Same But Different Christmas Card Series 2018 No.4 –  Quick Cards with Minimal Supplies!

Same But Different Christmas Card Series 2018 No.4 – Quick Cards with Minimal Supplies!

hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and
this is the last in the series for this year of my same but different Christmas
card series for 2018 and I hope you’ve had as much fun as me I’ve got a couple
of sets here that from lawn fawn that I’m using one’s called this one simply
winter sentiments and simply celebrate winter and I’m actually going to use
these two sets on all my card designs today So today is all about quick cards
with minimal supplies and this way it’s going to make it really easy for you to
whip out those last-minute Christmas cards that you hadn’t had a chance to do
and everyone expects from you and then you put pressure on yourself…
so I’ve used all the six images from the sets and the stamp set and coordinated
six of the sentiments alright so let’s get started I’m doing some Copic
coloring so I’ve used memento tuxedo black today and one of the things that
you can look at when you really want to speed things up is to get everything
ready first so what I did was prepped all my card bases I’m actually working
on not directly on the cards themselves I’m actually working on panels of
cardstock that are cut the same size as my card bases and that way if I do make
any mistakes or there’s warping from heat from the heat tool by attaching it
to the front of a top fall card it’s going to help that and if I do make a
mistake I’m not wasting a whole piece of cardstock I’m only wasting a half of one
see how tight I am okay so I used the same set so it’s minimal supplies that
keeps everything nice and quick I did change up all the sentiments and the
layouts of all the designs are the six cards but I am using the same Copic
colors throughout the whole six design so that just makes it easier I’m not
really having to stop and think too much about what colors to choose because
they’re already chosen I’m doing really simple shading I’m not coming back and
blending and making I’m making it look a little bit like all retro well maybe
it’s just lazy coloring I’m not sure but I like the look of it myself I actually
like the look of just coming in with a line down the side of an image and I
usually do all the same size you’ll notice here on the little images that
I’m adding the shading too so I’m using a darker ink to color them with but I
actually bring the shading in on the same side each time I do ground some of
the images but not all of them and I just use a T marker to do that like a t0
I think it was I will list all the colors that I use today at my blog so
the description will be where you can link to that blog post and it will also
be able to find all the other videos that I’m making for the for this series
there have been a playlist at my youtube channel so the other thing is I’ve been
doing this series for a few years now so it I will link a couple of the previous
year’s videos at the end of this blog as well blog the end of this video oh
engage brain. these card bases or these card panels I actually stamped out with
my beautiful card-making friend Linda these are her stamps and I’m really
appreciated that she let me stamp it out and share them with you but I did this
on world card-making day it was the first year I’ve ever got to sit down and
make cards with friends on world card-making day and we had a blast
normally I’m working I don’t know if you know but I work shift work so often I’m
working on the weekends and it was just nice to sit don’t go like no I’m gonna
do what I want to do and it’ll be cards so the panels were already stamped out
ready to go that’s why I didn’t share how I did the design I
worked out with the designs where but you can easily replicate this with
similar stamps and and that way you know like I don’t know if you like me but
that’s why I do this series I get bored easily so I do need to change it up
that’s why I like it the same but different series each card is unique but
similar and that does make things fly a lot quicker and I don’t know about you
but I’m certainly not a last-minute person I don’t like to be rushed I like
to sort of you know enjoy what I’m doing rather than feel the pressure but in
saying that if I do leave things to the last minute I find I procrastinate less
nothing I come up with my best work go figure
the pastel colors aren’t my normal go to colors but I’ve had a real thing for
pastels lately so you get to share that as well and I think they do look really
pretty like before that before I had the shading on these particular trees here I
think they look lame not very nice at all but um what I often do is just come
in into a splodge of color rather than blend I don’t know if you saw that on
the brown when I did the because it’s too small an area to blend anyway so I
like to do what I call a splodge and that just will by hope coming in with
that little dark a little tiny bit of darker color gives it depth that it
didn’t have before and I think that whole this whole picture just changes by
adding that bit of shading so one more thing I like to do is add some some sort
of fun element even to a clean and simple design so these three cards here
I want to add some Christmas glitter and I’m using my quickie glue pen and this
is really quick and easy to do it dries nice and quick too and just putting some
tiny dots all the way around the images adding this really fine Prisma glitter
which gets everywhere and that’s why I prepped the paper with the powder bag
I don’t know if you saw that, that really helps but this is my all-time favorite
this is the Marvy snow marker I’ve got this last year and this is wicked see
what it does you’ll push it down and it just puts lumps of it so I’ve learned
not to put it on my directly on my images so I find this works really well
actually you use it I use the pen to pick up what I’ve dropped on the side so
I can add the snow by using the pen as like a pickup tool almost and then to
activate it just hit it with your heat tool now how cool is that
it’s dimensional I know it ticks all the boxes it’s fluffy white and dimensional
it looks like snow and you can use it on anything so I did that for these last
three cards and I had to include the heat
just so you get to see it alright so all that’s left to do now is attach all my
panels to the front of the six cards and that’s it I hope you’ve had fun I really
hope you do manage if you haven’t already to get some Christmas cards made
nice and quick and easy for this year thanks so much for all your support and
I’ve had a blast yet again you guys are amazing and I’ll forward to seeing you
real soon till then happy Christmas paper crafting

45 thoughts on “Same But Different Christmas Card Series 2018 No.4 – Quick Cards with Minimal Supplies!

