Reclaiming Black Friday

– Hi, I’m Yvette Nicole
Brown and I wanna talk to you about a very important
issue in crystal clear Adobe Digital, HD 1080p,
surround sound quality. (upbeat music) With Black Friday just around the corner– – It’s arguably the biggest
shopping day of the year. – A day where retailers turn a profit and most people go broke
spending their holiday bonuses. – Because a whole lot of
people are getting ready to use Black Friday to spend
money they don’t have to buy stuff they don’t need
for people you don’t even like. – Instead of splurging on
stuff, let’s spend our money on progress by boosting black politics. – Join the collective by
reclaiming Black Friday this November 24, and support something that is really gonna make
a difference in our lives. – A new watch? – No, black political leadership. – I was just about to say that and then you said it first
so I couldn’t say it. – By reclaiming a day that
is synonymous with retail– – We’ll turn it into a
day to promote qualified people of color to affect
change in local governments. – For the lost brothers
and sisters out there who’s third eye might be closed, you may be saying to yourself– – How can we reclaim Black Friday when it never belonged to us? – Well neither did Joe
Biden, Michael Rapaport and Justin Timberlake,
before he did that thing to Janet at the Super Bowl,
but that didn’t stop us from claiming them like dependents on a W-2. – Black Friday always belonged to us. – The main two words contain
our pigmentation and the classic Ice Cube buddy film,
like Friday, which I was in. – I enjoyed Megan in that. – On Reclaim Black Friday, your efforts will help move the needle forward to increase black
political representation. – And get our voices heard. – 90% of the elected officials
in this country are white, not even 90% of the country is white. – The only things that should
be 90% white is your teeth. – Because if they too white off-putting. – With that kind of underrepresentation, it means there’s a lot of people making a lot of decisions that
don’t really understand the needs of the black community. – Like public schooling, police brutality, mass incarceration and
systemic racism, to name a few. – Do you really want these
guys speaking on behalf of us? – The only thing black in that picture are those suits, you know what I’m saying? – So instead of waking up early to get that out of date flat
screen, your money could help recruit, train and fund qualified black candidates to represent you. – Instead of standing in
line, let’s stand for a cause. – Yeah I don’t know about that standing, let’s kneel and make our voices heard. – #ReclaimBlackFriday – #ReclaimBlackFriday – Reclaim Black Friday. – Reclaim Black Friday. – Reclaim Black Friday. – Reclaim Black Friday. – #ReclaimBlackFriday – #ReclaimBlackFriday – We didn’t land on Black Friday,
Black Friday landed on us. (soft music)

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