100 thoughts on “Real Call from Santa!

  1. I went shopping last night in Santa Barbara and got all my Christmas shopping done! I can’t believe there’s only 2 more days! Does that mean only 3 more videos for vlogmas? 😭

  2. Ballinger family you are amazing. I look up to your family, you are amazing. Your family is so beautiful. You and your family are so blessed and I LOVE seeing you and your family grow go be more amazing every day. Thank you Ballingers. -Delilah ; AL Georgia.

  3. Santa isn’t real guys!! Idk why people still believe. No hate and no shade but seriously, there’s not a guy who comes into your house and has a magic sleigh. Idiots

  4. I love your family!! They are so pure and kind! Parker is soooooo cute! Jacob and Bailey are so kind! And little Duncan is so smart! You and Jess have raised some pretty awesome kids! Love you guys! Merry Christmas

  5. I love you guys and I've never had a shout out before so I decide to comment in Hope's that the Christmas spirit brings Duncan to point me out or maybe parker? I wonder if they ever read the comment? Merry Christmas beautiful Ballingers!!!!!! And Happy Christmas to those who are Harry Potter Potter fans hah! 😊

  6. That video from Santa was lovely, the kids faces were a picture as he was talking to them.
    Carolling looked great fun and cookies at the end were a real bonus.

  7. Just wanted to say thanks for paying a little extra for good closed captioning! Google CC is rough! Merry Christmas to you all ❤️💜💙

  8. Your family watching Santa made me weep. Their belief, the gentle touches and kisses between Duncan and his older siblings…just warms my heart. God bless you all this Christmas and thank you for sharing your beautiful family with the world. We should all strive to love one another like the Ballinger family.

  9. Bailey is such a sweet sister and is so beautiful and grown up now. ❤️ I’m pretty sure she knows what’s going on due to the way she was reacting with her brothers during the videos but she is so supportive of their happiness. ❤️ I’m so glad y’all had a good Christmas. ❤️🎄

  10. Is it just me that feels like Duncan is really advanced for his age? Or is that just me…? He’s amazing! Your whole family is. I admire the way you nurture your kids hobbies and ideas. I love Duncan for his happy demeanour. I love Jacob for his lovely personality. I love Bailey for her genuinely kind heart. I love Parker for his love of dancing and how unique he is. I just think you guys need to know how well you are bringing up these children because they are so incredible! You are such an inspiring family.💖🎄⭐️😊

  11. Santa knows if you've been bad or good! I got a little behind on vlogmas here but I still watched the lives even when I didn't have time for the videos!

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