r/maliciouscompliance | $$$ in FREE Drinks at Company Party!

r/maliciouscompliance | $$$ in FREE Drinks at Company Party!

Owner of small video game studio treats employees
like crap, doesn’t read his own email, ends up paying thousands for drinks at company
party. OCL
I worked at a small (less than 100 people) video game studio about a decade ago. The
studio did mostly console ports for larger publishers, and was notorious for severely
underpaying its employees, and for screwing employees out of contracts so that the boss
could make a profit, which he never shared with the company. When I became a manager
I tried to lobby for higher pay for my hourly workers, as the pay was $8 an hour (in 2011)
and there were three guys on my team so broke they were literally living in their car in
the parking lot. Boss, who was also co-owner of the studio, frankly said to me “I will
continue to pay $8 an hour until I can’t find anyone willing to work for $8 an hour.” He
was also notorious for bringing on unpaid interns, making them do the work of a full
employee promising them employment at the end of the internship, then breaking his promise. Boss was notorious for being a tightwad. He
excluded hourly employees from company meals during OT, and would claim he was “feeling
generous” when he would let the hourlies eat after all of the other employees had already
cleared out 2/3 of the food and what was left was stale and congealed. At one point a contract
with a larger company fell through, and boss-man let half of the studio know about their layoffs
by holding a meeting for them in the parking lot, and letting employees know that their
jobs were gone, their passes to the doors were disabled, and they could expect their
belongings mailed back to them in a week. He let some employees go back in to get things
like wallets and car keys, but under security escort. Time comes for a release party for a game
that got released before this mass layoff happened. Boss man emails out to the whole
company letting everyone know how generous he’s feeling that he’s going to allow all
of the laid off employees on the project to come to the release party of the game they
made. It was at a swanky place in town known for high end cocktails, among other things.
Boss man writes in his email invite that there was a “$15/drink limit.” What he meant to
say was that each person at the party had a $15 limit for drinks for the night total.
What the bar and everyone else interprets, correctly, as that there was a $15 PER DRINK
limit. Employees stifled giggles as they read the email invite that was also sent as instructional
to the bar, and excitedly exchanged text messages and emails with the laid-off employees. Boss man is also notorious for not showing
up to his own parties until 2 hours in. Cue the night of the party. Everyone shows
up bright and early, and as soon as the party officially “starts” everyone swarms the bar
asking for the MOST EXPENSIVE cocktails and liquor the bar had to offer. People were downing
French 75’s and Ramos Gin Fizz’s and 35 year old shots of Glenfiddich. Every employee and
former employee was 5-6 fancy cocktails in and 3 sheets to the wind by the time boss
man shows up. He saunters in to cheers and pats on the back from laid-off employees,
who are so drunk by now that they probably saw 3 of him. He smiles and waves magnanimously,
thinking the former and current employees were drowning their sorrows at their own cost. He wanders up to the bar to check in with
the barkeep and see what the damage was so far. After 20 seconds of conversation, the
smile from his face has disappeared completely and been replaced with a scowl. Words are
spoken, barkeep disappears and comes back with manager. Tenser words are exchanged with
the manager, who disappears into a back office and then returns with a piece of paper, presumably
a copy of whatever contract boss man had made for the party. The bar and the drinking partiers were in
the right. The company at the time was not financially able to handle the price of the
drinks, and boss man was made to pay the cost out of his own pocket. Sadly, he was not able
to afford a Porche AND a BMW that year. The company had to shutter about a year after
this event. tl;dr: Tight wad of a company owner treats
