recette BÛCHE DE NOËL PRALINEE, bobsleigh / Praline christmas yule log (EN subs)

recette BÛCHE DE NOËL PRALINEE, bobsleigh / Praline christmas yule log (EN subs)

Hi everyone ! I hope you’re fine! You are on “Les plaisirs sucrés d’Antoine” You might have figured that I’m a bit away from YouTube these days there is a reason to that, I’m attending my NVQ as a pastry chef so with the days at school and days at the pastry shop, it’s a bit difficult to find time to make tutorials but don’t worry I’m going to carry on sharing my passion with you but perhaps less often Christmas is coming faster than we think, so today I propose my first Christmas tutorial I challenged myself once again I’m going to show you how to make a Christmas bobsleigh with hazelnut, vanilla and praline I power on my hat, I pull on my apron and I take you on my bobsleigh I start by making the main element of my Yule log, the bobsleigh you will have to temper your chocolate, For that, I already did tempering tutorial on my channel I put the links in description box to get inspired you’ll need this only ingredient 400g of 70% dark chocolate couverture once it’s tempered, I leave it aside and I can assemble the yule log mould I take the log mould by silikomart and I place the smooth mat inside I set it well for the chocolate not to run out once it’s done I pour the chocolate inside a good drop so it’s easier to mould and then I level it inside the mould make it go everywhere to get a chocolate shell once it’s done I pour the excess in 8 cm in diametre half-spheres approx 3 and I let the excess run over a grid I put it upside down in the meantime I mould the half-spheres I pour the excess in the bowl I remove the excess with the palette knife and I let it crystalize beside my yule log then I prepared 2 tape of inlay foil to make my bobsleigh’s blades I pour some chocolate on it and I spread it with the palette knife I lift the tape and I cover with a second one I set the tape on my favorite chipping board I let it crystalize few min before I put a heavy book on it my half spheres have started to crystalize I remove the excess not to have problem unmoulding I put it back in the right way I let crystalize in this way and the half sphere on the grid now that the chocolate has crystalized a bit a heavy book on it, and let it crystalize I can clean up my counter and carry on the recipe I carry on with my goblin hats that I’ll put on the choux some neutral marshmallow batter, you can find the tutorial on my channel, I put the link in description box 50g of grated coconut and approx 6 red chocolate shells with a diamond effect that I previously made with red chocolate I sprinkle my mat with grated coconut then I set my chocolate shells on the grated coconut I need at least 6 of them and with the marshmallow batter with a small tip I surround the chocolate shell make a little sausage of marshmallow once it’s piped I cover with grated coconut I then get my goblin’s hats what I do in order to have a pompom on top I pipe balls and I surround them with grated coconut I’ll then paste them with some melted chocolate I make different sizes to have the choice once it’s done I place it in the fridge for 12h once it’s resting in the fridge I make my praline cream because it also has to rest in the fridge, you’ll need these ingredients 220 + 100g of 30% heavy cream 160g of 34% white chocolate couverture and 100g of homemade praline paste, you can find the tutorial on my channel, I put the link in description box I first melt the chocolat in the microwave at low power once it’s melted I bring the little amount of cream to a boil when the cream is boiling I pour it in 3 times over the chocolate and I fold between each addition I add a first third and I give it a stir once it’s combined I add the homemade praline paste to finish I add the big amount of cold cream when it’s all combined I cover with cling film by contact and I store it at least 3-4h in the fridge fridge I said 3 or 4h but you can let it crystalize overnight then I make my walnut and chocolate brownie, It will make the base of the dessert you’ll need these ingredients 100g of unsalted butter at room temperature 90g of walnut 100g of cane sugar 2 eggs 50g of 70% dark chocolate 50g of flour I first roast the walnuts ay 160°C or 5 min in the meantime I melt the chocolate with microwave when it’s melted I leave it aside and I whisk the eggs with cane sugar just to combine I then work the butter to make it creamy once it’s creamy I take out the roasted walnuts I add the melted chocolate to the butter I use my whisk to combine I get a creamy mix I pour this mix on the sugar-egg batter I combine gently when it’s done I sieve the flour to finish I drop the roasted walnut I mix I pour the batter on a baking mat I spread it in order to get a 40cm long brownie to set the bobsleigh I bake it for 15 min at 175°C after 15 min the brownie is baked I let it cool down 15 min and store it in the freezer until the assembly the day after I make my little choux that will be the head of my goblins with these ingredients choux pastry, you can find the tutorial on my channel, I put the link in description box I pipe the choux to make the 2cm large I make some bigger to see but at least 6 with the same size with the remaining dough you can make chouquettes I bake for 30 to 35 min at 180°C after 35 min the choux are baked, I let them cool down before assembling the