Santa Claus Rocket

This is Ron of Super8tovideo It’s been over
a Month since I have put out a video and here is why. I take care of swimming pools for a living. On December 8th we had a vicious wind storm
that hit Hemet where I live. So I have been busy cleaning up the mess. This is a picture of the last swimming pool
I cleaned up and I finished on Friday just after the sun set. I was driving home and I could not believe
what I saw. So I stopped the car and started filming with
my cell phone. Cell phones have small sensors so when the
light gets low a lot of digital noise gets introduced into the film. That is one of the reasons some people still
prefer a dedicated video camera for video over a cell phone. This is a short clip of the cell phones picture
before I ran it through Neat Video it is on the left. On the right is the same film but after it
was run through Neat Video. Here is another short clip from the same video
but later in the film when I zoomed in via the cell phone again the original is on the
left and the Neat Video clip is on the right. As you can see the original has an extra amount
of digital noise when I zoomed in. For this zoomed in portion I pushed Neat Video
settings to the extreme. This blurs the video but I have found in silhouette
situations you can get by with these settings. From this point on I am going to play the
video but this is the cleaned up film in other words the film has been run through Neat Video
from this point on. What you are looking at is Santa getting an
early start for Christmas. He is on his sleigh and is the light on the
left. On the right is Rudolph and he is the light
on the right. If you look behind them both that is some
ice crystals that fell off of some of Santas presents when Rudolph split off the main sleigh
and started heading for what I think is the Philippines by looking at the trajectory. It looks like Santa is heading near Hawaii
where probably some elves will break off like Rudolph and take care of that Island. Then Santa will probably continue on for Australia
and New Zealand. I went online to Newsbud and found out this
morning what is going on. Sibel Edmonds Newsbuds founder was able to
get just a moment and only just a moment with Santa because he is extra busy this time of
year. He explained that because all the boys and
girls have been extra good this year they made a bumper crop of clothes and toys. Santa explained to Ms. Edmonds because of
this he had to leave a day early. He would usually leave on Saturday instead
of Friday. He arrived at Vandenberg air force base in
the early afternoon. Look at this, that is over three thousand
and five hundred miles, in what probably five hours. For my subscribers that are on the metric
system that is over five thousand and 700 kilometers. Ms. Edmonds explained why the stop. Rudolph and all the elves needed to stop at
Vandenberg air base to get supplies and eat. Santa explained to Ms. Edmonds that the reason
the elves and reindeer have never missed a Christmas is because they keep a very nutritious
diet year round, there will be no fast food restaurants at the North Pole Santa told her. Santa even made sure that Vani Hari the Food
Babe checked out the reindeer food to make sure it was raw and had no processed food
filler added. We can’t have the reindeer, elves or Santa
getting sick now can we Ms. Edmonds said Santa. Shortly after sunset Santa took off and boom
there I was driving so I stopped and took this video. Now what is amazing is how fast Santa climbed
into the sky and how high. I remembered the story Newsbud broke about
the CEO and the entire board of Amazon writing a very respectful letter to Santa asking if
he could help with some of their deliveries near Christmas if they fell behind on there
delivery times. Santa knew his priorities were to make sure
he was on time for the kids of the world and wrote a very kind letter back saying no he
couldn’t help but gave Amazon some very good tips on how to deliver packages, after
all he has been doing it a lot longer than Amazon. How high was Santa when I saw him I don’t
really know but take a look at this Vandenberg Air Base is 210 miles from Hemet or 344 kilometers. Santa was seen all the way in Phoenix Arizona
which is 280 miles or 453 Kilometers from where I filmed Santa. In Arizona he looked as high from the horizon
as he did here in Hemet. He must have been 50 or 100 miles up or something. I left a link in the description to this video
to those who want to see Santas whole trip up from Arizona and find out more information. If you wondered how I knew which one was Rudolph. Watch when Rudolph turns his nose on and see
how bright it is. Isn’t that amazing. Look at how much faster Rudolph is than slow
poke Santa. No wonder why Amazon wanted their help. Any ways guys Have a Merry Christmas or happy
Hanukkah or a wonderful 25th if you don’t celebrate Christmas where you are and a happy
new year. This is Ron of Super8tovideo signing off.

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