– Hey, it’s Connie and Shawn
from We Are The Davises, and of course, we have Tyler down there, playing with Harley and–
– He’s being the dog whisperer.
– What’s Kayla doing? Kayla’s jumpin’ around. So we’re all excited and pumped up, we’re kinda getting a late start tonight but the kids wanna do some Yobe and Shawn said he was gonna
take care of a couple things and then we’re come back here, pick him up and we’re
all gonna go head out to do some toy shopping! – Toy shopping! – Does that sound like fun? – Yeah!
– Who doesn’t like toys? – Yeah, we’re gonna go do that. So, let’s head out! And we’ll see you in a minute! – I’ll see you in a minute! Yay, mwah!
– Mwah! (upbeat rock music) – Okay, guys, we are just
looking at some cool lights on the way to Yobe. Let’s see if we can get some
of these shots for you guys. (slow rock music) (“We Wish You A Merry Christmas”) – That’s it for all the
crazy lights, though. – [Tyler] There’s some by the pool, but– – We just wanted to show you that they’re pretty. (chuckles) (upbeat rock music) – I’m gonna get the waffle cone, mm! I usually don’t get a topping, but it looks so good! (upbeat rock music) (“Jingle Bells”)
– Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas, everybody! The Davis family is out
getting snacks right now, and I’m here to make sure
they have cool presents to open when they return so watch me as I load up this tree
full of nice presents for everybody to see! (“Jingle Bells”) Ho, ho, ho, ho! I love Christmas, how about you guys? You know, I know if you’ve
been naughty or nice. But if you’ve been good, you can expect to see me here real soon! Oh, got a heavy load here! Ho, ho, ho! These guys must have been
extra nice this year! I got so many presents for them I don’t know what to do! My elves were busy just
workin’ on the Davises! (“Jingle Bells”) I better hurry up, they’re
probably gonna be home here soon. This is a heavy one! (grunts) I don’t know how these little
elves can make such big– I don’t know about you guys, but I totally subscribe to their channel. They make the best videos. This one here is a very
special one just for Shawn. I know he’s had some issues but I think this will
definitely help out with it, so I’ll be very happy to
see him open this one. Yay, I’m finally done putting
all the presents up for ’em, sweet! (upbeat Christmas song) – Okay, Shawn just called
so we’re heading back home to pick him up!
– Yay! I still have some of my Yobe left. – Kayla’s still got her Yobe! It is really cold, it’s
hard to eat it fast, though. He got done with his work
faster than we thought he was. So now we gotta get back home! (slow Christmas song) This way. – (gasps) Hi!
– Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! – I’m confused!
– Wait, is it Christmas early? – Ho, ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! Missed you guys! Ho, ho, ho, ho! We were just in (mumbles)
a few days ago, I know, but, man, it seems like forever! – Wait, I’m confused!
– Mom’s out parking– – Mommy, I’m confused. – Ho, ho, ho! We’re recording right there! Say hi, everybody! Ho, ho, ho, ho!
– Mommy, I’m confused! – I think Santa came early! – Yeah, ho, ho, ho!
– Oh my gosh! Why are you here early? Oh my goodness! – I didn’t think you guys would mind. I had all these extra presents, I just thought–
– Are you guys gonna complain that Santa’s here early? – Confused! – Don’t be confused, enjoy
the moment, ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! – Can we open stuff now? – Okay, you guys wanna open stuff? – Hershey, Harley, look! (Davises talk at the same time) – [Connie] Aww, lookit! – [Kayla] Oh, you like it? – [Connie] Oh, the puppies get toys! – [Kayla] Harley, look you got this one! Yeah! – Oh, I got a unicorn onesie! I got a unicorn! Yes, I love it so much! – I got a robot thingamajig! – Oh, my goodness!
– So we all did good? – Yes! – I like building stuff and– – I got a unicorn onesie! – If you build me a sleigh with that, that will go faster
than the one I got now! No, okay, well maybe next year. – Oh my goodness, I can tell already, this is gonna get messy. See what you got! – Ooh, a shirt! – That’s a shirt? – I mean, this is shorts. It says “butter” on it. – Butter?
– It says butter. – Thank you, sir!
– Ho, ho, ho! – It’s an honor!
– And I got a neon yellow jacket. And it’s got the god, hand or god eye or something on the back. With gems? – That’s beautiful! – Show everybody. – Oh, yay!
– It’s a face heater! – When you go skiing? – Oh, yay! Ho, ho, ho, ho! – You guys like your toys? Oh, it’s a brush! It’s Pua and Hei Hei! It’s Pua and Hei Hei! It’s so awesome, oh my God,
I love Pua and Hei Hei! – You’re so awesome, Santa! Aww! This is one of my helpers, right here! I wouldn’t know what to give without her! Ho, ho, ho, ho!
– Did Santa get me anything? – Oh yeah, oh yeah! – I’m waiting and I’m getting nothing! – I got shorts!
– Special from Santa! Ho, ho, ho!
– Oooh! I’m starting to think Santa forgot me!
– Oh no! Oh no, Santa loves his elves. – (gasps) Oh my God, a dinosaur onesie! I got a dinosaur onesie! I got a dinosaur onesie! – Quick, put it on right now! Put it on right now! Right now, right now! – [Connie] Four humidifiers! Two humidifiers! (laughs) – Four humidifiers! – One for your room, one for the office! Ho, ho, ho, ho!
– Whoo, yay! That means that the air will stay moist and my face won’t dry out anymore! Thank you, Santa, I love it! It’s perfect! – Thank you, Tyler! – Tyler! This is from your sister!
