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  1. Would be nice if Ward Saxton, Savion Glover, Ruth Buzzi, Miles Orman, and other former surviving cast members of the series would return to celebrate Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary! Also to include muppets like Julia, four year old girl with autism, and the return of Ruby, Harvey Kneeslapper, Billy Monster, Herbert Birdsfoot, Little Bird and Meryl Sheep.

  2. Well Since All Humans From Sesame Street Have Been Come a Long Way For This 50th Anniversary Debut, The Fact That Alan Chris and Nina Still Live On Sesame Street Over Season 46 To 49, But in The 50th Anniversary Party Of Sesame Street They The Other Humans From The Old Seasons Even Mr. Noodle Are All Still Here On Sesame Street, These Guys Are Living My Happiness in Everyone Of Them and All Around Them i'm Glad All Of The Sesame Street Humans Gather Around For The Greatest Sesame Street 50th Anniversary Party EVER!!! With Every Monsters Birds Bears Martians and Muppets They Make The Greatest Year Ever🎆🎈🎉🎊🎁🤩😂😍

  3. Which ep is this?and i thought mr noodle was just a made up character for elmo's world i didn't know he actually livedon sesame street

  4. I just about cried to see Maria and Luis and Bob and Linda and Susan and Gordon and Gina again. Happy 50th to the best kids' show to ever exist – Sesame Street was such an important part of my childhood and my adulthood as well.

  5. I was so happy to see all those faces from my childhood. Even Linda came to their party! And I loved seeing Herry and Hoots there too!

  6. man I never thought I would be so happy to see Linda and Bob and Gi(wait did Allison Bartlett ever leave the series at one point or is she still there but hardly used) and the Robinsons and Maria and Luis

  7. Excelente, felicitaciones, ojala también hicieran un homenaje aca en mexico, son muy queridos sus personajes

  8. Omg😃this is so awesome😄 and I love seeing some of the OGs on here❤😍 HAPPY 50TH Sesame Street!!!😊😘

  9. Hello, sesame street individuals that sing about life. I am here, having clicked so far that my feed looks as if I am 8. Happy 50th, is not being a pop culture icon fun? Does it tire anyone involved? Have you noticed any decrease in quality this last decade, with a more modern audience and the absence of the man to whom used to be inside of big bird? Do you miss the utter legend Jim Henson? Goodnight folks, first comment.

  10. Who on Earth gave this video a thumbs down??? It's the classic Sesame Street O.Gs!!! It's Maria and Bob! And it's a fun, simple song, just like what Sesame Street is known for. The whole 50th anniversary special was very well done, nostalgic but still entertaining for kids. Hopefully there is a "behind the scenes" 50th anniversary documentary as well. Jim Henson will forever be an inspiration.

  11. Will ya please post the full special 50th episode on here and ya Twitter asap? Lots of us don't have HBO and we don't want to make a account on other websites to watch it and this episode is something people of all ages who liked Sesame Street wants to watch since the show is for kids and this episode has people/characters/clips from classic Sesame Street it'd be great to be able to watch it before the 17th & 21st please.

  12. I could be wrong. But I haven't heard this song since season 30. Yhat first episode where Alan first came to Sesame Street.


  14. I Love this but if there is one thing missing from this is at least a photo of my hooper to remember all the 50 years it brought but other then that happy 50 years Sesame Street keep on Counting

  15. Happy 50th Anniversary Sesame Street. I love you. Its a nice surprise seeing the original cast human actors return. I love it just like old times.

  16. That is one party I wish I could have been on. It great to see everybody on Sesame Street back in the video. Thank you Sesame Street for all good time for the last fifty years.

  17. Why is the Cab Callowmouse cartoon character from 19i0s Sesame Street not in the special (you know that animation with the lunar lounge and the nursery rhymes jamboree)?

  18. The show is still going strong. And I see some of the human cast has returned. They looked fabulous after all these years. My favorite memory of Sesame Street was when Big Bird participated in the Ding-a-long and the cast did a Ding-a-long version of their popular song, Sing. That is episode 3824. Sesame Street has a lot of wonderful characters, there was one important episode of Sesame Street that is perhaps one of the saddest episodes of all. The one where Big Bird learned of Mr. Hooper's passing. Big Bird loved Mr. Hooper so much, he's like a father to him, at least that's what I think. Mr. Hooper was long before my time. Happy Birthday Sesame Street. Here's to 50 long years of teaching kids, letters and numbers and a lot of wonderful songs.

  19. I watched seamane street when I was little ❤️🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝❤️❤️❤️

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