ROBLOX Trading to Dream Hats: BLACK FRIDAY LIMITEDS!!!!!!! #17

Oh My Gosh guys Blizzaria The “FLOZEN” XD Finally Went Limited I’m Pretty Sure This Was Like 50,000 Or 500,000 tickets WAY BACK IN THE DAY But It Finally Went Limited After Such a Long Time And I’m a Fan Of The Blue Shades So I’m Tryna Get This at 50k (??) In a Couple Of- It’s Sold For 40k Plus eml Well I’m not Going To Get This Okay WOW Okay So Yeah I got too Hyped About This Pumpkin (yummy) Even Tough I’m Not The Biggest Fan Of Pumpkins (i don’t wanna Trigger Pumpkin Fans) But This Color Is Nice Though (that’s a Pretty Good Color) But Yeah welcome Everyone To this Trading Video Not Really Trading It’s More Like a Black Friday Sale Black Friday The Black Friday Sales is Finally begun There Been Packages Getting Put on Like They’re On Sale now The Price is Decreasing This Item Just went Limited So yeah Let’s see What Else Happens I’m Gonna Try… I Just Wanna see The Price :PPPPPPPPP Let’s see Right Now 37k Ok, or Just Sold For I think Wait i Don’t Think It’s Sold Maybe They Take It off Or Dropping yes yes yes yes yes You Know Maybe In The Future Of The (??) maybe Like 10k i’ll Try and trade Up For it Ok You Know What In My ROBLOX+ i have My Limited Like My Limited Notification THE EXACT Same As All Of My Other Notifications So I Found An Explosion So Let’s Paste That In So Now (Explode My Children That Right There Will Do Good Job Alerting Me. That a New Limited As Come Out So Hopefully Ill be Able To Get All of them Because i Have a Explosion Right Beside My Ear Telling That a new Limited Came Out I Shouldn’t be- i can’t miss any of them *chair fart* So Now I’m Just Gonna Sit Back And Relax And Watch some INOOBE until i hear that EXPLOSION Right Beside My ear Now Here’s a Tip Guys Follow me On Twitter (you Should) Just kidding that’s not the tip but It is Twitter Related First Search Twitter you can go to rbx oops rbx leaks or search in google pff “so good it is my one to choose” – mioplays 2078 subscribe to gimmewafflebruh 🙂

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