Sesame Street: Boston Letter T Party | Kermit News

Sesame Street: Boston Letter T Party | Kermit News

ANNOUNCER: We take you now to
Kermit the Frog with another fast breaking news story. [HORSE NEIGHING] KERMIT: Oh. Hi ho, Kermit the Frog at Sesame
Street News with Great Moments in History. The year, 1773. The place, the Boston Harbor. And we are here. [HORSE NEIGHING] KERMIT: Oh, hey, hey, hey,
excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, sir. Kermit the Frog of Sesame
Street News. Would you mind telling us what’s
going on here today? COLONIST: Certainly. We call this the Boston
Tea Party. All us colonists are getting
together to throw our teas into Boston Bay. KERMIT: I see. And would you mind telling
us why you’re doing that? COLONIST: Not at all. You see, the king is making us
pay a tax for our tea, and we don’t like it. So show him how angry we are,
we’re throwing everything we have that starts with the
letter T into the water. Myself, I’m throwing all
my ties into the bay. KERMIT: Ties? No, see, I thought that
what you were– COLONIST: Hey, bud. What should I do with
these turnips? COLONIST: Oh yeah, throw
them in the bay. COLONIST: Right-o. KERMIT: Turnips? WAITER: Did someone
order the tamales? COLONIST: Right here. They go in the water. WAITER: Yes. One tamale special
into la drink. KERMIT: But wait a minute. Are you– COLONIST: Yes, good, good. Well done, me lad. CHILD COLONIST: Hello. Good evening, gentlemen. Um, I’d like to help out so I
brought my toboggan to throw into the bay. COLONIST: Isn’t that
wonderful? That’s the kind of spirit
that’ll make this country great. CHILD COLONIST: I guess so. COLONIST: Yeah, throw
’em in the water right over there, dear. CHILD COLONIST: All right. KERMIT: But now wait a minute. Hold on, hold on,
wait a second. Stop this, everybody. Just a minute, just a minute,
just a minute. COLONIST: Something
wrong, Frog? KERMIT: Yes. Yes. I’ll say there’s something
wrong. See, this is not what happened
at the Boston Tea Party. COLONIST: No? KERMIT: Mm-mm. To begin with, the king didn’t
put a tax on the letter T or things that start with the
letter T. He put a tax on tea, the stuff you drink,
the beverage. You’re supposed to be throwing
tea into the bay. COLONIST: Are you
sure of that? KERMIT: Of course I’m sure. I read it in the history book. [INTERPOSING VOICES] COLONIST: Well, hold
it, everyone. Hold it. The frog here says we’re
supposed to be throwing tea into the bay you know, the stuff
you drink, the beverage. COLONIST: Are you sure? KERMIT: Of course I’m sure. I’m positive. WOMAN COLONIST: Thank goodness I
don’t have to throw my tiara into the water. That’s no way to
treat a tiara. KERMIT: Yes, of course. COLONIST: Well then, we’d
better go get the tea. KERMIT: Good idea. Wonderful. OK, go get the tea. Why is it that I’m the only frog
in broadcasting that has to put up with stuff
like this, huh? [HORSE NEIGHING] COLONIST: I don’t
know about this. COLONIST: Tea bags, eh? Well, OK. KERMIT: No, no, it’s not
supposed to be tea bags. WOMAN COLONIST: Oh dear. I am partial to Earl Grey. COLONIST: Chamomile. KERMIT: Never mind. Well, this is Kermit the Frog
reporting from a very silly Boston Tea Party. COLONIST: Oi Frog, this isn’t
going to make much of a splash, you know. COLONIST: Here we go. WOMAN COLONIST: Maybe some
lemons would help. What do you think? WOMAN COLONIST: I don’t know. Anybody have a cup?

100 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Boston Letter T Party | Kermit News

  1. Almost. But I believe Clash is the turnip guy and Bob Payne the tierra woman. Someone below told me. I was unsure about those two myself at first.

  2. Notice how when they come back with the tea bags, among them is a pink muppet boy who wasn't there before.

  3. It gets easier the more you hear of him. By the way, this is the second time I've corrected you and I hope you haven't found it annoying. That's certainly not how I intended for it to come across.

  4. No, he didn't. I think the blue guy is supposed to be either John Hancock or Samuel Adams, who were the leaders of the "Sons Of Revolution".

  5. This part of Boston is Griffin's Wharf, and they still do reenactments of the Boston Tea Party for the tourists and locals.

  6. The Boston Tea Party was generally a petition against the King of England's unjust taxation, which caused the Bank Of England's tea exportation loan to be immediately defaulted. As for the colonists, there's something else they didn't do right for this. In the original Boston Tea Party, the colonists dressed up as Indians.

  7. These guys are amazing! A lot of hard work must go into this to bring out such great quality of humor, fun and education.

  8. @PatPlayjacks Actually, Richard Hunt played the man with the tamales. I don' know who played the woman with the tiara. What exactly is a tiara, anyway?

  9. @WaCoproductions East India Trading Co. was not "exempt" from the tax. All tea coming into Boston legally was from East India Trading Co., and it was all taxed. But it was also subsidized (much like gasoline today), so it was cheaper even with the tax than the smuggled tea that people like John Hancock were bringing in.

  10. "Why is it that I'm the only frog in broadcasting that has to put up with this, huh?"
    Duh, because you're the ONLY frog in broadcasting, Kermit!

    The guy voiced by Jerry Nelson sounds like Harry Monster with a cockney accent. lol.

  11. It's a wonder they didn't get the letter T and throw it in the bay. In fact, this was the first time I saw this and was expecting them to throw a big letter T in there.

    Also, the nice thing about these history ones is that nobody in history questions what Sesame Street is or why there is even a camera on them if they are supposed to be in the past. lol

  12. I actually think the woman with the tiara is David Rudman rather than Bob Payne. And I think Pam Arciero is the woman who says "tea bags, eh?"

  13. When I saw T, I thought it was a party on the Boston T not the Boston Tea Party, never realized the letter T stands for both the Tea Party as well as the T which was built over a century later.

  14. Boston T Party….lol…gotta love their spoof!

    RIP Jerry Nelson, Richard Hurt, and Jim Henson….talents gone too soon šŸ™

  15. Looks like they got most of the major News Flash voices into the sketch, aside form Jim Henson. Like Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, and Fran Brill. Except Frank Oz, he didn't appear in this sketch because of limited character reasons.

  16. As I remember this sketch, I was sure the familiar Sesame Street foghorn would be sounding off. Fog was floating by the vessel and everybody in Boston Harbor.




  19. Sigh… This takes me back to my childhood. I wish Kermit could make more appearances on Sesame Street; he and Telly made great news reporters. Remember the sketch where they worked together on the subject of cooperation?

  20. I have a fabulous idea. How about we have the colonists throw old Idiot "Trump" into the bay?? After all, his name starts w/ the letter "T".

  21. guy with the ties: Jerry Nelson
    guy with the turnips: Kevin Clash
    guy with the tamales: Richard Hunt
    girl with the toboggan: Fran Brill
    girl with the tiara: not 100% sure but I think my best guess would be Jim Kroupa

  22. Another thing that could be somewhat useful for history and educational for history classes. Iā€™m a sucker for learning history in fun ways like this that bring history to life with character portals hence why I liked Hamilton

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