goblin’s head while the choux are cooling down I make the vanilla financier with these ingredients 30g of almond powder 45g of icing sugar 15g of T45 flour 45g of egg whites 45g of room temperature butter 1g of vanilla powder I first mix the powders in a bowl I combine then I add the egg white once it’s done I make a brown butter I heat it until it stops sizzling when it has stopped sizzling I sieve it over the batter and mix a little when it all combined I pour it in the upper part of my mould that I took from the chocolate bobsleigh mould I drop it inside in order to have the pattern I do not bake the plastic mould off course it is just to give the shape so just before baking I remove the plastic part and bake 5-6 min at 170°C so I remove the mould part and I bake straight away after 5-6 min, the financier is baked I let it cool down until assembly once the financier and the choux are cold I whisk the praline cream to make a praline mousse I just took out the cream from the fridge I drop it in my mixer and I give it a whisk once the mousse is thick I drop it in a piping bag fitted with a round tip and keep it in the fridge until assembly fridge to finish my crazy recipe, I make my gianduja creamy with these ingredients 75 g of 30% heavy cream 100g of milk 30g of egg yolks 15g of sugar 175g of homemade gianduja you can find the recipe in a previous tutorial on my channel, i put the link in description box I wisk the egg yolks with the sugar until they look like a cream I add the milk and the heavy cream I heat the cream until it reaches 82°C whisking continiously when it’s at 82°C I drop the gianduja in a measuring glass and I pour my hot cream on it I blend it when it’s done I let it cool down before starting the assembly now that I have all the element I can start to assemble my Christmas bobsleigh you’ll need these lats decoration elements a gray pearly spray, a red pearly spray a white velvety effect spray a food lacquer spray and some white foudant when the creamy is at 20°C, I pour it in the bobsleigh chocolate shell that I’ve set in the fridge for 15 min I pour the creamy then I cut the financier to fit in the mould cut it again if it doesn’t fit I set it on top of the creamy I put it in the fridge for 15 min I make the choux realistic by piping some chocolate to make a mouth and eyes I fill them with praline mousse I did a hole with a tip then what I do I pipe some cream and I set the hat I place then in the fridge with the praline mousse after the resting time I took out the bobsleigh and the mousse I can pipe the mousse on the financier I level with a spoon I pipe again until it reaches 1cm from the edge I put it back 30 min in the fridge I just took out the frozen walnut brownie I have a second mat with the same size of the other on in my mould I cut the brownie knowing the the half sphere comes ahead when I get it I pipe 2 sausages of mousse in the middle I will place the bobsleigh on it I put it back 15 min in the freezer after this time I spray the brownie with white velvety effect to remind the snow I then place the brownie on the serving plate and store it in the fridge I then take out the bobsleigh from the mould I unstick the mat and slowly I remove the mat I faced some problem unmoulding, the creamy was running out by a hole so I had to fix it so do not hesitate to make a strong chocolate shell I heat up a pan with hot water I empty it and I unmould the half sphere to seal it in the front I melt the half sphere on my pan and I seal it on one side with a hot knife, level the shell spray with the red pearly effect I can now spray the food lacquer I let it dry few sec I do it again to have a good shiny when it’s dry, I set the bobsleigh on the brownie I put it back in the fridge to carry on the decoration I now use the chocolate tape I remove the upper inlay foil and the lower one and I take the size of the mat and with a hot knife I cut the size of the mat then I cut the rest in 4 and I bow the edges like it’s a bobsleigh blade I spray with silver pearl effect I leave them aside and I can place the chocolate tape inside the bobsleigh I put back in the fridge I keep the blades aside and I clean my counter I just have to finish decorating with the elements my first Christmas tutorial is ending, I confess that it’s a quite technical and complex recipe I won’t angry with you if you don’t make it but I like to share techniques, tips and trics if you make it for Christmas, do not hesitate to send me pictures, I’ll post them on my social medias if you enjoyed this recipe, I encourage you to like the video, I’ll be very happy to share it around you, to leave comments, i’ll make my best to reply and to keep on subscribing to my channel I remind you as well that my second book is still available on amazon, I put the link in description box and the links to my facebook and instagram accounts see you soon for another recipe ! CIAO !

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  1. Trop joli. J' essayerais de la refaire une fois que j' aurais tous les ingrédients!… Merci beaucoup du partage et de toutes les infos et astuces données.
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  3. Bonsoir Antoine
    Merci pour la recette cela l'air très appétissant
    Je suis a la recherche d'un livre avec les bases de la pâtisserie quels sont les livres que tu utilises pour préparer le CAP ?

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