Priyanka Chopra Jonas – What I Eat in a Day | Nickyanka | Pinkvilla | PC Nick Jonas Anniversary

Priyanka Chopra Jonas – What I Eat in a Day | Nickyanka | Pinkvilla | PC Nick Jonas Anniversary

Nick hasn’t learnt how to cook Indian food yet that’s something to think about hi guys i am Priyanka and today i am gonna share with you what i eat in the day i don’t get away with it I’ve learnt how to sort of hide it a very creative way ah i love food i cant help it like i live for food i wake up for food my breakfast lunch dinner is all about food i have breakfast talking about lunch i have lunch talking about dinner like its important for me when i go to a new city to find the nest places to eat like that’s my jam so it shows on your body sometimes especially around Diwali and Christmas after Diwali and Christmas toh i always put on weight so January February March taak it takes me a little bit of time to come back to my summer body morning rituals that i do for my health coffee doesn’t count na okay morning rituals are i try i try there are days at least thrice a week i try ti get in like quick workout you know you have those apps na so i say today is my 8 min workout and ill do like 8 mins something or abs or whatever and ill forget the next day so i am never consistent with it but one thing i try and do mostly skip i love skipping and i learnt it really really well in school and then i learnt it even better during Mary Kom so i try to get in my cardio and skipping its easy to carry you have your skipping rope in your bag its easy to do usually i eat like eggs like omelette toast avocado toast that’s my thing when i am or like idli dosa poha or if i am feeling indulgent which i did 2 3 days ago while I’ve been in India so i do like paratha’s in the morning i love stuffed paratha’s they are my favorite lunch i love ghar ka khana so when i am in India i only eat ghar ka khana because in America i get Indian food but it always comes in dabba so its never like fresh phulkas and i cant cook so i cant make anything for myself so and Nick hasn’t learned how to cook Indian food yet that’s something to think about but he makes much better food than me he’s like really awesome at doing it even though he can’t cook too much either but he is better than me so for lunch i usually have like i am doing nachani roti’s these days which is amazing super healthy and taste good too and then i have like various things like i love bhindi i love daal i love like aloo gobi like i said i am being vegetarian right now so i am telling you my menu these days and then i always need dahi i love like having raita aachar is very very important salad’s very important now when i am in the US i am usually not like a sandwich person i don’t like sandwiches but i always do like a roast fish with like veggies i love a good fresh salad its my favorite dinner is damn sad but i always end up eating right before i go to bed which is the worst thing to do but dinner i always start with a soup i love having like nice warm soup and then the same thing what you have for lunch i usually do for dinner god no i cant rise early i hate waking up early i cant stay up till 7 o clock in the morning but don’t don’t wake me up early unless i am working and i am literally being paid to get up early in the morning i cant be bothered my favorite cuisine is Indian for sure the time you feel like it that’s the best time to workout because if you not feeling like it then you will never do it fully strict no nos in my diet warms because I’ve tried them its a delicacy in may parts of the world i decided not to do it ever again tequila i think tequila is super healthy makhana when ever i feel like eating munchies i am trying to do like instead of popcorn ill go to a makhana i am a chat hog i just like just there it is sitting right there i just had chat i don’t know if i am Punjabi i think Indians in general are foodie so i don’t know if its specifically north Indian food because i love south Indian food as well my nani was Malayali so fish curry and like curd rice and all of that is my jam as well dosa’s i had for breakfast yesterday mami makes the best egg dosa’s so they are amazing so i think i am generally a foodie like i am a lover of food lifestyle changes not having that much coffee like i used to have so much coffee um that’s definitely helped hydration that’s something i never forget to drink water i am drinking water all the time and to finish like at least like my bottle is about this big the water bottle that i have i try and finish it 7 or 8 of them in a day that’s very important so guys that’s all i eat in a day its not much but its great talking to you hi guys this is Priyanka and if you like this video like share or subscribe to Pinkvilla

100 thoughts on “Priyanka Chopra Jonas – What I Eat in a Day | Nickyanka | Pinkvilla | PC Nick Jonas Anniversary

  1. I am surprised to know that she eats bhindi aloo go bhi and also loves stuffed parathas amazing thing is that still she is too slim?

  2. Very grounded and desi despite winning so many accolades overseas- You go Priyanka! And yes, my favorite cuisine is Indian too. Ain't no food like Indian food 🙂

  3. Her accent is so Indian in this interview and when she flies her accent is so American be like a romanian when you are in Rome???love this lady

  4. bhenchod india me sab itne free hai ki. … koi video bana de ki… priyanak bipasha vidhaya ka kisi ko TATTI…. aisi aati hai log usmw bhi intrest rakhege !!!!!

  5. Just one question to you PCNJ ..even after attained so much fame how come you are staying so humble ..sweet enough to quote about naanis and Mami are the best attitude person in Bollywood ?❤️

  6. This woman must be 40 or 45 years old, yet acts naughty bubbly….for some it looks awkward, I personally feel it’s none of our business…

  7. I am a big fan of her not becasue of her beauty but she’s self made but u can’t keep fit just the way she explained u got to burn urself to be fit

  8. the most relatable down to earth celeb possible eventhough she has achieved so much success..most popular indian actor worldwide..

  9. The best thing about priyanka is she is very relatable. I loved her answer pretty same for the dinner as lunch that’s a normal Indian , other celebrities getting fancy answers and different food items for every meal?

  10. Nick, despite being ten years younger, is so grounded and emotionally mature. He clearly loves her a lot and the proof of it lies in the steady consistency of his love. He is secure enough within himself to not be threatened by Priyanka's fame and success. Ladies, we all deserve a man like that! Let us all pick our boyfriends/spouses wisely so that we don't waste our beautiful lives being miserable with the wrong men.

  11. Pinkvilla is it really necessary to know what the celebrities eat everyday..? There r children n people who don’t get food to eat at all in our country pls think about them and try to help them with ur influence.. n let the celebrities n big shot people know about the poor so that they can help them to eat at least a meal in their day today life..

  12. She is so honest… I mean no show off at all… right now there is a trend of no sugar, no salt, no oil, no diary, gym freak etc… it’s good if they are doing but they pretend to be too fancy but PC makes it so easy and practical… love her ?

  13. My breakfast lunch and dinner is also all about food
    And u don't need to do anything else to lose weight…becoz u r already moving a lot while talking

  14. Gosh I could litsen to her talk all day! She’s so well and soft spoken and I love how genuine she is to her roots, very much still indian. Love that

  15. She doesn't use accent while giving interviews in India that's what I love about her that she don't show off even though she speaks in an accent outside the country.???

  16. She is still behaving like the actresses of the 90s who say I eat everything but I'm magically thin because I'm blessed with great metabolism. It's such a humungous lie , people! Dont fall for it and judge your bodies based on that. She works her ass off on workouts. She is a workout freak. It's all a facade to make it look like she was born that way. She definitely effing was not. Just be honest like your cousin, woman. Pari has been so honest with her weight battles. So has every actress who posts their workout video. Madam still wants to pretend.

  17. I miss my idol so much in Indian movies. Her character of Kashibai, specially her dance of Pinga has itched so deep in my heart ❤️

  18. Is it just me or does her accent sound more Indian here, compared to like interviews she does abroad? :O ? No hate. Does anyone else notice this?

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