[REUPLOAD] Miraculous Crack #8 – Party Crasher (Eng SUB)

Is everything fine, Nathalie? Yes, I’m on my way to the airport. You will be officialy in Tokyo to spend the weekend. Nobody will suspect that you stayed at home. Perfect Nino was called at the last minute to be the DJ on his grandma’s birthday Ivan has a toothache. He needs to go to the dentist. Nathaniel’s computer has crashed. He lost all the pages of his comic, he has made with Marc. Max and Marcov are trying to repair it. Kim has an important training at the pool. Though I don’t understand why he sent it to me. Hello! We’d like to see Adrien. We work together on a school project. Are you a big superhero figurine collector? I think there are some pieces missing. Like this incredible miniature edition, it’s extremely rare! The boys didn’t show up and all of them have weird excuses. And I know everything about excuses like nobody. I’ve become a true specialist since I am you know who (Voldemord?) The system no longer works! Emelie! [Oh yeah!] ๐Ÿ˜€ [Wow, this is soooo great!] [Dude! Just wait till you drink some alcohol and take drugs!] You need some help? Hello, Pegasus! Viperion! A plushie monkey? I am not plushie! I’m Xuppu, idiot! I’m not an idiot! I am Kim! Sorry, but I love to disturb others powers! WUT

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