Santa is Captured by the Russians – Foil Arms and Hog

Santa is Captured by the Russians – Foil Arms and Hog

I think there has been some sort of a mistake. You see I have a very busy night tonight. He was found attempting to hide in a chimney. Chimney? What were you doing in Russian airspace? I’ve already told you. Ho! Ho, ho, ho… That was naughty. We found a list of names. Ah my list. These are American spies? No, no. Who is Little Baby Jessica? Well I’ve never met her personally but I’m sure she is a very good girl. There was also a second list. Oh you don’t want to be on that list. You plan to kill these people. No, no, they just get a bad present. It used to be a bag of coal but the whole climate change thing… We intercepted a communication from one of his assets Dear Santa Stop. I have been a good girl. Stop. I would like a Silvanian Family Cosy Cottage Starter Home Stop. This is clearly code. No it’s not code. Then who is Santa? That’s me. You said your name was Father Christmas. Yes, I’m known by very many names. So you are spy? No, look if you could just let me on my way. Tell us about your fighter plane. The sleigh? It does not appear on radar. Well it’s actually quite magical you see the reindeer and then the elves… Ty vresh’! Now there’s no need for that type of language. You are setting a very bad example To little Tatanya and Vasilli. How do you know my children’s names? What are you doing in Russia? Presents, I deliver presents. Presents? For who? Well, to all the children in the world. All the children in the world? In return for what? Well, nothing. Nothing? So… You are communist? Yes. Why do you think I wear red comrade? Comrade. Two vodka, one cookies and milk. It is good to see you comrade. Comrade. Thanks for watching. We are touring live all over the UK and Ireland. Please come see us. There is ticket links around here somewhere. And it is a great idea for a Christmas present. It’s an OK idea for Christmas present. It’s easy. It’s easy though. I think the best thing about buying tickets for someone to a gig be it anyone’s gig is that you know if you give someone two tickets to a show it’s implied That they are going to bring you. It’s a ticket…. For yourself. It’s a present for yourself. This Chirstmas… be more selfish. It’s also like a Christmas present for us as well. Yes. Help us… Help ourselves. Doomdah……. (And Merry Christmas all you legends thanks for watching)

100 thoughts on “Santa is Captured by the Russians – Foil Arms and Hog

  1. Wow, I didn't expect you to try and speak actual Russian!

    Молодцы, ребятки! Порадовали 😉
    I discovered you only recently and in a few (holi-)days binge watched almost all clips from your channel. Please, don't ever stop!

  2. Могли хотя бы позвать кого-то кто говорит на русском. А так всё отлично.

  3. Hey, why not come to Russia on a tour?.. ? Just don't come on a sleigh and if you do, make sure to wear red, comrade…

  4. Santa likes red
    Stalin likes red
    Santa lives in somewhere cold
    Stalin lives in somewhere cold
    Santa has two lists
    Stalin has many lists
    Santa knows every child's quality
    Stalin knows everyone's quality
    Santa gives every child present for nothing
    Stalin gives everyone present and punishment for nothing


  5. I half expected the interrogates to turn into children themselves and wear big smiles saying, "Really?! Can we have presents too?!"

  6. CORRECTION: 0:07
    Volgograd is located on the Western Border of Russian between Krasnodar and Moscow. Kazakstan's border with Russia starts about 1500-2000 km east of Volgograd (Imagine Volgograd being right next to Belarus). SO: Santa couldn't have flown in WEST of Volgograd since there is Belarus and not Kazakstan 🙂

  7. 中文:英特纳雄耐尔,就一定要实现!

    English:The international ideal unites the human race!

    Русская: С Интернационалом Воспрянет род людской!

    Deutsch: Die Internationale erkämpft das Menschenrecht!

  8. He is a communist!
    Göring, prepare the Luftwaffe at once! We're shooting down a sleigh and some reindeer for das Vaterland!

  9. "Like" for you from Russia, comrades. Our cause is just. Capitalism will be broken. Victory will be ours! =)) Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

  10. Just saw your video on a news channel in my country. Was so happy to see you on tv (yes, they mentioned the source, the youtube link to your channel was on screen all the time). Merry Christmas!

  11. Watched this in bed on Christmas morning and my wife hands me 2 tickets to the gig in limerick.. man I was buzzing… absolutely delighted and couldn't believe she was so thoughtful. It's a serious step up from socks and jocks.
    But after watching it and hearing the speech about 2 tickets…..

  12. This is the best sketch I've ever seen! The Red Army Choir's version of Jingle Bells in the background at the end is just perfection. You guys are amazing!

  13. Volgograd and Kazakhstan? You meant Kazakh SSR and Stalingrad, comrade ? Служу Советскому Союзу

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