Same But Different Christmas Card Series 2018 No 3 – Yupo & Foil!

Same But Different Christmas Card Series 2018 No 3 – Yupo & Foil!

Hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and
I’m back with my Same But Different Christmas card series for 2018 today is
all about foiling on a yupo background right so I’m going to make six different
cards and I created three different backgrounds all together starting with
this is the turquoise and limeade I did want it to have some lighter sort of
elements so did bring in the snow cap and I don’t know if this is what the
problem was because it didn’t seem to dry quick enough
I did add lots of color and lots of blending solution but some of the
examples that I saw like Kelly Latevola did an awesome video on this
product so I did what everyone said I waited I waited and waited and two
minutes they said don’t leave it any more than two minutes and that’s not right
that didn’t work at all because it didn’t transfer very little color
so I started again on the same piece of yupo paper using the same colors except
this time I decided to keep the snow cap out of it and I did actually dry it a
lot more and this was a little bit more successful I actually did come in with
my heat tool and because I noticed that Kristina Werner had used her heat tool I
didn’t want to over dry it because then I’d have nowhere for the foil to stick
because you actually do need to have some of the ink a little bit wet so for
my first go I think it turned out okay and I did use the same piece of foil
even though it’s mucked up on the back the front will is the bit you have the
nice side of the foil like the shiny side the pretty side faces up so it
didn’t ruin any of that so I haven’t actually wasted very much at all
so this first card I decided to add it’s a stag and I did it like a silhouette from the festive silhouettes from Altenew
stamped it out in some black ink embossed a white sentiment from reverse confetti it’s triangle trees set and I decided a Rudolph nose
would actually be a lot of fun on this card and I really like this particular
background and these two cards that I made here so I did make a second card
using the same background I cut a window this is a panel cut the
same size as my card front I’ve stamped a sentiment from MFT it’s a handwritten…
hand lettered a holiday greeting set and i stamped with some fiesta blue from
Catherine Pooler but if I hadn’t been thinking I would have actually two-toned
stamped it with my Misti because I just didn’t like the way the blue
looked on its own but when I came in and added some green at the lower end of the
sentiment that really just went perfectly with the background I created
so I’ve popped up my panel and I’m gonna pick up the piece of foil yupo paper
oh I used silver deco foil on this one by the way and that just gives that
little window yeah for the whole panel and I added a black frame from Altenew
now this little deer is from Santa’s sleigh and you’ll see a card in a moment
where I ‘found’ him and I simply just added him with (he’s already mounted on some
fun foam) and I added him with some medium matte all right so my second
panel I’m using the Flamingo and the turquoise because I figured if these two
combined I’m going to get a nice purpley color and I did out lots of blending
solution I’ve got this little squeezy tool it’s a it’s a actually an
marker airbrush kind of tool that you can put your markers in and create an
airbrush background and tim holtz has exactly
the same one but it’s in black so I will link that at my blog but it’s new to me
and I just thought it’d be easier than blowing a straw actually the heat tool
seemed to work pretty well there too so I’m using my bone folder just to get the
foil to adhere a little bit better I think I do find that if I got ink on the
back of my foil this one’s another Decofoil it’s pewter color so it’s a
bit of a darker color and I found if I got ink on the back of the foil it would
stick even if the yupo panel wasn’t quite wet in that area and I’m just
going with it and creating another two cards so I’ve
got that Santa’s sleigh that I was telling you about it comes with the 3 deer
on the front and I actually made this card before the other one I’ve got this
video out of sync but that’s okay you’ll understand I’m sure I’ve got popped up a
panel on the front of a top fold card and I’m adding another white embossed
sentiment from the reverse confetti triangle trees and here’s my Santa’s
sleigh so I have popped it up on some fun foam with some matte medium and then
I thought it just looked a bit out like because this to me look like the aurora
borealis so that’s why l wanted him up in the sky flying away these are really
pretty colors to my second card using the other half of this panel what I’ve
done here is die-cut it’s like a negative space swirly Christmas tree
it’s called Christmas elegance it’s from penny black and what I thought would be
fun to add the multicolored yupo background behind the tree I
didn’t want to pop it up because I figured you wouldn’t be able to see the
color very well so I did actually attach it with I used like a dot adhesive I
find that works well if you’ve got you know just bits and pieces of die-cuts
because the dots are only stick to the bits that you want it to
I added a sentiment from the same reverse confetti set on some pink paper
this time cardstock I should say and some silver pearls
I think the pinks and purples turned out that this color panel turned out really
pretty now my final panel I decided to go with and they almost look like the warm
browns but actually the Grays that the artist marker refills from Altenew and
I used morning frost and lava rock and because there’s such a warm gray they
actually came out almost looking Brown and this panel to me ended up looking
like marble was really beautiful and I did add the blending solution and moved
it around, there was a lot of liquid on this panel and I don’t know if that’s
what helped give it the marble look or whether it’s because it’s a different
style of alcohol ink and I did hit it with my heat tool and I did wait and it’s
getting good by now I’m working this out and I think this is this is where I got the
best result with the foiling too and that was just the Deco Gold foil that
I used. the flower I’m going to use on my first card is another Altenew it’s the
build of flower poinsettia I’ve gold embossed that and I’m just adding some
Copic colors to their petals and I’m trying not to touch I am being quite
careful not to touch the embossed outline because Copics aren’t really
compatible with embossing but if you’re careful it’s not a problem I created my
own little cardstock color using the same Copic Sketch markers and heat
emboss the sentiment that’s from lawn fawn
it’s from the simply winter sentiments it’s a great set that was released this
year it’s only a little set and I did gold embossed that as well popped up the
piece of marble yupo paper cardstock on a side folding card this time
I know I’m going all out there now! And this is my final card I have another
this is the festive poinsettia from Altenew I’m stamping it and this is in
the evening gray ink from all of you and I’m stamping it on a panel that’s cut
the same size as my card which I will cut down to pop up on the front of my
card and then I restamp it on the front of my card I’ve die-cut some of the yupo
cardstock with the word wishes and that’s another Altenew which is called
holiday script words die its a great set has three different sentiments in it and
I’m just popping that up on some fun foam with some matt medium and then I’ve
also used some foam foam behind my panel and added that to the front of my card
with some scor tape and then added a sentiment I did use the lawn fawn set
again here with the word Christmas and a final touch with some sequins so that’s
it for today’s card series I have the previous two years linked at the end of
this post and I look forward to seeing you real soon I’d love it if you would
subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and if you do like this video
please click the like button until next time happy Christmas papercrafting bye