– Oh my gosh! I think I know what this is! – It’s a beanie boo! He’s so cute!
– I knew it! – Look at how cute my beanie boo is! It’s so adorable! I love Christmas! Look at him, he’s so cute, he’s so cute! – I gave her that! Thank you for the lollipop! – You’re welcome, there’s
two lollipops inside! – I got a beanie boo, it’s so cute! Don’t tell me what it is! – Oh my, three, two, one! (kids shout happily) Oh my gosh! – It’s Cozmo! Lookit! It’s a hoverboard!
– Yeah! – He got a hoverboard! – Merry Christmas! – I wanna show them! My box says, “I wanna be
a pizza box!” (laughs) – Kayla’s got a pizza, oh my. Tyler gets a hoverboard
and Kayla gets a pizza! – (gasps) Are you serious? It’s a laptop! – No way! Daddy, I mean, Santa!
(family laughs) I mean Santa! I got a laptop, it’s so cool! – Thank you so much for everything, Santa! – Oh, you’re welcome, The Davises. You know you’re my
favorite YouTube channel that I watch and subscribe to? I wake up at six a.m. every morning just to watch you guys. You guys are so awesome! – Oh, we appreciate that
you came early for us! – Oh, it’s my pleasure,
you guys have been good! So to everybody out there,
we will see you soon! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, have a safe and wonderful
holiday, we love you all! – [Davises] Bye! – We’re not leaving!
– Bye, Santa! – No, Santa’s going bye-bye! – I gotta take their Dad off my reindeer so I can go fly to Indonesia. So I’ll see you all later, bye-bye! – Bye, Santa! – Alright, that was fun! – You’re back!
– I’m back! I got to hang out with Rudolph,
the red-nosed reindeer! – How was Rudolph? – He’s getting a little feisty, man! He kicked me upside the head! I have a bump back here right now! – I don’t believe it! Rudolph’s not like that! – I’m just kidding! We were rough-housing a little bit. I had a lot of fun. You know Prancer and Dancer and all them, they’re just a rowdy group, I mean they fly all over, they’re so hopped up on
whatever that fairy dust is that makes ’em fly. They were like good to go. – They use Red Bull. – Red Bull, is that what it is? It gives them wings?
– Yeah. – Awesome! – That would make sense, actually! Tissue paper in it, there’s
something crazy inside! – Oh, it gets better! It just gets better and better! – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! It’s Michael Kors! I know what it is! (shouts) I love it! I haven’t even looked at it yet! (shouts)
– Yay! – I love it, it’s so cute! You guys are so good at picking it out! Yes, I love it! – [Kayla] Show it off. (hums)
– Yay! – Do I look fancy? – Yes, very fancy.
– I love it! Thank you, thank you! – And it’s a, it’s a nose hair trimmer! And a new shaver because
the other one that we have was used to shave Hershey’s butt. So no butt shaving
clippers on my head, sorry. Just fresh brand new ones for me! (upbeat Christmas song) No way!
– A drone! – I knew this, Mommy
told me only last week. – No way!
– It’s gold! – That is so awesome, baby! I love you, baby! (chuckles) Follow the
breadcrumbs to the present! – I got a p– I forgot what you call ’em! – [Connie] Instapix! – Instax mini, oh my gosh, I love these! – [Connie] Picture starting to show up! – My first Instapic. – [Connie] That was what
pictures used to be in the 70s. – I totally remember. If you have a Polaroid
camera back in 1979, you were the bomb! That’s like having an iPhone 7 right now! – Oh, you see the flash! Wow, it’s like a star up on our heads! Oh, I love it! I feel like we’re back in time! It’s like a time warp. He’s playing with his toy, he learns. – [Kayla] He learns, yes. – [Connie] He learns
by looking at us, too! – [Kayla] He’s dancing! – He’s gonna learn your name–
– (gasps) He can learn our voices!
– Yes! – He can learn our
voices and say our name. – [Connie] He’s analyzing Tyler. (robot whirs) (robot dings) – He said Tyler! – He said, “Um, Tyler!” My turn, my turn, my turn! Oh, wait, let me take off this. – Oh yeah, I just ruined it for me! (robot whirs) (robot dings) Kayla, Kayla, he gets better! – Okay. – [Robot] Kayla! – Good job, little baby! He’s like a little baby! – [Connie] He’s a baby
learning how to talk! – Only me and Kayla– – Mommy, look at how good this– I wanna show them how good it turned out. This is a selfie I took with my Polaroid of me and Tyler in our onesies! – [Connie] That’s perfect! – Yay!
– Love it! – It turned out so good! – That is a great picture! Good job, baby! (Davises talk at the same time) – So, we hope you guys enjoyed! We are really just having
a wonderful time together. And then we will be back in the morning, ’cause it’s still gonna be Christmas! – And we get stockings! – Yay!
– So thank you so much for sharing our Christmas with us. We enjoyed having you in our home and– – What about backwards Christmas? – Kinda crazy but we
got jumped on by doggies and we had a lot of fun and– – Hope you guys enjoyed this video! This Christmas video and– – Kayla, Kayla, Kayla!
– What? Oh, yeah.
– Oh, yeah. You can’t do a sign off unless
you’re full on unicorn mode. You gotta be in unicorn mode. – So we hope you guys enjoyed
this Christmas with us! Like, subscribe, share this
video with your friends and until next time! – [Davises] Bye! (wholesome upbeat music)

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