that we filmed for the channel. As some of our
longtime viewers may know, especially if you’ve watched my FAQ video which you
can find here, I am, outside of working at the Gentleman’s Gazette, also a jazz
vocalist. I work mainly within the realm of early twentieth-century jazz in what
is often called the Great American Songbook or Standards, for short. Some of
my personal singing idols include Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra and I try to
work with sound scapes similar to theirs as often as I can.
Obviously, I’m still an emerging vocalist and am just getting my feet wet in the
professional scene but with that said, I did have an opportunity this past August
of 2019 to do something which I thought was very fun, working with a collaborator
and friend of mine Maestro Andrew Casey. He and I were able to put together a
concert of these Great American Songbook tunes for a grateful audience. With all
that said then, I hope you enjoy this brief look at my recent concert. So there you have it, hopefully my song stylings were to your
liking. My thanks again to Maestro Casey for collaborating with me on this
concert, to the Hopkins Center for the Arts for hosting us, and for you, the
Gentleman’s Gazette viewers for being inquisitive and curious about wanting to
see some of this footage. As we mentioned in our FAQ video, rights management for
standards on YouTube can be tricky. As such, if you’d like to see more than the
one song we’ve featured here, you can visit my personal website at, link is also in the description

100 thoughts on “Preston Schlueter Sings “The Way You Look Tonight” – Jazz Concert Showcase (10 Year Anniversary)

  1. My sincere thanks to our GG community for taking such an interest in hearing me sing!
    For more music, you can visit me at
    and Maestro Casey at
    – Preston

  2. Brilliant Preston! You will go far. I won trophies for my singing when I was younger and I recognise talent when I see it. Hopefully you can successfully combine your stardom in singing with your stardom on the Gentlemanโ€™s Gazette,

  3. If I werenโ€™t such an old woman, I would likely be shameless in pursuit of this manโ€™s affections. Beautiful vocal styling and range.

  4. Good job, but slightly off on the word "part," which you went from flat to right on. Your pronunciation is good, and the words are understandable. It is obvious you are a Frank Sinatra fan and emulate his style. I suggest you try to find your own style and some fresh material if you want to breakthrough. Still, a good job.

  5. Nah, preston is born in the late 18th century that's why he can sing jazz like a GOD. He's an half elf-dracula species that don't age.

  6. I wonder if Preston is familiar of Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music who does many interpretations of classics from the Great American songbook. He also worked on The Great Gatsby soundtrack with Baz Luhrmann

  7. I watch this channel via YouTube on my TV. My wife said not too long ago 'I find Preston strangely attractive'. Lol, I feel odd watching him in videos now.

  8. Excellent singing Preston! I've been a big fan of classic jazz since 1999. I also play the bass. I do notice that you are heavily influenced by the classic singers. I would like to hear you sing with your own style. I think with your warm tone and high degree of skill, you would offer the jazz world something great, even whilst singing the classic repertoire. Also, I am super impressed with your efforts to put on your own show. That takes guts!

  9. Raphael, I think you have a singing stylist on your team! ๐ŸŽ™๐ŸŽถ
    He's smooth and dreamy!
    Hey Preston, may I have this dance?

  10. I'm impressed by your stylings. And now that I see your true passion, I totally see how this style of dressing fits into your professional persona.

  11. What just happened??? Preston is in the house.
    Cozy, classic and cheerfulness just found a new home!
    That was beautiful! Please do it again and many times over.

  12. Wondering who are the 36 dislikers. If those guys are people who donโ€™t like Jazz, then they are definitely
    โ€œPessimistic Characters with crab apple facesโ€. LOVE JAZZ FOR LIFE!!!

  13. Very nice performance, Preston! I personally am a huge fan of Frank Sinatra and I could definitely hear some of his vocal style in your voice

  14. The kid needs a couple of belts before he tries singing Jerome Kern. Loosen up, and dig down low. You're just singing from your throat.

  15. Wow, I incredible voice. A style you don't hear often in this day, please keep it up and post more of your music somewhere we can hear it!

  16. Very Classy ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ… reminds me of Las Vegas back in the 70โ€™s. I like your styles, dress, and choice of music. Nice….

  17. A tone distinctly your own. But yes lots of lovely classic phrasing. Even a bit of dean Martin in parts of your vibrato.

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