Sesame Street: Super Grover Helps a Duck to a Party | Super Grover 2.0

Sesame Street: Super Grover Helps a Duck to a Party | Super Grover 2.0

NARRATOR: He observes. GROVER: Oh. Look. No. No. [SCREAM] NARRATOR: He questions. GROVER: Hubba wha? NARRATOR: He investigates. GROVER: Hmm. What does this button do? [SCREAM] NARRATOR: Super Grover 2.0. He shows up. Somewhere by a woodland
stream, one little duckling is about to waddle
into a big problem. DUCKLING: [SQUEAK] Yippee! Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. I can’t wait to
get to the party. It’s going to be so much fun. Oh! A stream? And the party is
on the other side! Oh no. How will I ever get across? Help! Help! GROVER: Oh. DUCKLING: Super Grover 2.0. You showed up. GROVER: It is what I do. So what seems to be the
problem, little one? DUCKLING: I’m trying to get
to that party over there. But I don’t know how to
get across the stream. GROVER: First, I shall unleash
the power of observation. DUCKLING: Oh, I don’t
want to miss the party. GROVER: Hmm. I see with my super-eyes
that you walk like a duck. DUCKLING: Quack. GROVER: And I with my super-ears
that you quack like a duck. DUCKLING: Quack. GROVER: My super-powers
of observation tell me you are a duck. DUCKLING: Of course I’m a duck. Quack. GROVER: Well, then do
not be daffy, duck. You can swim across the stream. Everyone knows that
ducks can swim. DUCKLING: Oh. Yes. But if I swim across, I’ll
ruin my brand new party shoes. Look. GROVER: Stunning. Wait. Ducks can also
fly, can they not? If you fly to the other side,
your shoes will not get wet. DUCKLING: Well, yes. But I’m just a
duckling, a baby duck. I haven’t learned to fly yet. GROVER: Ah, a toddler
waddler , I see. Yes. So the question is, how can
a duckling cross this stream without getting
her new shoes wet? DUCKLING: That’s the question. GROVER: Well, fear not my
fashion-forward friend. I will now unleash the
power of investigation. Excuse me. Ah. I see the stream
is full of water. No wonder it is so wet. We must soak up all this
water and dry out the stream. DUCKLING: How? Have you got a plan
up your sleeve? GROVER: No. But I have a towel down my sock. Ha ha. This highly-absorbent paper
towel should do the trick. DUCKLING: One paper towel? I don’t think that’s
enough to soak up all the water in the
stream, Super Grover? GROVER: Oh ho. I beg to duffer,
dicky– differ, ducky. Observe as I simply dip
this towel into the stream. And would you look at all
the water it absorbed? Yes. Ha. There you can run along
to your party now. The stream is all dried up. DUCKLING: No. No. No, it’s not. It’s still full of water. GROVER: What? DUCKLING: Oh, if only
there were a branch here. GROVER: What’s that now? DUCKLING: You know,
something sturdy and dry that connects one side of
a stream to the other side. GROVER: Oh, you mean
a crossy-over thing. What good would that do? DUCKLING: Well, I
could walk across it without my shoes getting wet. GROVER: Ah. Well, then stand back,
for I, Super Grover 2.0, will now unleash the
power of engineering, and design you a
crossy-over thing. DUCKLING: You mean a bridge. GROVER: Yeah, whatever. Design, design, design. And ta da! DUCKLING: A bridge
made of broccoli? GROVER: Yes. It is the latest
in green design. What do you think? DUCKLING: Well, I don’t
think that broccoli is the right thing to make a
bridge out of, Super Grover. GROVER: Of course it is! Now, let me check my utility
sack for some broccoli. Ah. Ah. There we are. And now I will just
follow my design and place this broccoli
across the stream. DUCKLING: Oh, no. The broccoli is not
long enough to reach the other side of the stream. Now I’ll never get to the party. I’m going to cry! Waah! GROVER: Oof. It is your party and you
can cry if you want to. But I know what I must do. DUCKLING: What? GROVER: Find a longer
piece of broccoli! There must be one
here somewhere. Huh? What is this wooden, roundy
thingie doing in my sack? DUCKLING: Hey! Maybe we could use that. GROVER: Do not be silly. This is not broccoli. DUCKLING: I know. It’s a log, Super Grover. And it looks like it
might be long enough to stretch across the stream. GROVER: Not now, little waddler. First, I must find
that pesky vegetable. Ah. DUCKLING: Time for me to unleash
the power of engineering. Super Grover, look. I designed my own bridge. GROVER: That’s not broccoli. Ah. Oh. DUCKLING: Oh well. I guess I’ll just build
the bridge myself then. I can just push this
log over to the stream. GROVER: Hmm. The broccoli. DUCKLING: Super Grover! I did it! I engineered a
bridge with the log. It was long enough! OK. Let’s see if this works. Ah. I’ll start on this
side and waddle, waddle, waddle, waddle,
waddle, waddle, waddle to the other side without
getting my shoes wet. Ha! It worked. Now I can go to the party. Thanks for the log Super Grover! GROVER: Ah, do not thank
me, you lucky ducky. Enjoy the party. NARRATOR: And so
our hero learned that an engineer needs
the right size and shape materials to solve a problem. GROVER: Well, it looks as
though my work here is done. Up, up, and away! [MOANING] Perhaps next time
I should take the bridge. DUCKLING: Welcome to
the party, Super Grover. ALL: Party! GROVER: While I’m here I
might as well get my party on! Ha ha! Yeah! DUCKLING: Woo! GROVER: What seems
to be the problem? PENGUIN: Well– GROVER: Wait! Do not tell me,
for I will unleash my powers of observation. Um, uh, I connect
observe a thing with this giant block
of ice in the way.

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  1. I love u guys i shared a video on my channel and told them to subscribe to you and my fans actully did only 20 cause i have 20 the cookie mostorrrrr i love him

  2. es muy bueno ya que despierta la imaginación ,les enseña que siempre hay una estrategia ayudar al otro y  a hacer solidario y colaboradores

  3. awww she is cute, but why does she need a bridge of some sorts? she is a duck! she can just drift across the stream!

  4. Baby duvk do I know you grower yea I am you from anther democratic duck quack! Grower oh oh AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh!

  5. I thought this might be talking down to kids, but it's cute and quite clever! 🙂
    Plus that is one adorable duck <3.

  6. I'm a grown adult and saw this on TV the other day. I thought the part where they show her party shoes was so cute that I've been watching that part over and over.

  7. 1:35 Daffy Duck, eh? Sounds like a "ducky" Looney Tunes reference. Thank You, Thank You, I'll be here all day! I'll uh, escort my way out

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