employees like crap, lays off half the company. Pretends to be magnanimous and lets laid off
employees attend release party for game they created. Boss man doesn’t read contract he
made with the bar, and laid-off employees take advantage of 2 hours all-you-can-drink
fancy cocktails at a high-end bar. Update to answer FAQ’s: Where was the studio? Austin, TX Will you name the studio/boss man? No. The
studio was never very well-known and boss man got what he deserves. His last LinkedIn
updates show that he was giving motivational talks for WeWork, so, yeah, he’s gone and
gotten freaked. Has anyone named the studio/boss man in comments
so far? No. $8 an hour programmers? The $8 an hour employees
were QA testers. In Austin during the early 2010’s standard QA tester pay was anywhere
from $8-$15 an hour. As many people have commented, the games industry was/is notorious for abusing
peoples’ desires to “live the dream” and work in gamedev. There’s this idea that you have
to “pay your dues” and work from the bottom up. I, like most of my cohorts, worked there
as my first gamedev job, just trying to get some work experience on my resume. My great
jump up to QA manager raked me in a generous $10/hr. We were also told not to discuss our
salaries/wages on threat of job termination. All sorts of illegal crap? Uh, yeah. Read
stories from anyone who’s worked in gamedev. People are desperate to get into the industry
and most QA and junior dev’s starting out don’t know or understand their rights as workers. $15 35 year old Glenfiddich? Ok, you got me
there. Moment of hyperbole paired with writing this story before my coffee. What I was meaning
to say was that people were buying fancy cocktails and older/aged shots of liquor they wouldn’t
have if they were spending their own money. The cap per drink was $15, so people were
mostly springing for the fancy mixed drinks, or not drinking their cocktails with the well
liquor for once. MATH?!? The studio was run on a shoestring
budget. From the hearsay I managed to pick up on, the company was constantly running
in the red until they got paid out for the end of whatever contract they were on upon
the game’s release. The studio got lucky in its early days and released some larger name
games that it got WAY overpaid for. I think it was a combination of money from personal
bank accounts and financial freakery on paper that kept the place afloat. It was a surprise
to absolutely nobody when it closed down. Watch your 6 year old without being asked?
Absolutely. OCM
This happened several years ago (early internet days). I was around 16 or so, and my mom was
going back to college to get a degree. One Saturday morning she said that one of her
classmates was coming over for a study session. No big deal, I was in my room studying (for
a college-level AP course) anyway, so I didn’t really pay much attention. Cue arrival of
classmate: a 40-something lady… with a 6 year old girl in-tow. I didn’t realize that until I opened the door
for them and invited them in. My mom immediately gushes over the kid and suddenly I’m being
voluntold to watch her while they study (to say nothing of the fact that I have my own
studying to do). Kid’s mom is perfectly happy to scoot the kid my way without so much as
a “would you mind?”or a “thank you”. I later discover that this was planned all along and
my mom purposefully didn’t tell me because she knew I’d refuse. Fortunately for me, the girl is really sweet
and well-behaved. But I have nothing, absolutely NOTHING that would remotely interest a 6 year
old. My mother tells me we can just listen to music in my room or whatever. Now, bear
in mind that every single CD I owned was probably tagged EXPLICIT LYRICS and she knew this.
I said.. are you sure you want a 6 year old listening to Pan—YESJUSTGOANDWATCHHER. Oooookay! Off we skip to my room. Here’s where
the malicious compliance starts! Now, I’m a chronic nibbler when I’m studying.
I had a big ziplock bag of candy on my desk. Kid immediately spots the candy and politely
asks if she can have some. Cue my most devious grinch smile. I was told to watch her. So
I’m going to watch her…eat this bag of candy. Imagine if you will, a 6 year old girl and
a 16 year old girl listening to stuff like Pantera and Tool and chowing down on candy.
