Republican Party In Chaos Over Syria

>>Somebody from US Special Forces called
into a Fox news reporter and had some devastating things to say-
>>That was a Fox News report?>>Yes, Jennifer Griffin is who he called
into. We don’t know his name. He’s a member of the US Special Forces that
fought alongside of the Kurdish led Syrian Democratic Forces. He said, quote, I am ashamed for the first
time in my career. He said, Turkey is not doing what it agreed
to. It’s horrible. We met every single security agreement. The Kurds met every single agreement with
the Turks. There was no threat to the Turks, none from
this side of the border. Look, I’ll give my opinion, I don’t think
that’s completely accurate. There is Kurdish terrorism inside of Turkey
and some of it does come from the Syrian side. I don’t think that it merits Turkey going
into northern Syria and it certainly does not merit from America’s perspective, America
betraying the Kurds who fought with them. And this is a guy who did fight with them. I’m going to tell you about another guy who
was in the military who fought with them who says something interesting too. But this is Fox News reporting it, so it’s
even more damaging. He went on to say this is insanity. I don’t know what they call atrocities but
they are happening. And today reports out, seven civilians have
already been killed in the Turkish incursion into Kurdish territory in Syria. So civilians being killed, obviously not only
bombing from the planes, obviously but also the ground invasion has begun. And so look, this is more damaging to Trump,
I think, than a lot of people understand. He’s losing Republican senators on this, that
doesn’t mean they’re totally gone but they’re super mad. And they’re mad for a number of reasons. The military industrial complex doesn’t like
this. Our other allies Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc,
don’t like this. And now you’ve got guys in the military going
around saying I’m ashamed for what we have done because of Trump. That’s gonna hurt the big guy. It’s gonna hurt him, I think really, really
bad. So another member of the military, not to
Fox News, but to another outlet explained. You guys keep saying we fought alongside one
another, that’s actually not true. We would tell them the coordinates and we
would tell them where ISIS was coming and then we go behind a hill, they would do the
fighting. They fought in front of us, not side by side,
and I saw them lose 11,000 soldiers, and 24,000 more wounded. And we’re just sitting here watching them
get killed. So all the military on the ground are disgusted
by what happened.>>That thread from, what’s her name Jennifer
Griffin?>>Yes.>>It’s really worth reading. It’s really powerful. That guy’s sort of emotional reaction to what
he was saying. You mentioned why Trump is in trouble on this. I mean Lindsey Graham, we mentioned before,
it’s crazy, but I mean, this is a guy. Turkey’s invasion in northern Syria attacking
one of America’s most reliable allies, the Kurds, is a nightmare for the US and Israel. He says, Mr. President, your decision regarding
Syria is having grave consequences to our national security and that of our allies and
partners. Very sad to see a great ally, the Kurds, being
assaulted by Turkish air to one military using American designed equipment. Expect Congress to act soon against Turkey
and aggressively push back. Hope the Trump administration will join this
effort. That’s not what we usually hear from Lindsey
Graham about the president.>>Yeah, so now another bubble has burst. Not only is this going on Fox News, and Jennifer
Griffin, you’re right who was, she said I was shaken. I’ve never gotten a call like that in my life. But it’s also pierced his bubble in the military. So not everybody in the military was pro Trump,
obviously, but he did have a very solid contingent there. Now they’re all going, guy looks like he doesn’t
know what the hell he’s doing. And we just betrayed the guys who are our
best allies.>>I’m anxious for that moment that, where
Jim Mattis Feels that it’s time, it’s his time to speak out.>>Although HR McMaster today is for national
security chief said when asked, is it wrong to work with a foreign government, in our
political campaigns basically answered, absolutely. Like didn’t hesitate and was like, it is definitely
wrong.>>I don’t know what you said there was an
announcement today. I think you originally spoke with a radio
station yesterday, but I’m John Shimkus, a Republican of I believe it’s Illinois, said
that after he learned about the withdrawal order, he told his chief of staff to quote
pull my name off the I support Donald Trump list. Says he will still support for his domestic
agenda. But because of this terrible foreign policy
decision, I ask that my name be removed from his campaign official list of supporters.>>It would be a stunning irony if the Kurds,
who unfortunately have no power in the world and are constantly lied to and have never
gotten a state of their own. Wound up being one of the major causes that
took Trump down. And wound up affecting the most powerful government
in the world. And if the Kurds did that, at least Trump’s
betrayal of the Kurds led to that. And that would be an ironic show of force.>>So I would say that if he does not reverse
himself on this, and it would be super awkward to reverse yourself on it now. And you run the risk, if you reverse yourself,
of having an armed confrontation with Turkey. But if he doesn’t reverse himself, with all
this happening, it suggests that there are unbelievably nefarious reasons for doing it.>>Yeah, and I’ll tell you, you throw Erdogan
under a bus and he will throw you under a bus. No question about that. So Trump has to be incredibly careful. Whatever information everyone Erdogan has
about Trump, he will definitely release it if Trump reverses this decision.>>And superfast version of this. There might be that stuff. I don’t know anything about that. But absent that stuff, I think it’s relatively
easy to reverse himself. Because the argument for why this is now happening
is not really accurate. They’re not invading this area and trying
to massacre the Kurds because we pulled four dozen soldiers out of the area. We still have like 1,000 soldiers in Syria. It’s not like this represents an actual withdrawal
from Syria. It’s a token movement of soldiers. The reason they’re coming in is because Trump
gave them the okay. He just made it clear, probably before but
definitely after, that if they go in, if they invade, if they bomb it’s going to be fine.>>No Ben’s right. Yes, you’re right, John that accurately describes
the events. But Ben is right that you can’t reverse it
now. You can’t say, okay, Turkey, take your tanks
because now it’s a ground invasion, and turn around. They’re gonna say, no. And when they say no, what are we going to
do about it? They’re a NATO ally. What are we going to go to war with NATO? Are we going to go to war with ourselves?>>Are we going to lend air support to the
Kurds and bomb Turks?>>No, that’s an unacceptable level of insanity. Because, then everyone else in NATO would
be like, what the hell are we doing here?>>Yeah.>>You just bombed the NATO ally. That’s insanity. So he has gotten himself into a mess he cannot
get out of, classic.>>Maybe because he didn’t fully understand the situation.>>Just maybe.>>Yeah.

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