Rio (5/5) Movie CLIP – I Wanna Party (2011) HD

Rio (5/5) Movie CLIP – I Wanna Party (2011) HD

Rafi has some special guests from out of town. And let’s show them some love, because i don’t think they get out much YO, YO, YO, YO Everybody put their wings together and clap them as loud as you can. Flap them, Clap them, I don’t care, Slap them Party in the Ipanema, Baby I wanna party, I wanna samba i wanna party, i wanna samba i wanna party and live my life (my life) i wanna party (party) and flyyy imma fly , fly just like a bird but you are bird! oh yeah you’re right so let me fly just like a rocket then okay fly so hard when i need to come down for oxygen hey ! cause once we start it baby , ain’t no ain’t no stopping them hey ! cause i just want to live my life and party hey ! all i want is to be free and rock my body okay I’ve been around the world and i want to live my life And RIO I RIO I RIO , RIOlize (Jewel “What are you doing?” Blu ” ahh I dont know.”)
♫I want to party (party) I want to samba (party) (Rafi ” All right Blu!”)
♫I want to party (party) And flyyyyyyyyyy [Pedro:] I’m that samba, samba Master, master, master Master, master Who shouts out ? Imma get your blaster, blaster,
Blaster, blaster, blaster (Rafi “Hey she likes you.” Blu “What are you talking about haven’t you been listening?”)
♫You dance fast, But I dance faster, faster, faster, faster, faster. (Rafi “No, I been watching.”)
♫You’re too slow , You need to catch up (Rafi ” Just be your self…. Go on!”)
♫You can dance, and dance, but I I want to party (party) I want to samba (party) I want to party (party) I want to samba (party) I want to party (party) And live my life ( my life) I want to party (party) And flyyyyyyyy Hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! [Blu caws]
Hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! [Blu caws] Layaana yaana yaana yaaaaaaaaaa Layanna yanna yanna yaana yaana yaana yaala laalaa Hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! [Blu caws] Hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! [Blu caws] Hey! hey! hey! hey!

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  2. I did watch this movie when I was little and I officially own it, because I bought it yesterday and I agree that this is the best scene in this movie

  3. People in the comment section be saying they had a crush on the yellow bird (I forget his name. Nico I think?) when they were a kid. Meanwhile when I was a kid I had a crush on Blu. Am I the only one?

  4. это лутшое детское песня каторого я слашал спаибо за детство ???

  5. I have a crush on the yellow birdd???But I swear Nico and Perdo was the stars of the movie. Without them the movie would have been boring ?

  6. Quem nasceu ouvindo "Party in Ipanema, baby" nunca sentirá o arrepio de ouvir "Festa em Ipanema, meu amor"

  7. I come to watch this for more then 2 weeks every day , few times in one day …..

    Probably 100 of views are mine , so , you're welcome

  8. Back when I first saw this movie I thought it was just a nice family birb movie
    I now know a lot about birds and the whole plot makes a lot more sense

  9. Hey she likes you
    What are you talking about? Haven't you been listening. No? I have been watching.
    I love that line??

  10. Podia questionar tudo, por que um canário usa uma tampinha como chapéu, por que todos esses pássaros cariocas falam inglês, por que caralhos LAYA LAYA LAYA é viciante, mas melhor nem perguntar.

  11. it kind of makes me sad when jewel started singing "laya laya" while chained. in filipino language, "laya" or "malaya" also means freedom. she's like asking to be freed from those chains.

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