  1. Oh I'm nearly positive I had even MORE fun than you did!  I love your 'lazy' coloring and like that you've given my basic talents a name!  I love your quickie glitter, and snow.  I have a favorite:  those darling trees, and whichever house is next to yours!  lol xx

  2. Lovely cards, I definitely don't make my best cards in a hurry.trying to make a sympathy card at the moment, attempt no 2 has just been trashed.

  3. Thanks for sharing all your inspirational videos. I really enjoy watching your thought process unfolding. Your cards are always beautiful, fun and unique. Merry Christmas!

  4. Immensely enjoy every video you make. I loved your "engage brain" comment. You always make me laugh and I love watching you create. I am such a procrastinator. I should have been making a card to get in the mail tomorrow, but instead I am watching your videos. 😊 Merry Christmas and thank you for a great year of card tutorials and for taking us along on your road trip.

  5. It has been quite the year for paper crafters with all the new “inventions” and products. I have so enjoyed you using all the stuff out there in your videos. I learn by watching. Your cards have inspired me in a million ways so thank you for all those tutorials and the labor to make them! Happy Christmas to you and yours!!

  6. Very cute cards. You are always so jovial and pleasant. Have a Merry Christmas to you , your husband, and of course the cat. Do you still have her.

  7. Such delightful cards Therese! The pastel elements sort of remind me of sugar cookie decorations. Love the colors you used and appreciate seeing quick and easy card ideas for last minute mailing.

  8. I’m with you Therese, I like to be well prepared. Hate to be rushed, because I always want to give my best. Don’t know that I have a favourite, although I do like the trees. Nevertheless, love how you coloured the little snowmen. They remind me of Jelly Babies in hats and scarves. Not that I’ve ever seen one with a hat or scarf, but I’d imagine that’s how they’d look. Thank you again for all the amazing creations, hints, tips and techniques you share with us throughout the year.😻

  9. Love these cards especially as I recently purchased the stamp set from someone who was destashing, then I had to get the dies to match. Thank you for all your inspiration and encouraging videos, I've been running a craft group now for over 10 years and I love how we all share ideas help each other etc

  10. Thanks for sharing your wonderful card ideas over this year, loved them all. Merry Christmas to you and yours and all the best for 2019🎄🎉🍹

  11. Thank you for your time in making all the incredible tutorials throughout the year. To quote you "I've had a blast" watching them. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :o)

  12. These cards are adorable! I love little houses and adore snowmen and you make them look so cute in the pastels! Think I will have to get that stamp set!

  13. Wow! I finished the last of my Christmas cards for clients last week and I so agree with everything you said here.
    Love the six cards, they're just delightful.
    That marvel snow pen is amazing. I'm sure I remember you using it last year but I forgot to get one.
    I love how it puffs up, like embossing powder on steroids.
    Ah Christmas time, I'm going to miss all the lovely sparkly.
    Thanks for your time and creative bliss.
    Quick question, do you heat set your black ink? I'm new to alcohol markers and I've been getting a little bleeding occasionally.

  14. Well …. I think YOU are the amazing one! Love your videos & listening to you talk….I find it very relaxing, yet inspirational at the same time! Happy Holidays to you!

  15. Love these pastel cards! The snow and glitter makes them quite special. I will be adding 'splodge' (hope I spelled it right) to my technical word list 😁 Thanks for sharing all your beautiful cards with us and videos of your travels…really enjoyed seeing your wonderful country! Hope your Christmas Holiday is the best!

  16. I absolutely adore all cards. I love the images and the colors you used. And the tip for using the snowmarker is great so thanks for sharing.

  17. Gorgeous Therese. Good on you for enjoying WCMD with your friends, you deserve it!
    Thank you for sharing your tutorials, they have been wonderful 💕💖

  18. Love these cards, so adorable. I have been looking at this set for awhile and I think you just pushed me over the fence! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Just the inspiration I needed…had to make a quick batch of cards…beautiful cards Therese! 😍❤😍❤😍🤶🎅

  20. Hi Therese, I am in the SW of WA. Do you buy your supplies from stores in Australia or do you order straight from the various companies online?

  21. Very cute cards , love the fact you make it look so easy and fun at the same time. There are so many different ways to make cards I just finally said I am going to do it my way. Like I love the markers but with so much choose from no one knows until you finally find the one that is good for you. I now have 6 different marks sets and decided I will just use what I think will work for me. But I love your cards and will try them they are a pleasure to look at with out being over top . So Thanks for sharing all your info with us. We really do need some directions.

  22. Terese, I love this series! these cards are so simple yet beautiful. thanks so much for sharing so many lovely cards! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  23. I think it’s great to show examples with minimal supplies. It really helps people who are new to our craft. The shopping can be overwhelming for them. 🤪

  24. I have to say, I love the pastels! Just loved your series and these sweet cards were no exception! I'm so happy you got to make cards with your friends on World Card Making Day ! And, I hope you and your hubby and family had a lovely holiday! Sending you best wishes for a creative and happy new year! 🎊🎈🎆

  25. Love this card Therese, definitely male appropriate. Also love that you’ve added a touch of fun in your sentiment. I do wish companies creating stamp sets would remember that around half the population of the world are male and start designing images to enable us to create good humorous cards for them. That’s what men prefer, cards with a touch of humour. We need the stamp sets to create them. After my rant, I’ll need to get this set. Thank you for sharing it.

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