62 thoughts on “Same But Different Christmas Card Series 2018 No 3 – Yupo & Foil!

  1. All are pretty, but my favorites are the deer in the frame, the Christmas tree and the last one with the poinsettia โค๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. Such lovely work, as always, thank you! Being frugal, though, whenever I see somebody putting an entire sheet of foil over the alcohol ink background, my inner cheapskate yells, "Just cut off a strip and work it!" LOL Best wishes to you and yours for a lovely holiday season. :o)

  3. Very lovely. I have yet to try this technique. I think all of the color combos were great. And I had the same thought about the sky behind Santa. The poinsettia cards were just perfection. I love warm gray tones.

  4. I must be brave one day, you know, when I have another day to JUST PLAY!ย  They are so few and far between!ย  These panels are just too beautiful, Therese… can a girl reserve a Christmas card?ย  lolย  xxย  =]

  5. Love Love Love your Christmas creations here Therese. Always a pleasure to watch you do your magic with that lovely laugh every now and then. Thanks so much!

  6. Beautiful cards Therese. I have all the things to do backgrounds but haven't tried it yet…bit scary but you have inspired me to give it a go. How long did you wait to put on the foil. Thanks for sharing.๐Ÿ’•

  7. I love the effects of the foil…Such beautiful cards, Therese! Thanks so much for sharing your tips and tricks with us ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Look at you with ur gloves love- made me chuckle. These are awesome. That PB tree is stunning. I canโ€™t buy anymore Christmas stamps/dies so just stop it!! Xx

  9. All these are beautiful. Love the foil and the Yupo. I want to try that again soon. Thanks! I love your Christmas series!

  10. Gorgeous cards! I've found the foiling with alcohol inks to be a bit hit and miss – clearly I need to practice more!

  11. Hi Therese.ย  6 cards again!!!!ย  Well done and they're all so different and beautiful.ย  Trust you to make browny/grey look fabulous and yes, it does look like marble.ย  Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us all.ย  Bev.

  12. Hey Therese! First I must thank you…the marker airbrush…no more getting dizzy and making my head swim! (Fantastic idea!!) I really love how each card turned out they are very beautiful. I donโ€™t usually reach for Browns except if Iโ€™m coloring a tree…but I really loved the one that you used the brown tones and the flower you colored with copics. This kinda inspired me to give the brown colors a try when I get out my alcohol inks. Thank you for sharing. ๐Ÿฆ‹

  13. Wow, such beautiful cards & I really love your "same but different" series – really gives me a ton of ideas – so thank you Therese. Really love all those backgrounds – but especially the last marbly one.

  14. WOW! Your cards are utterly fabulous, especially the brown toned ones with the gold foiling! Iโ€™ve always wanted to try foiling and this way I donโ€™t have to worry that I donโ€™t have a machine to do it. Your drumming fingers made me laugh! Tfs

  15. Wow, love the yupo backgrounds. Haven't tried them myself but I'm certainly intrigued by this technique.
    Love your final card it's so elegant.
    Thank you for this series I love it so much and find it inspiring.

  16. Super cool cards and video, girlfriend! I love what you do and your sense of humor really tickles me! Iโ€™d love to try to recreate the marble effect. I kinda like the way to grey tones took on a brownish hue. Not too warm a brown, but interesting, like marble would be. I am so addicted to foil. These are very pretty. Canโ€™t wait to try my hand at it! TFS! ๐Ÿโ˜ƒ๏ธโค๏ธ Ali K.

  17. Man Therese, all the cards are truly gorgeous but that alcohol inked panel in the browns is just STUNNING! I've did attempt to use some foil on alcohol inked backgrounds but I wasn't successful at it….probably didn't wait long enough as I'm not a very patient person, however, I don't like to give up either so you've convinced me to go back to the 'drawing board'! Oh, and I just adore your laugh….it's contagious! Thanks Therese

  18. I love all 6 cards but my absolute favourites are the last 2, they way the inks melded into each other was just beautiful!

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