santa clau

A few daysssssssssssss before Christmas day-ay .
L o c a t i o n: North Pole *Depressing music plays* *Doo- doo-doooooo* *Knockety-knock-knock* COME IN (dude no orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fffffffffff rtete you look like a burn chicken nugget tees gonna come in when u say it like that) (Ok I was mistaken) (Run while u still can lil elf boi) I have a CoMpLaInT WhAt Is YoUr CoMpLaInT? Mr ELF (Wow how original) The elves, sir, they need food (no one cares) (Hey you could feed them enough fatso) *Casually glides through table* *Aaaaand through the door* (oh so this is how santa breaks into our houses ohhhh I get it now) *Breaks neck* They are dying (oh deer badum CrAsH) *WoOoOoOoOoW* (Prepare for the jumpscare) (ARGH) H O H O THAT’S HOW IT IS (ok dude chill) D O N T K I L L T H E C H R I S T M A S V I B E H O H O *CRACC* *Casually glides in reverse through a door* *Eerie music continues* *You have reached your destination* (Nice beard) *Knock knock knock knock* WUT (Oh look who’s back) SaNtA What is that? (Dude it’s pretty obvious) What is what? (Is you bliiind?) What is the ‘kill elf plan’? (Wow he’s pretty dumn) (Well he inflated pretty quick) *CRACC 2.0) *Cave opens* (Woah his eyes) *Elf gets sucked into a vortex (Santa’s mouth)* (OH GOD ITS CHRISTMAS MAGIC) *All the elves are sucked into the cave of doom whilst dramatic music plays in the background* *SCROMPTIOUS* *Oh no he’s coming…* (and his mouth consumed everything and now everything is now a black void) (Wow that was hard to make the subtitles for! Go subscribe to Surreal Entertainment!! I’m just a random kid but I think I have tastes… AND PATIENCE!)

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