Season 10, Episode 19 – Party Crasher | Red vs. Blue

[F.I.L.S.S] Intruder alert. Intruder alert. Breach in security. Level zero. [Carolina] It’s the resistance. [Director] No. It’s Agent Texas, and her damn partner in crime. [Counselor] We should get back to the lab. Director. We must follow protocol. [Director] Carolina, look at me. You know what needs to b e done? [Carolina] I do. [Director] Then do it. (♫ Fragments, Jeff Williams) ♪ Screams in the silence ♪ ♪ Voices fill your brain ♪ ♪ Tremble in the process ♪ ♪ Whispers feed the pain ♪ ♪ We are just fragments and pieces ♪ ♪ We are controlling the game ♪ ♪ Don’t even know our own secrets ♪ ♪ When it’s all over we all will pay ♪ ♪ Cover up your eyes now and wait for the darkness ♪ ♪ Try to fall asleep fast and pay for the blindness ♪ ♪ You don’t wanna see what’s growing deep now inside us ♪ ♪ What we’ve all become is just lies and disguises ♪ [South] You think you’re so fucking tough, don’t you Texas? Well, lemme ask you something- who’s the monster now, bitch? [Tex] Ah, shit… [Soldier 1] Dude, we get to fight with Wyoming! [Soldier 2] Awesome! [Wyoming] Just clear the room, lads. [Soldiers, simultaneously] All clear! We got it, sir! [Wyoming] *sigh* Dear god, it’s like idiots in stereo. [Soldier 2] *chuckles* Nice zinger, sir! [Soldier 1] Kiss-ass. [Soldier 2] Shut up. [Wyoming] Look over there. Now, where are you hiding? Knock-knock, mate… [Soldier 1] Hey, who’s there? [Soldier 1] It’s York! Agh! [York] Knock. Knock. [Wyoming] Ah, yes, let’s play! Who’s there? [York] It’s York! Hello. [Wyoming] Who is there? [York] I told you, it’s York! [Wyoming] *groans* It’s York… who? [York] It’s “York” catch, asshole. Talk about knock-knocks. [North] Well, hello, ladies. What seems to be the problem? [South] North, you know what the problem is! This bitch stabbed us in the back, and now it’s time to return the favor. Whose side are you on, brother? [North] Tex, take a walk. I need to have a little chat with my sister. [Tex] North, you sure? [North] Go. This is a family matter. [Tex] Hey York, I could use that distraction right about now! [York] Read ya loud and clear, Tex. One distraction comin’ right up. [Tex, through comms] York, make it a big one! [York] Hey, relax. It’s me. [Carolina] …Damn it, York…! [Director] What the hell is going on?! Who is shooting at us?! [Counselor] We are. [Tex] You call that ‘big’? Men. (Bow chickia bow wow) [Tank Driver] She’s over there! [Tank Gunner] I got her. [Tex] Agh! [Tank Gunner] Ow! Jesus, lady! What the…? Uh, oh god, oh please, oh…! Hey, bitch! Catch! *screams* [Tex] Whoa! [York] Well, hello… What have we here? This looks important. Hey, Delta. I think we could get in a lot of trouble in here. [Delta] I think we are already in a lot of trouble, York. [York] Hmm… let’s test that theory. [York] Carolina. Let’s not do this. It doesn’t have to be this way. [Carolina] What are you doing here? Why are you helping her?! [York] It’s not about her! I’m trying to do the right thing! You should, too! [Carolina] I AM doing the right thing! I’m not deserting! She just wants your A.I., York. She already went after Wyoming. [York] Is that what they told you? [Carolina] I’m going to stop her. I have to. [York] You don’t have to prove anything. C’mon, let’s leave this place! We can get you help. And get those damn things out of your head! You can trust me. [Carolina] Maybe. But you can’t trust me. [York] …Carolina… [Soldier] Wh-whoa, hey! Whoa! [Carolina] Don’t even think about it. [Tex] Don’t try to stop me! Give it up, Carolina. [Carolina] Never. I can beat you. [Tex] No. You. CAN’T! You can’t win, Carolina. But you can come with me. Whoa! Hey there. [Alpha] Huh? Oh, uh… Hello. …Who are you? [Tex] You don’t know me…? [Alpha] Oh, sorry, I’m just… I’m… …tired. I’m really tired, um… My name is, uh… …it’s uh… [Tex] Your name is Alpha. You’re Church. [Alpha] Right. Church, that’s me. And you are…? [Tex] Let’s just say, we used to be together. [Alpha] Oh. Um, okay. [Tex] I need you to come with me. [Alpha] Oh, I don’t think I can, but, thanks. I-I think I’m just gonna… stay here. Y’know… and rest. [Tex] You don’t wanna leave? [Alpha] Nah, I just… I don’t think I can. [Tex] Okay. Maybe you just rest, then. [Alpha] Yeah, but, what was your… na– what was your name? Your name, again? [Tex] It’s Texas. [Alpha] Texas. Like the state? [Tex] Yeah. [Alpha] Funny name for a girl. [Tex] Heh, well, Church is… a pretty funny name for a guy. [Alpha] Yeah. I guess you’re right. [Tex] You gave me this name, y’know. [Alpha] I wonder why I did that. [Tex] Well… …maybe if you think about it… it’ll come to you. [Alpha] Yeah. Hey, I’m– I’m gonna rest now. But, thanks for coming by. [Tex] Okay. You rest. Church… [Alpha] Yeah? [Tex] Goodbye. [Alpha] Huh. I dunno why, but… …I hate goodbyes. [Tex] *sighs* Me too. [Alpha] Okay. See ya… …crazy state-name lady. [Tex] Goodbye. [Carolina] What are you doing?! No! NOOOO! [Tex] NOOOO! [Sigma] You run, Agent Texas. We are the Meta. And we will find you. Very soon.

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