sts files well for ovi have recruit happy college just ladies and gentlemen is that time of year as you can move you socialite oneself leisurely or christmas uh… insult to celebrate long fought war on christmas at present to you my favorite clipped from me doing television at least ah… specifically to deal with the world
christmas in fact the only clip five advert participated in nine television
that uh… with the war on christmas i can’t imagine why i wasn’t baat backed
onto television to talk about the war on christmas this is from two thousand five
c_n_n_ me with the uh… head of the concerned
women for america at that time amend name bob knight a merry christmas and happy holidays of
christmas tree our holiday tree which should it be and then you ask we’ve seen controversy most notably
prompted by the white house it send out cards this card matter fact wishing the
holiday season of hope unhappiness no mention of christmas some thoughts now on the subject sent to
your host the show majority report on air america radio bob knight is the director of the culture and
family institute is affiliated with the christian conservative organization
concerned women for america down a great to have you with me thanks for having us
on right about let’s start with the holiday carton what do you think sam well i was in the you know as far as the
world christians goes i feel like we should be waging war on christmas i mean i believe that christmas it’s
it’s it’s almost proven network of christmas has uh… nuclear weapons can be a timid threat to this country that uh… uh… they have operated ties
with terrorists and i believe that we should sacrifice
thousands of american lives uh… in pursuit of this war a christmas and there are hundreds of billions of
dollars taxpayer money well senator warren chris mr warren christian cell warren over
political correctness artists a lot of people is way too much time on their
hands well i would say probably if i was to be serious about it
too much time on their hands but i’d like to get back to be operational ties
between santa claus and al-qaeda i don’t think that exist bapat as well
uh… we have a bad year we have intelligent you can tell you at intel and wherever there’s a retail come from well we have tortured and health and that’s uh… it’s actually how we
got the same information from holiday it’s exactly the same way the bush
administration got this info about the operational ties between confidence enough okay bob knight as sam
is is tying in now the lack of information regarding weapons of mass
destruction and somehow moving that into santa claus that help me out here what’s
going on in the busiest as the old war and christians a warrant christmas is
this too much political correctness together roseburg first i want to
compliment among on his dry humor but uh… this is actually a very serious
subject because a lot of people are waking up to realize
that the war on christmas is really the culmination of a war on faith and the
idea that public square has to be cleansed of any religious expression
particularly christian religious expression you don’t want i’m happy
holidays was a welcome addition to merry christmas and so you would say the same
thing over and over again but a lot of people now see it as a substitute and
it’s very gratuitous at times and it’s house actually insulting when
you’re talking about christmas day or christmas tree and you can’t bring
yourself to use the word for fear of offending someone by the name of
diversity were less free country when that happens it’s interesting sam
because i mean this is a time where by if anything we want to be even more
sensitive to diverse city considering everything that’s happening with regard to warrant a relational
magic more about different religions different ethnicities and trying to
become more of one verses uh… being segregated yeah i want to know i mean i listen yet i would like bob to tell me who is the
person who has been offended by someone saying merry christmas in i’ve never met
that person i don’t celebrate christmas but a if someone says merry christmas to
me uh… and i do think both a little bit audits like
me saying happy birthday to you on my birthday but uh… i you know no
one cares but i’ll tell you this as we head into the war on the war on
the war on the war on christmas on our radio show newscorp foxnews those people who had started this uh… entire a war
on christmas needing fake war they’re having a holiday party president bush saying happy holidays tokyo grows more
bush saying happy holidays to her dogs in the video i’m sure you’ve seen it i
mean these are the things that we shouldn’t talking about when we are waging this war in iraq we should be equating it to a warm
christmas what else would bob might have an opportunity to build health we get on
television if you want pretending to be attacked yeah this would be funny accepted a
serious to a lot of people who’ve seen their faith cleansed from the public
square system and i i i just heard nothing about that someone can celebrate
christmas in america i mean until about a dozen looking
metering here go ahead bob go ahead bob talking about
things like in ridgeway wisconsin where the school children in the public school
were told they could use a silent night states so they substituted all coldnite you know i think when you take jesus out
of anything it gets pretty cold a so its abt but it’s outrageous that children
actually singing a bastardized version of silent night well i don’t think it’s
a good israel on holiday tree might specialize in synergies as the messiah is that you have to meet you praise
jesus unavailable offended one that i don’t
think the singing of the song you can find other songs to sing so what
about summer night somalia because you’re offended none of those other kids
