Rockefeller Center’s Christmas Tree, the Return of the McRib – Monologue

Rockefeller Center’s Christmas Tree, the Return of the McRib – Monologue

-Let’s get to the news. Despite the man allegedly
responsible for the bombs mailed to Democrats last week
being a vocal Trump supporter, President Trump claimed
this weekend that his rhetoric is not to blame for
the attempted attacks, which is kind of like saying
the first domino isn’t responsible for
the last domino falling over. No, not directly, but you could
have guessed it would happen. [ Laughter ] According to a new Gallop poll,
57% of Americans say there is a need for a third
major political party, though I think a lot of people
would be happy if there was a second one. [ Laughter and applause ] German Chancellor Angela Merkel
announced today she will not seek re-election, ending her 13-year tenure as
a leader in European politics. Merkel was so emotional she held
back a tear for 51 years. [ Laughter and applause ] According to new research, the most commonly fantasized
about politician among both Republicans
and Democrats is Sarah Palin. “Who was number two?” asked a shockingly confident
Mitch McConnell. [ Laughter and applause ] “I know I’m on that list.” According to Axios, President
Trump is adding an 11th rally ahead of the upcoming midterms that will take place
in Missouri. When asked if
she was going with him, Melania said,
“I am already in misery.” [ Laughter and applause ] It was announced today that this year’s Rockefeller
Christmas tree will be a 72-foot tall Norway spruce,
which is about 75 years old. Can we see a picture of
a Norway spruce, please? Cool. Now you don’t have to
come here to look at it! [ Laughter ] Stay away from our building!
This is an office building! [ Laughter and applause ] Very nice tree, though. Police in Canada are conducting
an investigation after a man reported
that someone trespassed onto his property
and cut his horse’s hair. Even weirder,
they gave it the Rachel. [ Laughter and applause ] McDonald’s has announced that it is bringing back
the McRib for a limited time, nearly a year
after it was last on the menu. McDonald’s made the announcement after moving some old boxes
in the freezer. [ Laughter ] “These are still here? The McRib’s back!” [ Laughter ] Employees at a New Jersey
Goodwill store recently found that
someone had donated a rare newspaper from 1774,
and not much has changed. [ Laughter ]

100 thoughts on “Rockefeller Center’s Christmas Tree, the Return of the McRib – Monologue

  1. Hang on, did he say a 75 yo spruce will be cut down to be put on display for a couple months? Am I the only one that feels terrible about that?

  2. I don't want a 3rd political party. I want NO political parties.
    Let's see how many of these mother fuckers can stand on their own as independents and aren't swayed when corporations and organizations (such as the NRA) can't just donate to the party and expect everyone to fall in line. Maybe a few more of them might actually vote as humans or Americans actually representing their constituents than as "liberals" or "conservatives".
    Maybe, JUST MAYBE George Washington knew what he was talking about when he warned us against having political parties.
    Maybe if the President and all presidential candidates were not allowed to be members of a political party, we wouldn't be constantly in a position where either one party controls Congress AND the President (which negates our system of checks and balances between the Exectutive and Legistrative branches), or the President is constantly opposed to the majority of congress (and vice versa) that leads to Do-Nothing Congresses.
    Maybe, JUST MAYBE, we'd have politicians who actually comprimised for the GOOD of America instead of the good of a single party.
    Single parties, by the way, that represent less than a third of ALL REGISTERED VOTERS. All Americans wind up being controlled by less than a third of voters.

  3. "Leadership: Whatever happens, you're responsible. If it doesn't happen, you're responsible."
    DJT – 11/18/13. 1:01PM

    That tweet didn't age well.

  4. Kind of sick you guys keep using the premisse that his wife is against her will. She isn´t. She even was a birther.

  5. I’d bet the Horse Hair Cutter is a Violinist! (or Violist, Cellist, Double Bassist)


  7. Expect Merkel is still Chancellor till 2021 … not actually ending her 13 year tenure (it will be 16 years). She simply doesn't stand for reelection as party leader, she is not quitting politics.

    Seriously, you should research more throughout.

  8. We can thank Tariffs for the McRib …… This is how it works .. McD's only sells pork when it is cheap !!
    Right now since pig farmers cant sale their pigs to china soooo now we now have the the McRib….

  9. I will never forget the crazy leftist woman clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court. Pure magic. Like this clawing, obsessed garbage

  10. Until you retire the 'First Past The Post' method of voting… no third party will form.
    Remember what happened with the Bull Moose Party?

    Transferable Vote systems exist, please look into them USA!

  11. Ummm dont you think late night shows and media constantly mocking his beliefs and calling them Nazis is more of the cause then "Trumps rhetoric" haha. What idiots

  12. Did an ACTUAL "laugh out loud" at "NOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO COME HERE TO LOOK AT IT !" Seth Meyers is a real fucking treasure, and so is his team. My thanks to them, and to whoever runs this Youtube page, for making my cold, lonely day that much better. Seriously.

  13. Merkel … Her uncle Hitler would have been very proud. She succeeded in creating a bigger mess in Europe than he did.

  14. melania is the russia-appointed spy to keep donuld in check. those things happened long before he(donuld) was running for president… more on the Mueler Saga

  15. I look like Sarah Palim. When she was running for vice president, I would often be stopped because people thought that I look so similar to her .

  16. Sarah Palin? ew… just eww. Like for a stranger on the street maybe, but do you cover her mouth the whole time so she doesn't speak and ruin it all?

  17. VOTE REPUBLICAN !!! Jobs Jobs Jobs, booming stock market, low unemployment, fewer regulations, Supreme Court Justices, etc. The liberals want open borders, no agenda, and post nasty comments, just look…

  18. No joke, we need a third party. I am a conservative that is tired of having to vote democrat because the conservative party is filled of racist dumbasses.

  19. Dunno why, but i find it sad that the joke about the tree was not to come see it. If you are going to stupidly cut down and kill a 75 year old tree you should at least want everyone to come see it. NBC should look into creating a fake tree for rockefeller. At this point we need all the shade we can get.

  20. I clicked for the McRibs, not this "Ha ha Drumpf bad" propaganda you people blindly believe just because he's famous. It's not Trump's fault the bombing happened. All sides of the political spectrum have bad people in them, but it's more pronounced on the left sadly.

  21. Melania always looks like she blames herself for Trump being President. Damn she thinks, "if only I had poured concrete on his head when I had the chance … but who would have thought the mad sad fucker would become prez? I thought we'd have a good laugh about it and then retire to golf and shopping"

  22. Okay, but we know who the most fantasized about Canadian politician is. (Justin Trudeau, if you read this, will you marry me?)

  23. The old newspaper is a fake. 1.  The US Constitution was not in effect in 1774.  2. Vermont was not one of the first 13 states.
    However, Bernie may well have been around.

  24. The old newspaper is a fake. 1.  The US Constitution was not in effect in 1774.  2. Vermont was not one of the first 13 states.
    However, Bernie may well have been around.

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