Shadow Box Card Tutorial | Christmas Card Collab |  Serena Bee Creative

Shadow Box Card Tutorial | Christmas Card Collab | Serena Bee Creative

hey everyone welcome back to another
Christmas card collab this week we are going to be doing a shadowbox card and
I’m really excited for this tutorial video is sponsored by neat and tangled and
the designer and owner Danielle was so sweet enough to send me some stamp sets
to play with for you guys and this one is called bunny slopes and I’m
absolutely in love with it it’s so freaking cute I had a blast coloring it
in and I’ll show you that soon I’m using a cup file from Laurie Whitlock and I’ll
link down below all the products that I use and the cut file as well didn’t have
to resize it a little bit because I do have the portrait so I had to make it a
little bit smaller and I’m using my favorite tomboy adhesive to glue
everything down so neat and tangled also sent me some other really cute stamp
sets and I can’t wait to make more projects with them so look out for that
make sure you subscribe to my channel because I have more projects with their
awesome stamps coming up very soon I decided to keep the cardstock very
simple and use gray and blue and I’m using a pop of pink this is my fluffy
snowball paper from my snowy collection and I’m gonna be coloring in the image
with my Copic markers and I am using Copic quality paper typically when I
color with copics I usually start with a lighter shade and then add in a darker
shade and blend out the two in the video I do show you all the colors that I use
but I’ll have them all written down in the description box below in case you
missed them in the video typically when I color a bunny or anything that’s
supposed to be white I just use a shade of grey or a light blue and in this case
I used C 0 0 C 1 and then a B G 70 just for a tint of blue and I just go around
the outline of the image I don’t color the full image I like to
keep the image white and do a bit of shading on the outlines of the image if
that makes any sense and you’ll also see me use the colorless blender from time
to time for example I used it on the bunny’s cheek to blend in the pink blush
that I put because again I didn’t add full color to the bunny I needed
something to blend out the cheeks so that it didn’t look so harsh
for the accessories on the bunny I really wanted to use this bright colored
pink and this teal blue and because this is a smaller scale image I’m going to be
using two to three different shades in the same color family and if you’re new
to my channel I’m doing this Christmas card cloud with my two friends Danny and
Sabrina and I’ll link to their tutorial and their YouTube channels down below in
the description bar I hope you guys can check out their cards I’m really curious
to see what they came up with for this week’s theme and next week is gonna be
our last Christmas card tutorials so hope you guys can tune in for that as
well I decided to keep in the coloring process so you guys can see how I do it
it’s pretty much the same thing I go back and forth between a lighter and
darker shade I did go back and add a darker blue shade to the Hat to
accentuate the shaded areas so this is a very simple Copic coloring technique if
you have any further questions about how I color with copics just leave them down
in the comment box below I’m gonna use my new Sizzix psychic to
die-cut this image I’ll have a full product review and first impressions
video for you guys out this Friday I know I said in my last video would be
last week but I was really sick so I’m gonna have it out this Friday I promise
so I hope you can check out that review as well all these pieces that I’m gluing
down came with a cup file including the snowbanks I just cut it out of some
white glitter card stock I’m using the tombow mono liquid glue to glue down the
glitter card stock to the side panel of the shadow block because this is a
shadow box card there’s a lot of room to play and I’m gonna be using these little
bottle brush trees that I got at Michaels and they’re so freakin cute and
I did have to use some hot glue to make them stick really well so I add one to
the top snowbank and then for this one I had to trim the backside of the of the
tree so that it can lay flatter against that paper for the first one I did not
have to trim the back because there was a lot of room but like I said this one
is sitting on the paper so I had to trim it and I just cut off the base as you
saw me doing earlier and while I had the glue gun out I am just going to add some
hot glue to the bunny image and glue her down onto the first little snowbank I
think it looks so freaking cute this card is so adorable and even with the
trees inside the shadowbox card you can still lay it a bit flat so you can
totally mail it in a bubble mailer I’m going to decorate the front of the card
using the sentiment from the stamp set and I’m gonna be stamping out I like you
so much I think that is so freaking cute I’m using my versafine onyx black and
earlier I did rub it with the tombow mono erasers which is a great tip for
when you’re using the stamp set for the first time because it cleans off any
remaining oils or anything like that from manufacturing I do go over the
sentiment with a jelly roll shimmer pen and I also add some wink of Stella and
clear to the bunny’s little hat and scarf but I don’t show that on camera
here I’m just not being a little snowflakes that come in the set to
accent the front of the card a little bit more and I’m gonna finish it off
with some bling this was my first time doing a shadowbox card and I had a blast
making it I hope you guys can try out this tutorial and if you do don’t forget
to tag me on Instagram and I’ll have all that information
down below don’t forget to check out Danny and Sabrina’s video for today and
thanks again to needed tangles for sponsoring this video and sending me
this adorable stamp set to play with I hope they like this card as well thanks
so much for watching this week I’ll have a bonus video on Friday and then I’ll
have another crafty tutorial on Saturday see you guys then

11 thoughts on “Shadow Box Card Tutorial | Christmas Card Collab | Serena Bee Creative

  1. Such a tidy crafting idea to make a 3D card without too much stress! πŸ‘πŸΌ I always marvel at how easy you make your projects look and learn something from you ever time. 😊 Thank you, Serena. 😍

  2. Absolutely so adorable and sweet! I love the trees! I've got to get the snow bank dies. I know you didn't use that set of dies that I mean. I like the card displayed on the tree in the beginning too. Great job!

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