can celebrate the great heritage of i’m not going to have a good news that no i’m not so you have your age there
are trying to follow her why you trying to force conversions on people me god
rescue while your christmas ironically let me ask let me ask you guys about the
pressure that’s been put on on stores for example i and they’re condemning
cessation call to the boycott of target stores the weekend every thanksgiving
accusing the chain of getting the phrase merry christmas from its stores a chart that target
denies pressure from conservative groups ai look like they have an impact here
complaints from the catholic league wal-mart agreed to create a christmas
page on its website rather than a holiday page and then macy’s which is
you know perhaps uh… more closely decisions christmas than any other
retailers that acted as a letter attacking its ease of merry christmas
and added store windows after it was the target of a small scale boycott last
year and if this is pretty amazing all these boycotts of pressuring all these
stores these businesses bomb while these businesses are taking millions and
millions of dollars in firm christians in particular and others who celebrate
christmas giving gifts uh… in the name of the christmas
season and yet they’re so worried about
offending people like my opponent here that they don’t want to mention the word
christmas people are going to have a holiday time i’m not your opponent about hearing room while you are idu
agree with bob that i think what should happen is company should calculate how much money they’re getting from people who are celebrating
christmas and provide exactly dot much amount love merry christmas because that is exactly how i would want any type of religious
holiday to celebrate well ya when i haven’t answered my email
account monica i’m curious what would we have the same it would
argued about how does not the same as christmas it’s not a major holiday for
one thing and and this is the christmas season it’s wide billions of dollars are really being
spent its christmas play well for the winter solstice or not there obviously argue that that that hannukah
is just as big as christmas does not and i don’t know who it was
wrong i don’t agree with a lot of not on that
says monica’s has been a lot of it is not a high holiday ahaha liza russia
shine on your right for which i’m sure bobbie it’s been has been protesting why there aren’t
uh… more young to poor sales or uh… uh russia china sells money why should they be right borough
if that was associated with that all of a then maybe i will join you but uh…
it never has dot another light and martin luther king day not being
celebrated and you’re is that when people don’t say happy martin luther king day a month out
in advance you know let’s let’s put this in perspective when it living in a
bottle i want to be able respond with indigenous c_n_n_ eight u_s_a_ today
gallup poll had a question was is it okay for people
to say merry christmas eighty percent said yes eleven percent said now yet while ninety six percent of
americans celebrate christmas uh… so why would we care about their
love love love love or percent that get offended by it and i’m anybody who’d be a friend i was
someone wishing someone right right here why are we making all the changes bob
how do we do have a a bob where’s the war worker morale lines and the you can tell me how i would not only has
he found a man in one school in wisconsin that has one example that’s not the
totality so don’t dot what are you know salad and the totality of the eighty you
brought it up the totality of the seventy eight
percent of the american population has no promulgate you don’t care about the
people who don’t celebrate christmas but i don’t celebrate christmas and i don’t care so why wouldn’t wasting
everybody’s time it so that you can fundraise that’s why
bob headline i think you know that’s a bit of but i can’t let you have the
final final thought bob ok you know when the nazis moved into austria nine all
that is an extensive bombing immediately raise not looking for in the schools so
that is right about it dot on family planning white letter dot
and i think i would go ahead bob okay maria trapper at the story of the
straps on yours that’s a in the sound of music and she said she sent her kids to school
after the nazis took over and they came home and said mama we can say the word
christmas anymore it’s now winter holiday i think that water uh…
disturbed to hear about that threaten kind of attitude in this country the
puritans also outlawed christmas the founding fathers of this country a
would find u_n_ in massachusetts if you celebrate christmas at the beginning so don’t talk about nazis bob i think
that’s really inappropriate why do you have to bring the soviet union
restaurants and hotels in cost that’s so sad bawa it’s not ok ordering the book
you’re so it bothers you so bad that you have to raise nazis when you’re talking
about christmas in the holiday season and we all know that person is actually uh… tannenbaum is a german holiday that bob uh… really really
disappointed and hehehe i’m sorry to disappoint you but if you’re if you can
understand that the the uh… force of history to bring a are not come
on now thing up uh… well you know i know it down then
why are you calling a knot we gotta let it they are not we could probably do you watch their
sincere and there are a lot of libya and about
night cricket both of them is sit down and ivy league if the discussion everyone’s talking about it that is that
there are a lot of people tell you that i should say not just curious do i say
merry christmas happy holidays have happy height which people will have like
to say merry christmas and i added from no gotten one from or on christmas thanks gentlemen talk to you later thank

