Same But Different Christmas Card Series 2018 – Background Panels!

Same But Different Christmas Card Series 2018 – Background Panels!

hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and
I’m back with my same but different Christmas card series and today we’re
going to be using some background panels now I celebrated world card-making day
with my friend Linda and she had this Concord &9th it’s one of the turn
around turn around? turn around turn about stamp sets this one’s called Deck
the Halls and I was just playing with some of the
Catherine Pooler colors and made three different kinds of panels and I thought
that this would be a great opportunity to use these three panels instead of
tucking them away somewhere safe I’m gonna make six cards out of them
actually I’m gonna make seven! so one of my favorite techniques with background
panels especially when they’re as pretty as this is to some large dies and I’ve
got the Altenew bold alphabet dies and cut out the word NOEL now I’ve done
it a couple of times because I’m making two cards out of each panel so one of
the noel’s is some green card stock and the other one that I’m popping up on some fun
foam is the pattern one that I cut out I did keep those middle pieces of the
letters too because I’m going to need them to do the inlay die-cutting
technique so the panel’s been cut down to fit on the front of my card and I’ve
added lots of adhesive to the front so that I can do the inlay die-cutting
technique and that will just allow me to attach the the green letters that have
been attached to the fun foam directly to the card without having to add any
matte medium or liquid glue. my second card is the green background I decided
to do a portrait style added a green panel to the front of my card and then I
did have to add the liquid glue it wasn’t any point die-cutting the letters
out of the green but if I had been organized it’s probably where I should
have got the letters from in the first place but I didn’t think of it till just
now anyway the flowers I decided
to do like a twirly twine thing you know how it was all the rage a little while
ago we did those twirls of thread I thought the twine to be fun not quite
as fine and delicate but fun all the same so my little flowers and leaves
they came from the holiday cheer tag ties which is also Concord &9th and
I used some pop dots to hold it in place I don’t know if you’ve ever tried there
glue dots pop dots but man they are awesome
I think the Zots make a very similar product and the adhesive in them is it’s
going to hold anything it’s never going anywhere and it has the element that it
pops it up as well okay so my next panel is the sort of pink and red version this
panel I actually did use the pink twice instead of using four colors and that’s
what I love about these turnabout stamps is you can adapt it to suit
itself I’ve cut a holiday edges sentiment it’s a penny black sentiment
out of some red cardstock and I’ve also cut it in some pink fun foam and attach
them together I’ve put a piece of the background panel to the top of my
portrait top fold card and then adding the panel popped up with the pink fun
foam the element I decided to add to this actual card comes from that holiday
cheer tag die again it’s a great set has lots of little elements and a tag
and I haven’t actually used the tag yet but I’ve used all the little elements
out of it but I used one of the baubles from there and just use some scrap pink
card stock for that and it’s great because you can either use the bauble
with or without that centerpiece cut out of it now the second card I make here
using the same panel I cut it into a rectangle and popped it up on the front
of a landscape card and I already had this holly-jolly banner die cut it’s also
Concord &9th. Lots of Concord &9th’s in today’s video and I
did have to double up the foam tape behind it it does sit up quite a bit and
I’m just using the negative space sentiment here and creating the same
little bouquet yet again with my pop dot it’s really pretty actually I think we used
two pop dots because like I said this is actually sits quite high this Holly
Jolly banner die and I really like how the the font on this one and having that
negative font it’s very I think it’s very modern and fun alright my third and
last panel and this one I actually made three cards from I’m gonna share two
here but I’ll link in the description below to my blog where you can see what
I did with the inverted comma things leftovers to create yet another card but
I cut die-cut the winter village it’s another penny black die out of some
white card stock and then that little sentiment that I
die-cut comes out of that tag set from Concord & 9th again and I really like
the negative right now, I’m into the negative space sentiments this year I’m sorry,
lots of fun, why should I be sorry I’m not sorry I hope you like them as much
as I do it’s some probably taken over the white embossing on black cardstock
and that’s probably a good thing because you guys are probably so sick of that
I’m not, I don’t think I ever will be anyway so I popped that up and I did add some blue
cardstock behind the sentiment I just thought it would be difficult to read
that sentiment with the pattern paper behind and I wanted to use it to create
a shaker so I die-cut this is a reverse confetti
triangle trees and just pop that up with some fun foam and then stamped out
sentiment from Concord &9th Very Merry Sentiments using the Aquatini ink
I think that’s what I used which is one of the ones from the combination here I
will link all the combinations of inks that are used at my blog
I don’t think I have time in this video to tell you them all yeah maybe I’ll
keep it a secret or maybe you can guess if you can guess which ones are used for
each panel write it in the description below that could be fun
anyway I couldn’t fit the whole sentiment on here so it became Merry
Christmas and I used some pretty pink posh sequins and that’s my shaker it’s a
fun card this one and I love these colors together and I will link some
videos from the previous year’s same but different Christmas series if you like
this video please like it and if you haven’t already I would love it if you
would subscribe to my channel until next time happy Christmas papercrafting bye

