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Hi everyone welcome back to my kitchen and today in honor of New Year’s Eve coming up we have three retro Recipe appetizers for you, so you can get your celebration off to a rousing start Let’s go see how these all come together We’re gonna get started on our the first of our three Retro appetizer recipes and this one you see me do in a very old video But I’m gonna do it here today to update it something I grew up with and something that so many people have actually given me feedback on they love this recipe and they’ve been making it as long as many years as I posted the video ago and one person in particular Absolutely raves about this, and I have to say it’s super delicious, and you’re gonna. Love it. These are simply called party rounds There’s something my mom made when I was growing up, and they’re really really easy and they’re really delicious You’re basically gonna make a topping for your bread and what I have here whoops is Some marbled rice and pumpernickel and some baguette and you can use like the cocktail breads that you can find during the holidays My store didn’t have any today, so I improvised I just cut circles out of some marbled rye that I already had on hand we always have this in the house And I bought a loaf of pumpernickel And a baguette because this will really be good on anything You could even spread this in a pie dish and serve It as a hot dip and it would be delicious just to dip crackers in you’re gonna love this So I just have my bread ready to go on a baking sheet. I have my broiler Preheating and when you’re gonna start off with I am going to give you the full recipe on my website I’ll leave a link down below but I have made a half a recipe here today because when I when I say that this makes a lot it really does and You can keep this in the refrigerator This topping bit you can keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks Safely, so if you make it, and you don’t use all of it, then you can keep it in the fridge But don’t freeze it because mayonnaise just doesn’t freeze so I’m starting off with some mayonnaise And I’m not gonna give you the amounts because I’ve used half of the original recipe some freshly grated Parmesan cheese Some very finely diced. I very finely minced and an onion It’s just a little bit like that’s like a tablespoon and a half I have Some black pepper some garlic powder and some seasoned salt, and that is my homemade seasoned salt I’ll leave a link for you. If you’re interested in learning. How I made that and I didn’t measure the Worcestershire sauce out because you literally just need a – you don’t need a whole lot worse stir stir sauce It it is it really does go a long way, so really this is how hard this is you mix all of that up Just like that You move your little pan Bring your bread over and you’re just going to Basically You’re gonna spread some of this on each piece of bread now. Don’t be stingy Because what happens when you put this under the broiler Is it gets brown bubbly and it souffles a bit and it’s absolutely delicious I mean there is no explanation that I can give you for how delicious this is it’s just Amazing you like these don’t you? One thing I will say though if you’re going to do this Please get good quality Parmesan cheese. Do not use Asiago because it’s just too strong and It has a very unpleasant fragrance when it is boiled a broiled oil when it goes under the broiler Okay, I have all of my little toasts spread with that mixture And this is what that half recipe made so 5-10-15 about 20 toasts and What I have here is just some oregano and my mom always just gave it a little sprinkle on top you can use Parsley, you can use paprika You can leave it plain. It’s up to you, but this really does add a nice little I Won’t say freshness because it’s a dryer, but a little extra herbaceousness definitely and it goes so well with The richness of the cheese and the saltiness these are so delicious these are gonna go under the broiler for about five minutes Till they’re browned above bubbly and a little bit puffed and when we take them out over on your back And I’ll show you what they look like next up We’re gonna be doing dried beef and cream cheese pinwheels when I say these are one of the happy memories from my childhood It is no lie my mom and dad well my father some of you may know my father passed away when I was very young but my mom used to throw one heck of a party when I was small and I was born in the middle of the 60s and my mom is still to this day an amazing hostess And she used to make these dried beef and cream cheese pinwheels now 50 years ago or 45 years ago they? They had different dried beef it could be purchased at the deli. It was made a little bit differently But this is the armorer dried beef in a jar It comes like this this is actually a large jar I picked up at the commissary because it was a dollar 79 and Oh, I might never heard of that in my life where that was that inexpensive So this is the same dried beef that you would use for chipped beef on toast Otherwise known as SOS if you’re not familiar look it up But it’s it’s very salty, it’s a salt cured beef, and I love it I grew up with it, but this appetizer it is perfection It’s just a little salty bite with the little creamy spiral of cream cheese in the center And it’s beautiful with a cocktail but these are one of the things that when my mom would have a party I would always go to my mum and Pups house and my brother, too And then the next morning when we were picked up my mom would have always saved a plate of the appetizers For me to eat for lunch So I always got shrimp cocktail and these and whatever else she had prepared the night before and it always felt so special So that’s definitely one of those happy things that I can recall from when I was really really small But I went ahead and I singled these out there are 16 of these little round pieces of dried beef and so I have a a brick of cream cheese that I have softened and We’re just gonna do our best to kind of spread the cream cheese on here I have an offset spatula And we’re just gonna spread it until it’s like one big sheet of cream cheese on top of these Pieces of dried beef and we’re gonna just do the best we can Sometimes it can be tricky, but you can do it if you’re careful, so just take your time and The magic will happen so let’s see The one thing I will say is you definitely want your cream cheese to be nice and soft, okay? And if you get it like if it gets disturbed don’t worry too much. Just do your best okay? We have gone ahead and spread our cream cheese the best that we could you can see that I got a little wonky But it’s it’s all good. Don’t even worry about it and the reason I have my meat slices right here on a piece of parchment is So we can roll these up