Santa Claus Creates an Explosive Christmas – TABS Story – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mods

Santa Claus Creates an Explosive Christmas – TABS Story – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mods

Christmas was coming so the tribal brothers were discussing their potential presents I hope I get a new rock! You can get a new rock anytime! This is different! A special rock from North Pole would be amazing! I want a new weapon! Something stronger than this club! Let’s hope Santa brings us what we want! The farmers organized a gathering at their Christmas tree As we all know, Santa is coming soon! He will bring you all a present if you were nice this year! If you don’t get a present, don’t worry! Santa will give you one next year! The King also had a long tradition of waiting for Santa’s presents I’m worried this year I wasn’t a good King A lot of our peasants are still suffering You are doing your best sire I’m sure Santa will see that and bring you a present I hope you are right! I would love a new crown from Santa himself You will get it sire! Meanwhile at the North Pole, a problem had arisen Where is the sleigh? We thought you took it out for a test ride! A test ride? Elfiro My friend Have I ever gone on a test ride In these 947 years?  We can’t deliver the presents without the sleigh /VOU>| I Find the sleigh and the deer! A bit further south, the Jarl was monitoring the Christmas tree production Are we ready for Christmas? The production is going very well! What are the sales projections? We expect to sell most of the trees! Wonderful! The city folk did a great job with the decorations! They aren’t cheap but it is worth it! The city folk were also ready for Christmas Those dirty Vikings and their tree monopoly You did great though! Thank you sir! Do you want any changes on your tree? No it is perfect! I hope Santa likes it as well and gives me a new sword! The pirates were also getting ready This thing cost a fortune! That Klaus guy better bring me some good stuff It’s Claus That’s what I said He is called Santa Claus Jonny Do you wish to die today? I’m sorry captain Back at the North Pole the elves managed to find the sleigh It’s ruined! All the presents are ruined! We can repair the sleigh! The sleigh is useless without the reindeer! Where are they? We can’t find them How will we deliver the presents then? We can do it! There’s too many presents to deliver! We can deliver them a message from you as a present! Won’t they get mad? Some will! But we can find the reindeer until next Christmas! We better find them! Christmas day came and the tribal brothers got just one box with Santa’s letter What does it say? I don’t know! I thought you knew how to read! I can read tracks in mud! This sucks! Maybe Santa just had a rough year! Or maybe we were terrible and don’t deserve presents! I’m sure we will get something next year! Farmers also got the same present This is interesting Santa wasn’t able to bring us presents this year! I’m sure you are all disappointed but keep in mind… Santa will not forget you next year! The King got the same box I knew it! I was a terrible King this year! I’m sure it was a mistake! This is what I deserve I must be better to my people next year! The city mayor wasn’t happy about this present What is this nonsense? Where is my new sword? I won’t-waste my time on this any longer! The pirate captain was furious as well I spent a fortune on this stupid tree only to get nothing! What a waste of my time! JONNY! Santa tried his best to call his reindeer back but they were nowhere to be seen He was forced to deliver the same message for another Christmas That does it! Nothing for two years in a row! I don’t even want a rock from the North Pole anymore! There’s no point wasting time with these trees anymore! Farmers were also very upset This is not good The children are angry The King also lost his understanding I was good this year! All of our peasants have clothes and food! Good question sire It seems like Christmas isn’t worth our time anymore You can say that again! It seems like Christmas isn’t worth our time anymore No I didn’t mean Okay The Jari was noticing his business slowing down People aren’t buying the trees! What?! Apparently Santa isn’t delivering presents anymore! Isn’t that his only point in life? I don’t know! You’re the one that knows him! Looks like it’s time.for a visit! Jari went to the North Pole to see what’s going on What’s with the snowmen? What snowmen? There are dozens of snowmen around here now! I don’t know what you’re talking about Okay whatever Why aren’t you delivering presents? I can’t find my reindeer! It’s been 2 years since you delivered presents properly Maybe get new reindeer? Yes because magical flying reindeer grow on trees Well find a way because my business is suffering! So people aren’t buying Christmas trees anymore? After only 2 years of no presents? Apparently so go fix it! Santa began losing his temper Ungrateful people threw him away so quickly
after he did so much for everyone over the years He decided to change his plans for next Christmas Elfiro! I have a secret mission for you We haven’t done those in forever! Ne’re doing one now! I need you to borrow something from someone for next Christmas Is it a new ingredient for presents? Exactly! Pirates had a stash of bombs on their island And the elves went there to steal them The pirates guarding the bombs were far too drunk to do their jobs properly As a result the elves were able to get through Elfiro survived and stole a few bombs Just enough to figure out how to recreate them Shortly after, Santa was now ready for next Christmas The day arrived and the Jarl’s business was completely failing No trees sold? Zero I guess it is time for you to meet Santa The Vikings traveled to the North Pole to face Santa I was waiting for you So you’re ready to hand over your business to me? What makes you think I would do that? Why else would you be ready? Do you think you have a choice? I’m not giving you anything Then I will take it from you The Vikings attacked and jumped on the elves first Santa started throwing his special presents at the Jarl The elves were getting destroyed but Santa’s explosive presents were not something the
Jari expected The Jari was soon defeated As well as the rest of his army But Santa lost his elves and had to make everyone pay For Christmas the tribe was at a bonfire when Santa appeared He decided to give them the presents they wanted so much The tribe was soon eliminated Allowing Santa to continue to the next group that abandoned him The farmers spent their Christmas out in the field So Santa gave them a few presents The angry children were soon not angry anymore Santa’s rage only grew further and he had to visit more groups The King spent his Christmas training his troops to conquer more areas Santa had other plans The King was strong and resistant to Santa’s special presents But even he couldn’t handle Santa’s generosity Once the last archer was gone, Santa was ready to get to the city The mayor was planning on painting a few nearby walls with his portraits Santa was planning on painting something else on those walls The painters tried to avoid Santa’s generous gifts but any attempt was futile Santa was ready to travel to the pirate island Pirate captain was just about to get on his ship and attack Santa when he arrived to them Captain’s harpooners were ready for him Santa was still able to throw his presents at them but with great difficulty Captain learned that Santa stole his bombs so he was prepared Santa’s rage clouded his judgement when facing the pirates And the captain was able to knock him out Santa was captured by the captain and Christmas was officially cancelled

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  1. Happy holidays everyone, we hope you enjoy this one! The ultimate modding tool is here so we can do literally anything. Let us know what you wanna see next!

  2. I looked up TABS central hoping just by chance at least one video was posted today, and I saw this… great job! Happy Holidays every one!!!!!!!!!

  3. Santa is anakin skywalker killing The kids but even without santa it seems like everyone was enjoying their Christmas so Santa is the real villain of the story

  4. Honestly it was no one's fault. Those dumb reindeer caused this all, so when everyone realizes that the reindeer caused this all they are soooo gonna get fricked.

  5. Murdering over a hundred people just since you were angry that people were losing faith because you give up on finding reindeer and just focus on murder. The PERFECT Santa Claus!

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