43 thoughts on “Same But Different Christmas Card Series 2018 – Background Panels!

  1. Absolutely blown away with all your cards here, stunning isn’t in it! I HAVE to have that background stamp, I love it so much and how easy it is to create a gorgeous background! Tfs

  2. I just love all your Same but Different Christmas cards! But like you, i love the colors in the last two (using the turnabout stamp) and that shaker tree is beautiful! ? And, seriously? You've now told me about another adhesive? Oh my! I must check out pop dots! ?

  3. Just the video I needed to see. Have the xmas paper and some dies, wondered how to use them in xmas cards. Now I know. Thankyou Terese.

  4. Really love these cards, thank you for such a great amount of inspiration. I think I'm going to have to do some shopping lol

  5. They are all lovely Therese, but my favourites are the last two blue cards in the video. The little houses are so sweet. That’s a great background stamp. Such a clever concept. Thank you for your tips and inspiration.

  6. You are amazing Therese…. how do you come up with all these creative ideas?? You confound me! The cards are all pretty and gorgeous colour combinations. OMG I'm going to have to start shopping again!!!! Ha Ha. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  7. Therese, first question:  whose gorgeous sage green card stock – oh, maybe it's listed?  I'll look – just ignore me!  wait!  whose is that red????  Looks like Rockin' Red to me!   I LOve them all!  AND your negative cut greetings, too… though I'll never tire of your white on black sentiment strips.  Thanks, my friend… another reason to love the Season!!  xx

  8. Love these. I have the stamps and I am pleased to get all your ideas for using them. Mine will be …..same but probably the same! Thank you 🙂

  9. I LOVE these! Going to use that red & pink combo. I've been on a kick of using non-traditional colors for my Christmas cards this year. I haven't done a pink and red.

  10. These cards are gorgeous, Therese! <3 I absolutely adore those turnabout stamps as well as all Concord & 9th's products! <3

  11. As soon as I saw that Concord & 9th turnabout stamp, I had to purchase it. It is fantastic. I love you color choices….so festive. I have been away from home puppy sitting for my brother, but as soon as I return I will start making holiday cards with that stamp. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  12. I don't have any background stamps but can see using your ideas with pattern paper or using small stamps to make the backgrounds. Thank you for the great ideas, I am loving these 2 for 1 videos. Xxx

  13. Hi Therese.  Love this series of tutorials and your designs are fabulous as always.  Your lovely friend made a lovely card last week, but I think you made 6 and she made 1 only.  Great work there Miss Therese.  I love the background patterned paper you created – I've tried it but they never look anywhere near as good as yours.  Thanks for these fun Youtubes – I'm really enjoying them.   Bev.

  14. I just love how creative you were with the patterned panels, and the colour combinations you used are just gorgeous! I can see doing thus with pretty patterned paper, too!

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