Riot Pls Recap | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition – League of Legends

Riot Pls Recap | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition – League of Legends

This month marks a very special occasion. In just over a week, it’ll have been 10 years to the day since league’s
official release date. For 10 days, starting October 17th, we’ll be celebrating you, the League
community, with a small gift everyday you log in. Later this year, we’ll be releasing Dawnbringer Karma the first skin where all proceeds will
go to the Social Impact Fund. We want the rest of this month to feel like a
real celebration. So for the first time in over four
years we’re bringing back URF with full champion select. And to that end preseason 2020,
Rise of the Elements, will introduce new emergent gameplay opportunities on the map meant
to open fresh strategies to master outplay and win. The biggest change
here is the new elemental rift system as teams take down elemental drakes,
one element will eventually dominate the rift permanently altering the map. That’s right, Senna is coming to League of Legends
as our first ever support marksman. Let’s talk a little bit about League’s newest permanent game
mode Teamfight Tactics. One of the biggest ways we’re going to
be changing the game in the near future is with seasonal sets. One more thing. From the moment we launched TFT players
have been asking for a mobile version of the game. So by popular demand we’re announcing Teamfight Tactics 
as its own separate app for iOS and Android devices. It’ll feature full cross
platform play with the PC version of TFT. Hey there, it’s Michael Chow. I’ve been
dying to talk to you about the Wild Rift which is coming soon to console and Mobile. We spent a long time making sure this
will be a true League of Legends experience that’s worthy of devoting your precious game time. We’re rolling out limited
alphas and betas in select regions later this year with plans to roll
out on most platforms in most regions globally by the end of 2020. So for the last 10 years we haven’t just been making League of Legends We always knew we wanted to make new
games eventually but not at the expense of the growth and the
needs of League of Legends. I think Riot is a collection of people that started as players, that wanted to make new experiences or better experiences so they became developers while remaining players. Even though we all love League of Legends, I think we also all love to imagine the possibility of what would it be
like to run around and explore the the world of Runeterra. Hi I’m Jeff Jew. I’m Andrew Yip. And we have a confession. We’re making a card game. What? Every card and character in the game comes from a region of Runeterra. Each region has a distinct playstyle and strategic advantage. Bottom line, in Legends of Runeterra,
you’ll never pay for randomized packs and you have a bunch of different ways
to get the cards you actually want. Head to and
pre-register for a chance to get access right now. About a month ago at EVO we
were able to share news about Project L with fighting game fans around
the world live and in person. people are really excited to see Runterran
champions in a new light even from from a new camera angle. Project A is our character-based tactical shooter. It’s competitive. It has precise gunplay. It’s set on a beautiful near future Earth. And it has a lethal cast of characters each with their own unique abilities. We’re keeping the fundamentals that
make the genre so so competitive, but also bringing some new additions. and before we wrap we’d like to share a glimpse into one last
thing that we’ve been working on. RIOT GAMES PRESENTS AN ANIMATED SERIES ARCANE

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  1. I noticed you released two black champions in a row Tencent. Not a good move. I'm going to have to say more gamer words on the rift now.

  2. No entiendo. Son ya las once….y a mi no me ha aparecido nada del aniversario. Solo las misiones semanales del mundial.
    Cuales son las misiones del aniversario?
    Donde aparecen?

  3. Riot making new games


    FFS yes it has tencent's money so what it's still american company dumbasses

  4. Blizzard: Brother… Help me!
    Riot: Long live the king… announces competition games to Blizzard

  5. Look I think league is an awsome game and franchise but on console there is smite now it's not that smite is better it's just that it's a 3rd person Moba and people are in love with it because of that so I don't know how league is gonna compete

  6. So they just proceed to make a copy of overwatch and hearthstone……well the street fighting game looks pretty nice, and I'm actually looking forward to see how the animated series work out

  7. Rito actually take off the gloves that anime thoe looken nice that fighting game looken clean to my fate in rito might just be restored

  8. Very happy about Dawnbringer Karma. One of the coolest newer skinlines. Nightbringer is ok but Dawn is more colorful. Also I despise Yasuo. Im pumped for Halloween event with skins and Doombots. 💀

  9. Oh my god i thought they were gonna launch an "mmo-rpg" when he said "What would it be like to run around and explore the world of Runterra" 🙁

  10. LMFAO these people who are bullshitting on riot for making "rip-off games".
    I GuEsS YoU GuYS wAnt OnE GAmE PeR GeNRe

  11. Rito finally release a good one and want more senpais to notice hence this entire video. No one ever felt the need to reiterate updating client-base,

  12. 3:04 MERCIIII Pas comme Hearthstone qui est un peu pay to win ! Sa va être insane tous ces jeux 😀 et surtout la série animée, le feu ^^

  13. Still hate the new logo and login screen which looks like chinese mobile game art BUT I'm interested in everything else. 🙂

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