now you want to roll it up as tight as you can all right? And you see this is gonna. Hopefully stick together Because of the cream cheese We’ll see what we can do There we go That’s as good as it’s gonna get now What you can do is you can put this in the refrigerator for about a half an hour and you can? Let it chill so be nice and firm, and then we can cut this into slices Last, but certainly not least we’re gonna do some good old-fashioned stuffed celery because to me stuffed celery is an awesome appetizer and Everybody loves it I mean if you don’t like celery. I guess you don’t love it, but When I was a kid we always had stuffed celery And it was always stuffed with cream cheese Rick loves his celery stuffed with peanut butter He actually will sit in the living room with a you know package of celery sticks and the peanut butter jar and just you know Scoop it and eat it Not very often you don’t do that too often, but you do enjoy that But today I thought for a party. I thought it was really appropriate to use these Alouette this is just like some Boursin cheese, and it’s you know cheese and cream, and it’s whipped together with herbs This is a garlic and herb This isn’t everything bagel version, so I have these from Christmas Eve dinner And I thought this is a great way to use this up so really if you don’t know how to stuff celery I hope you know how to stuff celery I hope that you give this a try if you’ve never tried before The trick is don’t put too much on the end of your knife now. I just have a little Spreading knife here, so you just just like that and That’s how quick it is to stuff some celery, and then I will cut these up into smaller pieces so they’re easier to Handle because you don’t want your guests having to chop on Like this whole stick of celery you want to put it in bite-sized pieces It kind of is exactly And you just want to neaten it up your fingers are going to get messy when you do this so just soldier on soldier on well do three of each, that’s the garlic and herb and here is the everything bagel and When you choose your celery sticks you can make sure that they have nice deep Crevices that you can fill up with your cheese So I’m gonna go finish filling these and I’ll be right back there we have it our three Appetizer retro recipe style ready to go for your New Year’s Eve party or any time These are so easy to put together, and they are so delicious You could just make piles of these now here are our dried beef and cream cheese roll-ups I went ahead and I put each one on a cracker so you’ve made yourself in essence a little canapé It’s easy to pick up. It’s two bites. It’s delicious. Everyone’s gonna love them I mean you really can’t go wrong with dried beef and cream cheese I mean they’re really great and these taste exactly as I remember them from my childhood The dry beef is salty, so you want to keep that in mind But these are great with a glass of wine or champagne Or a cocktail, and I think people are just gonna love these and they really are throwback to my childhood And I hope you give them a try stuffed celery how can you go wrong? We’ve amped it up a little by using Alouette or börse on cheese in there instead of just plain cream cheese And they are to die for they’re super fresh And they’re creamy and they’re flavorful and you can pick whatever Flavor of the the cheese spread that you like to put in there and it’s gonna be great last But not least my favorite of all and so many others favorites This is my mom’s favorite – is our party rounds these are Phenomenal, but I do have a couple of tips for you guys Look when I say they take five minutes They seriously take five minutes if you have an elector stove, and you pop them under the broiler Please crack the door Do not walk away and keep your timer in your hand start them out at two minutes And then put it in for three more minutes a minute at a time until you see a puff and get golden brown when that happens you want to turn the oven off and immediately take them out of the oven I Got to share a little something with you guys. I screwed it up the first time I’ve made these a hundred times. I got distracted because I was making these pinwheels down here and I thought oh five minutes. No problem. I didn’t set the timer that was a big mistake on my part I Ended up having to remake them and now they’re perfect they are picture-perfect in fact, and they’re delicious so when I say they take five minutes I really mean it and like I said if you have an electric stove crack the oven door When they’re under the broiler and watch them closely don’t walk away don’t do anything Don’t let the dog outside to go potty nothing Don’t answer the phone do so have someone else do that because you don’t want to ruin these and these are best when they’re fresh These are going to be delicious for about 15-20 minutes after maybe up to a half an hour after you make them But they’re gonna disappear And you’re gonna need to make fresh ones so Make a batch of this spread and then just have them on hand. It’s best if you can find the cocktail bread I had a real hard time finding it so I just improvised you can use baguette you can cut up You know white or wheat bread into fours and just use that you can toast it And then you can put the topping on and then stick it under the broiler and it’s gonna be great you use what you like But I had to remake them for you guys because I messed up and I let them go too long and it was a mess And I was so upset It literally Disintegrated and so you know, I just like to share those things with you because I am not perfect I’m far from it. I make mistakes too, but I just want to let you know because we are real people that’s right Like the thing says real food for real people I’m as real as they get but those are our retro recipe appetizers for New Year’s Eve I hope you give them a try if you like the video Please consider giving me a thumbs up if you are new to my channel welcome If you happened upon this video because you were in search of New Year’s Eve appetizer recipes I’m so glad and I hope this was helpful please consider hitting the subscribe button and Of course if you are a tried and true member of the Noreen’s kitchen family go down and next to the subscribe button There’s a little bell icon Hit that button because we don’t want any of you to miss out on all the real food for real people Real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen I hope that you give these retro New Year’s Eve appetizer recipes a try And I hope you love them and most of all I hope that you have an amazing New Year’s Eve Please do not drink and drive please consume responsibly And we hope that you have an amazing and prosperous new year that is abundant in all of God’s blessings Until next time I’ll see you

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