Santa Claus Story Time

Guess what happened I saw Santa! Its the Dr. Jim Show! Hey guess what happened! I saw Santa Claus! Here’s what happened I was teaching
class and I saw out the window Right next to my class there’s a train track The train goes right next to my classroom and it was right there and you
know the train goes by– whatever, but this time there was something different. There
was just a different feel and I turned and looked and there was Santa! And I saw
these reindeer sitting there chewing and the one in the front had a funny face,
just standing there and I was like, “Wow! That’s really Santa Claus!”
okay guys I’ve got to cancel class! I have to see this for myself! So I ran down
the hall and I ran down the other hall and there was an elevator and I was like– I’m not
going to take that and I took the stairs. I went all the way down the stairs. I got
to the first floor and I saw there were these turnstiles and I took this one and
I got outside and looked for the train. oh yeah , there it is. Okay and I went down
the street and there was an intersection you know Wabash was right there and I
had to wait because the cars were going across and I was like, “hurry up you know!”
It was state and Congress right there I was like–
Hurry up! There’s Santa! There were no cars and I ran across
the street and I was running and running you know the Dairy Queen? I was like– Oh
screw that! I was running and running and running and there’s you know there’s
an empty lot there and the train kept going and I was like oh come on Santa!
and I kept running and there’s more and more the intersection of LaSalle. I
saw Santa and he was turning. The train was turning! I’m a little bit fat so I
was a little out of breath and I was running and running and I turned the
corner and I was running down LaSalle and running to follow the train. It went toward the station and he kept going and I saw this huge eye looking at me!
that’s like yeah and I just stood there breathing and I knew the train was going
into the station so I ignored the eye and I just kept going, you know the
library is over here and the train was going in and the eye was on the other side, so I
crossed the street and went up the steps and there was SANTA! Right there! HOHOHO. And I looked and waved! Hi Santa!

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