recette BUCHE DE NOEL CHOCOLAT FRAMBOISE / chocolate raspberry Christmas yule log (EN subs)

Hi everyone ! welcome to “Les plaisirs sucrés d’Antoine” I hope you’re doing well, better than me, I’m a bit sick as you can hear but it’s not gonna stop me to show you my new Christmas tutorial I porpose today a yule log made of chocolate and raspberries it is made of a chocolate mousse, with inside a rolled biscuit coated with raspberry jam and a raspberry coated biscuit as a base with a chocolate crusty layer I’m not gonna wait any longer, I pull on my apron and I show you the recipe I start the recipe by making the chocolate crusty layer, so you’ll need these ingredients 50 g of homemade praline 10 g of 70% dark chocolate 5 g of butter and 30 g of dried pancakes I first melt the chocolate and butter with microwave at low power when butter and chocolate are melted I add the praline paste and the dried pancakes I then get a crunchy past that I’ll drop on baking paper and that i’ll roll out with a rolling pin into 5 mm thickness you have to manage to have a rectangle at least at the size of your yule log mould it will fit to the base of the yule log I pop it into the fridge until assembly I carry one with the raspberry jam, you’ll need these ingredients 100 g of sugar 100 g of piece of raspberries 100 g of raspberry puree 5 g of lemon juice 3 g of NH pectin I pour in a pot the raspberry puree and the pieces of raspberries half of the sugar and I mix the rest with pectin it will avoid lumps while dropping it over the puree I bring it to the boil and I drop sugar little by little over the puree once it’s all combine, I wait for it to boil and I let it boil for 1 min after a min I can add the lemon juice and pour it in a bowl I keep it aside until assembly I carry on with the chocolate biscuit so you’ll need these ingredients 2 eggs and 3 egg whites 65 g of ground almonds 65 g of icing sugar 25 g of sugar 25 g of flour 20 g of bitter cocoa powder 25 g of butter I first melt the butter with microwave when it’s melted, I beat together the 2 eggs with icing sugar and ground alomonds after 1 min I pour the batter in a bowl I clean up the mixer because I need it again it’s now clean, I drop the egg whites and I whisk them adding sugar little by little once the egg whites are soapy, I add a spatula to the previous batter to soften it I then sieve over it the cocoa powder and flour and I combine I add the rest of whisked egg whites I add the melted butter when it’s combined I drop it on a baking mat my wish it to get a quite thin biscuit to roll it so I spread it out to have a thin biscuit I bake it for 6 min at 220°C after 6 min it is baked, I let it cool down 15 min before coating it with the raspberry jam after 15 min I coat it with raspberry jam I let it soak for 15 min before rolling it I cut plastic wrap that I set just beside I take the mat from “silikomart” I gonna cut the biscuit as big as the mat I unstik the biscuit and I set it on the plastic wrap and i’m gonna roll it I remove the edges I now roll it no worries if it breaks I put it back in the center and I wrap it I pop it in the freezer for 1 hour I keep the rest to make the base of the yule log to finish I make the chocolate mousse, you’ll need these ingredients 125 g of unskimmed milk 250 g of 30% cold heavy cream 145 g of 70% dark chocolate and 2 gelatin sheets, so 4 g I first hydrate the gelatin into cold water I cut it make it easy I melt the chocolate in the meantime when the chocolate is melted I bring the milk to the boil I pour it in the sauce pan when it’s boiling I drop it in 3 times on the chocolate and whisk between each addition I add a 1rst third I add the gelatin that I squeeze to remove excess water I forgot to add the gelatin to my cream before adding it to the chocolate but as it is still warm, I added it directly to the chocolate ganache it combined without problems once the chocolate is done I whisk the cream to get a beautiful whipped cream I drop in the mixer and I whisk after 3-4 min, I have a beautiful cream I wait for the chocolate to cool down at 45-50°C and I’ll add the cream to the chocolate indeed I don’t have to wait, the chocolate is already at 35°C, it makes no problem I can combine the cream to the chocolate I combine gently with spatula to get a beautiful mousse once It’ combine I can initiate assembly here we are, my counter is ready for assembly, last step before decoration I have the crusty layer just out of the fridge, I have my rolled biscuit just out of the freezer I also have the rest of my jam coated biscuit and my mousse I set the silikomart mould I can start assembly I first cut the crunchy layer as big as my mould part I do the same with the biscuit I clean up the upper part of the mould I pour the mousse not all the mousse I remove plastic wrap and I put it inside press a little place then the crusty layer I close the mould and I place a first coated biscuit press a little remove excess the second biscuit to finish once it’s all assembled I pop it in the freezer overnight after a night in the freezer, my favorite moment has come, the decoration of the yule log it’s up to you to decorate it! I choose a dark mirror glaze I made some chocolate snowflakes with a cookie cutter and also the 2 ends that I cut in white chocolate on which I sprayed velvety effect and I also did some raspberry macarons you can find all the tutorials to make the decoration on my channel; I put all the links in description box my glaze is now at 37°C I can glaze the yule log, so I take it out of the freezer, I unmould it and I glaze it I let the glaze run before cutting the drops, you can reuse the extra glaze for another dessert once it has run, I cut the drops all around with my knife and I put it on the serving plate I have some bubble on my glaze, I don’t really know why it’s free of bubbles in some places and full on some others anyway it’s not gonna change the taste I can now put all the decoration elements I do not take it with my fingers to avoid melting I finish with some silver foil that I don’t really no how to use because it’s my very first time using it I’m done with my yule log recipe. I hope you enjoyed you can make all your relatives glad at Christmas time if you enjoyed, do not hesitate to like to express your support to share it around you to subscribe to my channel and to leave comments ! see you soon for another recipe ! CIAO

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