100 thoughts on “Sam Seder’s WAR ON CHRISTMAS

  1. I'm not gonna lie and say that this is one of the greatest things I've ever seen..

    I'm gonna tell the truth while I say it.

  2. I once volunteered with a family member at Toys for Tots deal, and all these white men were upset that this Jewish family, who donated a ton of money and gifts, said Happy Holidays to them. They also got mad at an Indian family and a Muslim family, too, even though they donated a lot. They acted like they were so persecuted. They kept on talking about it and whining like little school children about it. They never looked at the fact that these families were more giving than the selfish, white families who said Merry Christmas but donated nothing.

    I even pointed this out to them, but they looked confused. After that experience, I never volunteered or donated to them every again. Fuck them and their white supremacy. If I want to help someone, I go to philosopher Peter Singer's 'Life You Can Save' website and pick out an organization like Oxfam and donate. I figure these organizations have to prove they are effective, and medical care is more important than a plastic toy.

  3. Merry MotherFucking Christmas! Happy Fucking Holidays! Seasons Beatings! Happy Fucking Kwanhunuramasha! Best Fucking New Years to You All!

  4. Even if you're not a mainstream Christian you'll get shit about Christmas. I'm ex-mormon and one of my co-workers is Jehovah's witness and if we ever try to talk about this at work we're dismissed. The real war is on non- conventional Christians and non-Christians.

  5. A Jewish man shouldn't be offended about off-handed and cheap references to Nazis? Man I'm glad I got out of christianity.

  6. Remember, when debating a Jewish person the one thing we should all remember about the Nazis is that a Christian was told they couldn't say Merry Chistmas. Never forget and never again.

  7. Thank you Sam, someone finally bringing up the operational ties between Santa Claus and Al-Qaeda. Most people won't bring it up because of political correctness, smdh

  8. Cool flashback find! In my entire lifetime, my friends and I have NEVER been afraid to say merry christmas to anyone!! Not even to ourJewish or Muslim friends. We used to (pre-2017) say it all the time, even when happy holidays went corporate for a while. But with trump in office, I won’t be saying Christmas anything, anytime soon, in defiance. I’ll be saying happy holidays until he’s in jail!!!!! Which I’m sure will be in five years or less. Hopefully.

  9. this issue… smh. why the fuck do Christians care who celebrates christmas? and why the fuck do regressives seriously act like the word " christmas" somehow bothers them.

  10. I used to carry on a tradition started by my late father by watching the old black and white version of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” starring Alastair Sim every Christmas Eve. I’m now going to watch this video instead. Bravo.

  11. That shit was funny as shit. Sam literally parroted his ass. Whiny douches like that Knight guy always whine about other people victimizing them while they are literally assaulting others. Sam made him look like a fool.

  12. People say Happy Holidays because there are multiple holidays happening this all starts in November so Thanksgiving is a holiday so is New Years Eve. So it encompasses all the holidays.

  13. Haha haha hahaha haha hahaha haha hahaha

    Thst is fucking hilarious
    Sam your a dick and i DIG THAT ABOUT YOU

  14. F**** amazing. You can see the birth of the snowflakes on the right.why do my kids have to be forced to sing Christian songs in school? This guy is a dumbass.

  15. rieh wing white folks are afraid of not being the bully blohards and everyone kissing their asses. "how dare U consider 0ther nationalities feelings' …They need 2 be the victim when they are the bully

  16. funny how back then when someone brings up nazi in a sentence sam acts like that these days tho its nazi this nazi that and not a fucking peep. where is ur yamaca sam? i saw another video of urs where u said u deny trying to hid that ur a jew. i dont give a shit if u are or not its just when i see shapiro there is no way u couldnt know that he is a jew because he wears that little hat. why dont u have a little hat on sam/ are u ashamed of ur religion? or u just dont believe in it that much?

  17. "Bob, have you ever protested Martin Luther King day not being celebrated? I mean, do you resent when people don't say Happy Martin Luther King day a month out in advance?" Priceless

  18. Looking back now it's horrifying to see where it all began. I remember the day we lost the Great Christmas War. Gosh, I miss being allowed to celebrate Christmas openly, without fear of police kicking down my door.

  19. I come from a Christian family. When I ask my mother, ( a true traditional Christian), calls out these idiots who claim that there is a war on Christmas as fake Christians. Fox News, and all these right wing Christians, are not, and have never been followers of Christ.They use Christ and Christmas to drive home their reactionary and anti Jesus Christ message.

  20. We are torturing Elves?
    I thought we were the good guys.
    How can we keep the moral high ground if we commit war crimes? We are making ourselves more vulnerable to Christmas cheer. This is a dangerous gambit.

  21. “How else would Bob Knight get on television, if he wasn’t pretending to be attacked” holy fuck Sam is a killer

  22. I say Merry Christmas when someone says Merry Christmas and when someone says "Happy Holidays I say "It's okay you can say Merry Christmas". And I was invited on Fox and the war ended.

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