SANTA CLAUS – MEET SANTA HERE!  Merry Christmas! ?


Where is it that you work….I know during
Christmas season you do it over the weekends – at the gas station around the corner. Yeah, it’s up there at that Exxon
Trying to make some spare money well that’s pretty good I had a friend of mine that went
by there and said that when the kids come up instead of a candy cane..everybody gives
out freaking candy canes so that at the gas station they have special you get a can of
oil so they got something they can actually use and that you don’t have to pay to get
a picture with you you just have to fill up a tank when you fill up the tank you get a
free visit with Santa and a can of oil Right? Yep! That sounds good! I’ll remember that next year – I got to get
a bunch of kids because I need some oil I’ll take a bunch of kids up there and get some
free oil You got to keep up that oil change up on that old Ford
Yeah, that’s might fine ride! Merry Christmas

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