22 thoughts on “Santa Claus Tart Recipe | Christmas Holiday Pies

  1. Santa might be late this year because he's about to get in mah belly! Check out this cute #vegan Christmas tart by @HeartofTartsย 

  2. So Delicious brand has a new nog beverage that is delicious! Blows the Silk version out of the water, in my opinion. It's nice and thick and, to me, tastes just like the real thing! It's great if you can't tolerate soy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Man I bet this taste so good. I was just talking to my Sis earlier today while she was eating pomegranate seeds and she was talking about their sweet taste.ย  That with chocolate = yum yum good!!

  4. Pomegranate has been a hot topic in my life, for some ย reason everyone just picks them out by hand individually! All you have to is cut it in half and beat the seeds out with a wooden spoon over a bowl, they fall right out. Easier than the water method. BTW that filing is DELICIOUS! Super cute!

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