After our respective parents’ two hour wine-and-bench session–err, I mean study session, mom came
to fetch kiddo. By this point, the sugar high was starting to take effect (I know, it’s
not real but dang this kid got super hyper!) Kid starts zooming down the stairs and channeling
her inner “cat at 3am”barreling through the hallway. Her mom has to strap her into the
car and it looked something like a human trying to hold onto a buttered, live, electric eel. As my mom is watching them leave, I spy her
glaring at me out of the corner of her eye. “What did you do to that poor child?” “Oh I just gave her some candy and we listened
to Pantera” “YOU WHAT.” “I tried to tell you but you said you didn’t
care, just to go watch her.” The sudden realization of a 6 year old hyped
up on sugar and singing “Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills”hits my mom like a ton of
bricks. She wants to say something but sounds like a rusty old engine trying to start. She
doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Don’t you have some mmmbop or something a
little more kid-friendly in your collection?” …blink. Well, if you had told me beforehand,
I probably could’ve borrowed something from a friend, or went and rented a cartoon movie
or something, but you just sprang it on me, so I made due with what I had. /shrug. There really was nothing she could say. But
you can bet she NEVER asked me to babysit again. Sure. I’ll open the door.
M Many moons ago (14 years worth if anyone is
really counting), I was a senior in high school on blood drive day. If you were 17+ you could
make an appointment, leave class for at least half an hour and go down to the gym to give
blood. You even got cookies out of the deal, so of course my friend (let’s call her F)
and I signed up. Being 17, neither of is had given blood before
but we were both robust, active teenagers and got through the poking/draining with no
issues, eating our cookies and milking the clock as much possible being forced out of
the gym. We walked back to class with no issues. Listened to 15 minutes of calculus with no
issues. Minute 16 hits and I see F out of the corner
of my eye looking a little off. I lean over to her and ask if she’s ok. She just shakes
her head a little and closes her eyes. Minute 17. I’m watching her, waiting for her
to slump over in a faint or something and she turns green. Gross, paint water after
doing a landscape green. To date, this is the only time in my life I have seen a person’s
face that putrid shade. I had always thought “turning green” was an expression. Oh no.
It’s real and it’s a percourser to much unpleasantness. I jumped to my feet, pulled F up, stammered
“she’s not feeling well” to the confused teacher and dragged her out the door, hightailing
it to the bathroom. We get about halfway there and she whispered, “I’m not going to make
it”. My brain went into crisis mode and I closed the door to the nearby classroom, pulled
the lid off the trashcan and helped hold her hair back as she lost what must have been
a weeks worth of food along with those cookies. About 5 seconds after the door swung shut,
our resident jerk teacher flung it back open from the inside, spitting out “Don’t ever
close my door. You don’t have the right to close it”. In his anger, he obviously didn’t
see F puking her guts out. I calmly let go of F, looked at him and pushed the door open
as wide as possible, showing the entire classroom what was happening in the hallway. He finally noticed but, by then, so had the
rest of his room. Two of his students chain reaction, sympathy puked and at least one
of those did not hit a trash can. The rest of the class was in chaos, scrambling away
from anyone who was sick. F finally finishes and stands up. I put the
lid back on the can and grabbed her around the waist because she’s still a little wobbly.
I made eye contact with jerk teacher one more time before I walked her down to the office
so she could call home. Of course I left his door open. Deny our patient access to treatment, I hope
you enjoy reading!! OCS
Hey everyone, this is by no means the most exciting instance of malicious compliance,
but I’m enjoying the work I’ve done right now. I help manage an outpatient behavioral health
clinic and we offer a few different treatment options for patients struggling with depression
or mental illness. I’ve never been a huge fan of psych, but I have a good job and I
really enjoy advocating for our patients. I won’t go into exact treatment details or
any patient information, of course. But some of our treatments require extensive prior
authorization and coordinating to ensure insurance will cover. I just received a denial over
an authorization I worked pretty hard for. The reason was that they claimed to not have
received patient health questionnaire – 9 forms we have patients complete. Well, I actually
did include the PHQ-9 forms included in the clinical notes I sent over. I guess they just
didn’t feel like sifting through everything I sent over. Most prior authorizations require
as little as a phone call to initiate the process, or perhaps a single form along with
adequate documentation. So I decided to appeal this decision, of course.
I included over 130 pages worth of clinical notes, authorization forms, letters of medical
necessity, etc. I hope they’re not upset with the amount of work I created for them, I’m
just adhering to the stringent requirements set by this patient’s insurance company.

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